Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's so Challenging?

Hello fellow bloggers! I have a lot to talk about...of course random stuff. Anyways, one thing first is the A to Z Blogging Challenge coming soon this April 2011. So what is this challenge you say? Well, last year I didn't have a chance to join but I can this year! All you have to do is everyday on April, you have to blog alphabetically. Yes, A,B,C,D,etc. It might be a challenge(well duh its called a challenge)for some of us because some letters like "Y or Z" are kinda hard to use. But a random blogger like me, I can make up words...even if I have no clue what it means. Maybe in Russia it will be a word. Who knows? So if you like a challenge, come and sign up! You can enter on the blog: Tossing it Out by Arlee Bird. It's quick, I'll tell you that. For more details please go on his blog. Sorry if I'm not much help :/ So remember, April! Sometimes, i might call it Amazing April instead of A to Z blogging Challenge. A lot is going on in April: Birthdays, that feeling of "Yes, I'm almost out of school!" and the weather, of course. I'm up for the challenge, bring it on! I just want it to be April already. As other bloggers, I must conclude my little note to you guys. Again, I have lots to say about books and all that nice stuff. Have a great day! And if it's your birthday today..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!(You know who you are!)
Random Blogger,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's so Returning? :)

Hey Bloggers! I'm back, hopefully. The answer to all of this is homework. Yes,
hard to believe...grr. Anyways, I have something to talk about(obviously)since I've been gone. The song Since You've been Gone by Kelly Clarkson would go along well with this blog. LOL. My topic today is about a book series I've finished reading:The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. I think I have mentioned it before. Anyways, its a must for young adults and everyone older!
So they have been discussing and they are going to put it on the "Big Screen." No...not your plasma TV. I'm talking about the theater!And all of that wonderful merchandise that comes along with it. So my topic is on the actors and actresses that they have been "looking up" on. So here, I'm going to put the actor that I would like along with others that would also play the role:
Rose Hathaway- Odette Yustman
Lissa Dragomir- Rachel Evan Wood or Julianna Hough
Dimitri Belikov- Ben Barnes
Christian Ozera- Adam Brody
Adrian Ivashov- Hayden Christensen or Chase Crawford
Eddie Castile- Penn Badgley or Josh Hutcherson
Victor Dashkov- Ian McKellan
Well that's that. It's what I've seen so much on the web. Are there more actors out there? Of course! It's just what I would like to see. I really can't wait for the movie! AHH! You have to read it. :) I think it's better than Twilight. So that's it for today. Tomorrow, I will be on! Nighty night!