Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shadow Kiss

Okay, so one thing I should say before I tell you about this amazing book is that Spirit Bound came out! Yay more reading. Anyways, this book, Shadow Kiss, is by Richelle Mead. So far, I really like her writing because she gets into detail and she adds heart-beating moments which makes the book better than it seems. She adds moments when you can't sit still by turning the book into another unexpected way. Obviously, it makes the series together something very unseen.

SUMMARY TIME! So here's a summary on Shadow Kiss:

As graduation comes, Rose Hathaway has devastating news. Her enemy, Victor, is on trial. Also, Strigoi attack the school(rising action) and cause problems, obviously since they are bad, which makes the book SO much better. Don't worry I won't spoil anything. I hate when people spoil everything. Ugh! Anyways, Rose just makes decisions that make you say, "Go girl!" Yeah, she continues loving Dimitri and all and yeah Lissa still likes Christian. It's really hard(as you can see) to describe this book without actually ruining anything because it's just that good. Shadow Kiss is, in the series perspective, the Rising action or depending on the other books( spirit Bound and The Last Sacrifice) it may also be the Climax. Anyways, instead of me telling you the summary, I'll just have to make a list. And the rest is up to you to read.
Here we go:
~ Rose sort of goes crazy. It's mentally but it's because of the "shadow kiss" bond she has with Lissa.
~ Adrian comes to the school.
~ Rose is assigned to Christian rather than Lissa as her "Guard." Don't worry it's a practice.
~ As I said before, Victor wasn't really in "jail" since he's royal.
~ Rose makes shocking decisions
Yeah, sorry if I made this really unnecessary but that's so the book is filled with spoilers if I told you. Now, if it's that hard to explain to someone who has read Frostbite and Vampire Academy...well I believe it's pretty darn good. This book is for young adult readers(I approve)and above.
My Rating for Shadow Kiss: ***** (5-stars)
The book is perfectly written.

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