Saturday, April 30, 2011

A small gift for YOU!

See that? Well, even though this really wasn't a competition, it was very successful. But inside, you are all winners...not wieners. Anyways, please grab this button and post it on you're blog. I would give you all cupcakes as delicious as those, but it would take me a while. I kinda realize how Santa must feel when he does this every Christmas. Anyways, hope you like it! I did for all of YOU! The amazing contestants who participated this year. I want to thank all of my new followers because I used to have 12 and now I have 52! That's an accomplishment. Of course, I hope to get a lot MORE and with the help of all of you, I will. So, I will go to your blog and leave a comment saying that you won this award. But if you don't feel like waiting then just grab it :)
Have a good day, and congrats!

Z-Zoo and Zen Garden. Zoobye!

Hey there Blog people of around the world! So, as you all may know, today is the last day for the A-Z Challenge.(Aww!) Don' worry, that doesn't mean I'll stop blogging! anyways, today's letter is Z. So, there are few words that start with Z, at least that I know of. I know about Zoo and the Zen Garden. Hmm, hey how about I talk about these two? But before I get started, I wanted to go over something. So on your left side, there is a poll about my blog. The question is how can I improve my blog. This is just your opinion and I need your opinion. That's right, I want YOU! Uncle Sam agrees! Anyways, please vote once, twice, a billion times, it doesn't matter it's not limited. So please vote! my answers are more funny posts, my blog button, giveaways, etc. Just check it up and please vote! That's all I ask of you. Three have voted and would like to thank them! PLEASE VOTE! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Oh my gosh I sound as if I'm running for President...don't be alarmed because I may in a couple of years. Actually, I doubt it because the first time they make us debate is the first time security will drag me out there for being too mean. Just kidding, I'm not that mean :) Anyways, so you get the point!
So have you ever been to a zoo? You know, it's smelly yet fun? I have twice, one for my brother's preschool field trip and one when I was 9.You do get this was a long time ago, right? Anyways, it was a blast. I totally love looking at animals up close and petting them. It's also the variety and how they all react. it's pretty interesting. Before I left the zoo, I bought a medium sized stuffed tiger. but over the years, I couldn't find it. It was really cute, and it cost $15. Hey I never said the zoo was fun AND was expensive. I can get a stuffed animal for a dollar when I play the crane game. Even though my chances are "iffy" oh well. I can try 15 times and possibly get three of those fur balls.
Speaking of possibility, when I was 6ish, I was with my dad "helping" him with his job. So I saw the crane game thingy and asked for a dollar. Guess what? I got the Precious Moments dinosaur. It's soo cute and unlike the tiger, I still have it. I guess little kids do have luck! And I say that because earlier this year, I was at a carnival and I was playing the game where you have to throw a ping pong ball and make it into the bowl. There are 3 bowls and depending on the bowl's color, you get a different prize. So I tried and payed like ten dollars, and won nothing. the little kids next to me got the huge stuffed animal. then at Knott's Berry Farm, i wanted a cute polar bear, but didn't win. then my brother plays one time and brings me the polar bear. Guess what? I still have it! So yeah, the zoo is fun. If you haven't gone, please go. I promise you that you will have fun! Even if an elephant pees on you...

So, the Zen Garden originates from Japan. It's suppose to be very serene and for meditation. It's like those sand boxes a small fork and you can draw stuff on the sand with it. Just think of it as a HUGE sand box and you have your Zen Garden. I haven't gone to one, unless you think a restaurant called Zen Garden works. With all the pictures I've seen, it's pretty interesting and I would love to visit one. Full of stones which represents heart or mind.
I would believe it would be relaxing because of the fountain noises and everything of Japan is so quiet and peaceful. well, that concludes my post. Please vote and hope you have a great day. Tenga un buen dia!(Have a good day!)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Y-Yoshi and a Little Something Extra

Hey there people! So I'm going to start of with Yoshi. I mean, we all have seen or heard of this guy. he is the star and noble stead of Mario and Luigi. I love the original game with the Nintendo 64, or whichever Nintendo game system came out first. Mine is as older than me and it still works perfectly. I have the Mario game and I also have the Donkey Kong and Tetris. It's really fun, I have to say it's better than the modern game systems. Sorry, Wii and Xbox! It's all about originality.
Anyways, Yoshi is a beast. He totally rocks when he plays the game and is super cute. The game that I play involves Yoshi. When he wants to grab something, he uses his long tongue and picks it careful! You don't want him to swallow the key to the port, or else it's game over. I kinda want to play my game right now...but it's 9:23 and I don't want to stay up even though it's Friday. By the way, that Friday song is annoying. Sorry, songs like those teach kindergarten kids, and is not cool with teens.

