Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's So Avatar:The Western Air Temple

This is my favorite episode, The Western Air Temple: Fire Book. It's a big conflict and rise of action in so many ways. Here's a little summary on this episode.

So Aang, Katara, Sokka, Momo, Appa and other youngsters are at the Western Air Temple. Aang said it would be a safe spot since(recall:Their plan of using the solar eclipse didn't work so now the young ones left for safety.)the Fire Nation are probably on the look for them. So as they all think they are safe, Zuko is planning or trying to figure out how to convince the Avatar gang that he's on their side. Of course, I laughed because it would be hard to convince people who you've tried to get ever since starting point. Zuko is near the Western Air Temple so he's good.

He eventually comes out and shows his face to The Avatar Gang. Everyone is ready to beat him up. But before they try, Zuko comes in and says,"Hello, Zuko here."(picture at the bottom) I laughed at this part because he sounds so friendly and welcomed when really they all want to get him. So yeah they end up accepting him after several attempts and conclusions.

Which allows Katara to get all mad with Zuko because she doesn't believe him. He tries to prove himself to Katara that he's changed(doesn't go that well) but later in the Fire Book, Katara accepts him. AWW! Well anyways, back to this episode, that's pretty much what happens. I would say the one who mostly convinced the whole team to accept Zuko as Aang's Firebending teacher is Toph. She actually "believed" that he was telling the truth. Then Aang went along with it, then Sokka. That only left Katara suspicious due to other episodes(Earth Book)and she just wanted Aang to have a good teacher. So that's it. I enjoy this episode so much! You should definitely watch it to actually get the feel of it.

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wolfie 402 said...

Definitely one of the best episodes. :D