Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's so AHH!

Who is excited about tomorrow's A-Z Challenge??? Well I am! I'm ready to take on this challenge and achieve this goal. I can finally prove myself that I can blog everyday(except Sundays). Well if you haven't signed up for the challenge, I believe you still can! You can go to Tossing it out and sign up. And if you still have the opportunity to sign up, please do so. So tomorrow, we start off with "A." Yes, "A", first letter of the alphabet...or if your Greek, Alpha..then Beta, etc. See, I know my stuff! This is my first year entering this challenge. So bring it on! Or I will.
See? I just scared my laptop, so I have a good feeling about this. Today, I jotted down some ideas for each letter. As my name tells you, everything is random. By the end of April, you'll have randomitis! trust me, it's a true sickness. You'll bring up random things every time. So if you're friends are talking about dogs, all of a sudden, you'll come up with,"Hey, how 'bout them apples?" And you'll mean it literally! Not the phrase...but actually ask about them apples. So speaking of apples(hence Apples...letter A)after reading this blog, you should comment about the following question:
~Apples have 3 basic colors:Red,Green and Yellow. So, which do you prefer and why?~
Yeah, this reminds me of school. For example:"What was the cause for the chemical reaction between Au and Cl? Why?"
Grr, well I told you the answer I really have to explain why? And no,"Cause that's how it is," is not an answer. So yes, the word "WHY" scares me mucho.
To prepare for tomorrow, I will now leave the bloggy-sphere(yes I said that and meant it).