Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argentina: Lionel Messi

As you may know, it's now between Argentina vs. Germany which will take place in Cape Town, July 3. Argentina beat Nigeria, Korea Republic and Greece in Group B. Everyone in the team shows passion to the game and want to win it. Messi, who is considered the best soccer player of his generation, shows how much he's dedicate to the game. Every time he's playing, you get entertained by the way he moves the ball and how he manages to keep it while his opponents try to take it away. Messi was born June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. In soccer, he is a striker and a winger. He plays for Barcelona(Spain) and Argentina. He started to play at the age of 5. A lot of coaches were interested at his game play, but he didn't have enough money to pay for conditioning etc. Then, Barcelona signed him up after they saw the way he played. His family then moved to Spain. Maxi and Emanuel Biancucchi are his cousins who are also involved in soccer. He started to play in the team Barcelona at the age of 17, making him the 3rd youngest player to play for Barcelona. As a International Soccer player, he got his jersey with a #10 on it March 28, 2009. A lot of people say he's unstoppable when he has the ball. Some say he's like a playstation, if you make a mistake, he could take advantage of it. With all of his successes, Messi won the UEFA Club Forward of the Year and UEFA Club Footballer of the Year. He's really dedicated to the game and what he does. In Barcelona, he also beat the team Arsenal, an England team which is ranked 3rd best. I'm pretty sure he will defeat Germany, also because of the statistics of the whole Argentina team.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ninja Stars

Origami is so much fun. You make things out of paper which most people seem to think its impossible. But before I give you a link to making ninja stars, lets get the feel or the background of Origami. It is originated in Japan which is considered a folk art of paper folding. The root ori- means folding and -kami meaning paper. It is pretty obvious but hey, we just learned something! The whole purpose of origami is to create a 3-D object out of a flat piece of paper instead of using glue, sticks, etc. A well-known origami is the Japanese paper crane. Origami is very traditional in Japan. Every origami there is starts with a square base.('s just fun saying smart stuff like that) From references, other countries like Spain and China also could have done origami earlier than Japan, but since paper decomposes easily there is no evidence. In Japan, origami is also used for decorations like paper butterflies for weddings. There are a lot of things to make out of paper. Even making an envelope is considered origami because all you use is paper. I'm interested in origami myself. My friend made me an origami unicorn(which is SO cool) out of paper and ONLY paper. of course, she did use tape since the unicorns horn ripped. Paper really is fragile, considering the fact it comes from tree's. Anyways, you can search Google or Bing(whichever is more preferable to you) and find how to make origami. so every time you touch or fold that piece of paper, you'll know some sweet facts.

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Have FUN!!


The FIFA Soccer World Cup started June 11, 2010 with the kickoff of South Africa vs. Mexico. Both teams ended up tieing 1-1. Following that match was Uruguay vs. France. None had the chance to make a goal which ended with a 0-0 match. The first Soccer Cup started in the year of 1930. The winner for 1930 was Uruguay, with the score of 4-2 against Argentina. Here are the following Roll of Honor throughout the years.

1934- ITALIA-Ceskoslovensko(2-1)

1938- ITALIA- Hungary(4-2)

1950- URUGUAY- Brasil(2-1)

1954- GERMANY- Hungary(3-2)

1958- BRASIL-Sweden(5-2)

1962- BRASIL- Ceskoslovensko(3-1)

1966- ENGLAND- Germany(4-2)

1970- BRASIL- Italy(4-1)

1974- GERMANY- Netherlands(2-1)

1978- ARGENTINA- Netherlands(3-1)

1982- ITALY- Germany(3-1)

1986- ARGENTINA-Germany(3-2)

1990- GERMANY- Argentina(1-0)

1994- BRASIL- Italy(0-0);(3-2)Penalty

1998- FRANCE-Germany(2-0)

2002- BRASIL- Germany(2-0)

2006- ITALY-France(5-3)Penalty;(1-1)After Extra Time

So, the leading team is Brasil, winning 5 games. Next is Italy with 4, Germany with 3, Argentina with 2, Uruguay with 2, England with 1 along with France. It is very unpredictable this year because of every team's dedication to the sport. Good Luck to all teams!