Speaking of Friday, today was the Royal Wedding! I couldn't watch it Live, but I am watching the parts right now as I'm typing. I totally love the whole ceremony so far. It's so romantic and just royal! Kate's dress is beyond beautiful! It's modern and fashionable, yet its classy. "Kate, may I borrow your dress for my wedding please!". I love the lace and the velvet/satin. She is also very pretty. I can tell this is going to be a happily ever after for the couple, well married couple. On the TV, I still haven't gotten to the part where Kate enters. Prince William is there, but we are all waiting for the beautiful princess! actually, because I'm sure all of you are ahead. Lucky. I was at school wrapping up my final test. So hooray! And I feel like I did amazing! Cheers to that! Wow, I really am using a lot of exclamation points. Heck, it's just such an amazing Friday for everyone! If I was at England during the Ceremony, I would be there earlier than Americans are at Black Friday, that's how early I'd be. I would be there with my flag, and jumping up and down because I'm just so excited. The next day, I would visit Big Ben, and ride the house with wheels...aka, the double bus thing. Check my letter E, and read my England post. It's pretty good, not going to lie. Have I lied to you? Eh, you'll get over it ;) Anyways, it was a great day for everyone. I mean, people around the world watched this special event! Oh, adding on to my to do list at England, I would get me those fish and chips! Occasions like these make me wish I was royal. You'd see me walking down the red carpet, waving my hand formally. WHY CAN'T I BE A PRINCESS?!? I'm special aren't I? I want to live in a castle and meet my Prince Charming.
(Calm down, Stephanie)
Anyways, I'll be on the blog tomorrow and congrats to all who have participated in the A-Z Challenge! Thanks for keeping up or trying to. Tomorrow is the last day so make it good. Have a great weekend and too-da-loo :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess what? This is my official signature from now on. the words are all mismatched because random people like weird stuff...that was weird. anyways, I will be using that! I actually like it.


Don't you think sometimes life is a rollercoster, whether you can get off or not? Well, sometimes, they mean it literally. Have you gone to Knott's Berry Farm or heard of the ride Xcelerator. Like the name, it's pretty fast. If you see the picture above, you are looking at it. Well, as the blogger, I have to support my post and I'll do so by telling you that I did go on it...a lot of times. Random people like extreme stuff, so you can imagine how fun it really is. So first, you get in the Chevy car, and then you blast off. I'm not even playing nor am I lieing. It doesn't pick up the nice and slow momentum. No, this thing zooms right out. So after you are feeling the wind literally hitting your face, you go up that huge hill. When you get to the peak, you can see the whole city. Next, you go down the hill(obviously)but it is very steep, so you kinda float off from your seat. Don't worry, thanks to our friend, Mr. Gravity, you safely fall back down. Then after that its just more hoops and wind and AHHS!
So, thanks to the Knotts Berry Farm website, I got the facts!
~launches you off at 82mph in 2.3 seconds
~205 ascent at a 90 degree angle
~` takes only 62 seconds.
I wish it was like another 30 seconds, that would make my day! I plan to go back there during the Summer. So if I do, I will take my own picture and upload it on my blog. It's big! It's fast! It's soo exhilarating!
Not going to lie, the first time I went on it was when I was in the eighth grade and all my friends were going on it. I was at the 8th grade last field trip. So, I didn't want to sit out. Of course not! Random people take challenges when they see one. I was nervous when I first sat down. After the ride, it was great. Not as bad as it looks. It goes so fast you don't really react to it's height or anything else you notice outside from it. Go on it! It's so much fun! I laughed throughout the whole thing, that's how amazing it is.
So yes, i guess life is a ride. there are the good and fun times, then there are the relieving or depressing times. I'm not sure how depression relates to a fun ride but it has it's ups and downs. Just. Like. Life!
so whenever you feel life has got you, well let's just face the fact that life has you going in the same loop for a while.
Before I go, i have to show you this video. Click the link below and just watch it. It's pretty random...I'm not sure how I found this. Oh, I found it under top videos of the day. so, I guess that's what everyone is watching right now. Have fun, laugh because it is pretty hilarious...and random!
Don't ask me...I just found it.
Anyways, have a great day and have a rush!

