Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argentina: Lionel Messi

As you may know, it's now between Argentina vs. Germany which will take place in Cape Town, July 3. Argentina beat Nigeria, Korea Republic and Greece in Group B. Everyone in the team shows passion to the game and want to win it. Messi, who is considered the best soccer player of his generation, shows how much he's dedicate to the game. Every time he's playing, you get entertained by the way he moves the ball and how he manages to keep it while his opponents try to take it away. Messi was born June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. In soccer, he is a striker and a winger. He plays for Barcelona(Spain) and Argentina. He started to play at the age of 5. A lot of coaches were interested at his game play, but he didn't have enough money to pay for conditioning etc. Then, Barcelona signed him up after they saw the way he played. His family then moved to Spain. Maxi and Emanuel Biancucchi are his cousins who are also involved in soccer. He started to play in the team Barcelona at the age of 17, making him the 3rd youngest player to play for Barcelona. As a International Soccer player, he got his jersey with a #10 on it March 28, 2009. A lot of people say he's unstoppable when he has the ball. Some say he's like a playstation, if you make a mistake, he could take advantage of it. With all of his successes, Messi won the UEFA Club Forward of the Year and UEFA Club Footballer of the Year. He's really dedicated to the game and what he does. In Barcelona, he also beat the team Arsenal, an England team which is ranked 3rd best. I'm pretty sure he will defeat Germany, also because of the statistics of the whole Argentina team.

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