About Me

"The Random Girl"
I love my family!
I love chocolate fudge cake...with milk.
I speak English, Spanish and learning Italian.
I love pizza, but only pepperoni and cheese.
I do not like people who cause drama a.k.a. high school students.
I'm super athletic.
I hate when it rains but all of a sudden the sun comes out.
I rarely get angry, so I'm considered bright and a positive girl.
I love sunny days because sun=radiant which=a positive attitude.
I want to visit any part of Europe, especially Italy and England
I love funnel cakes, especially from Knott's Berry Farm.
I love going on extreme rides...with someone.
I love having a great time.
I love watching action  packed movies.
I love reading books!!!
I hate wasting time, so I have a progressive day.
I love soccer out of all sports, also tennis.
I wonder why in tennis we start with love, then the points?
If I have chocolate food, I have to have milk beside me.
I love visiting different places.
I'm a Starbucks addict...no coffee, but I get the Double Chocolate Chip.
I love pan dulce.(Sweet bread)
I hate whole grain and black bread.
I love Fettuccine Alfredo.
Most importantly, I'm me! The random girl on the blog. Get it? Blog...Block. :)

My amazing and beauitful dog, Miley.