P.S. i will be making a new signature for my blog. And I finally have 50 amazing random bloggers! Thank you :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Whaa 'sup Bloggies! How are you doin' today?
So my first topic for today is my little alliteration sentence, like I promised I would yesterday. This is a mind blowing sentence that you will cry so hard for m hard work. Ya ready?
It's:William won't water watermelons.
(tear and applauses)Thank you thank you! You are too kind!(someone throw a rose)Wha-Oh, thank you!
I can even write two sentences that start with "W".
William wis wcrywing. Woo-Woo. Where's widdo wabbit?
See? I can speak "widdo" child. Yeah, yeah, yeah it was funny now let's get moving! Or should I say woving?
So yesterday, was fun after I came back from school. My dad told me we had to take my dog, Miley, a shower. Yay!(not so enthusiastic)
So my next topic is on my dog and it is called:
Whip my Hair: My dog does a great job at that while getting wet.
You say that I mentioned Whip my Hair, song by Willow Smith. Ha! Even her name goes along with my alliteration and letter of the day. So I saw her,on TV, perform her song at the Kids Choice Awards this yeas. She was good and has a great voice. Her I don't think orange(neon) is her color...and I don't think mine either.
After that moment, the song was stuck. And the only part that repeated on and on through my brain was,"I whip my hair back and forth."(100000000000x)
Yes that is a very huge number and yes that means that I sang it that much! If you don't know about her or never heard the song, please do me a favor and slap yourself silly....just kidding. If you did, then do it for real. Well, you should go on YouTube(Yay!)and check up the song. I love it, yet it can get annoying sometimes, because the girl has attitude and shows it. Daughter of Will Smith, what do you expect?Going out of topic here, I love the movies he stars in.
~I Am Legend
~Pursuit of Happyness (tear)
~Independence Day (LOL)
If I'm missing any other BIG tell me so I can slap myself. Again, just kidding.
So let me get back to the second part of the second topic, haha. So we were washing my dog. She looked cute yet strange looking. I was going to take a picture, but I didnt get the chance to. I remembered about my followers and said,"Oh my gollyness! My followers! They have got to see my dog! Yeah well that dream(swish!)flew out the window faster than a fly about to get swatted on the behind! Sorry, i brought in parents swatted a few..with a regular fly swatter. And no, since I have watched Karate kid, my parents didn't pull out the chopsticks and eat their noodles. HA! Noodles. Noodles is a funny word. Try this:
Pinch your nose and say "Noodle."Pretty hilarious. I had to try this myself to make sure I was gonna make you all laugh. Did you laugh? Well if you didn't then try the next one:
Pinch your toungue and say noodle.Didn't laugh, then try the next NEXT one: :)Pinch your arm hair as tightly as you can. and once you start crying, say "I'm a noodle."
See? That's what you get for making fun of me, my jokes, my blog and having no humor at all. Shame-on-you!(Read my "S" topic to reveal the inside joke)RANDOM BLOGGER,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V-Venice vs. Venus

Hey there Bloggers, Bloggies, and Bloggerets! :)
I have no idea what I just said, but anyways, Happy Letter "V" Day! So before I start my "V" post, let me fill you in with my life! So currently, I'm taking the California Standardized Test, which is the State test and you have to pass. I took the English part today and I have to say it was easy like slicing chocolate cake! I guess with all this blog life, it helped.
Also, I'm going to enter in a photography contest! Check the button on your right...just scroll down a tad. Anyways, so I'm excited. The photos must be taken by, yours truly! But because you all are my favorite...I will post the photos on my blog first. Well, I do have to post it on my blog then send it's a 50/50. I think during the weekend, after my testing days are over, i will take the pictures and voila!
So, my topic today is Venice vs. Venus. Alliteration? Absolutely...hey, there's another. aren't I good. Just a hint, I'm also doing a weird alliteration sentence tomorrow.
So would you rather live in Venus or Venice? We all know the answer unless you are nuts in the noggin! Venice! AHH! That's another place I would love to visit. Did I mention I speak Italian...ish? In a couple of years, I'll be in Europe and visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower. Where would you want to visit if you had the chance to? Well, you know my answer of course...I'll skip Venus. Sorry, I don't want to be intoxicated with toxic fumes and gas. Besides, isn't there a change in weight? There is but I think we all might weigh more, hope I'm right.
Anyways, Venus is the second planet from the Sun. The big 'ol Sun. SOL! Dare to touch the thing and let's just say your finger won't be the only thing burned.
Venus is also known for the extraterrestrials. OOO! Scary. Did I mention that if you breathe Venus' air, you are breathing sulfuric acid? Since I am in Chemistry, sulfuric acid is H2SO4. The burns are more serious than any other acid. Worse than aerosol or an explosion. Unless you want to be a firework and star in Katy Perry's Firework video you CANNOT GO THERE! So it's pretty scary, again, I'd rather be at Venice, where I can be taking up the sun and not be taken up like TNT!...Gee, wouldn't that be fun. Imagine: you are tied onto TNT, then, tick-tick-tick.....BAM! There you go flying into the sky. Diving into the black sky that seems to be a black hole, but its not. You see fireflies up in the sky, but they are big stars. You then see a circle, a very round circle. Whoops! You just passed Earth and it's freezing up there. Way to be....Anyways, thanks for reading and, as always, have a great day! I kinda sound like the Chinese food bags. It has a smiley face and it says have a good day.



Monday, April 25, 2011

U-Under my Umbrella

So, I used to sing this song all the time as a 6Th grader. Yeah, Rihanna sings it but who cares! I think it's a great song and I still like it. I like the one with Jay-Z, not trying to be a hater on Chris Brown(Yes I am) and the other guy who sings it. So comment on my blog and tell me if you like it or not. But before you see the lyrics, I also wants to talk about umbrellas. They are convenient during the crazy rain weather. They have cool spiral effects when you twirl them. When I was a kid, I had a Minnie mouse umbrella. Not trying to be conceited, but I looked soo cute as a child. With my jacket, boots, and my special Minnie mouse umbrella. I still have it. I should have taken a picture and posted it on here. I can take it to school, but I'd rather stick with my plain navy umbrella. See what growing up does to your life....YOU SEE IT?!??!
so, anyways, hope you enjoy the song.
Ahuh Ahuh (Yea Rihanna)
Ahuh Ahuh (Good girl gone bad)
Ahuh Ahuh (Take three... Action)
Ahuh Ahuh

No clouds in my stones
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
We fly higher than weather
In G5's are better, You know me,
In anticipation, for precipitation. Stack chips for the rainy day
Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?

You have my heart
And we'll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity, here for Infinity
When the war has took it's part
When the world has dealt it's cards
If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

You can run into my arms
It's OK don't be alarmed
Come here to me
There's no distance in between our love
So go on and let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

It's raining
Ooh baby it's raining
Baby come here to me
Come here to me
It's raining
Oh baby it's raining
Have a great "U" Day!


What is up Birdies? Wondering why I just called you a birdie? Because my topic is on Twitter, a.k.a. Twitta! So my topic today is called:
Twitter: I thought only birds can tweet?
Honestly, the logo is a blue bird for crying our loud! It's obvious that Twitter is referring to birds that go fly around and tweet at each other. I have a Twitter account, but the first day I made the account was the first and last day I used it. I honestly think facebook is better than it. You can "tweet" and get people to like your status. Or you can have a blog and have other people follow you rather than be your bird friend. yes, I agree, followers does sound creepy but I'd rather have that. What is Twitter anyways? People just talk about:
I just woke up?
hey, purple juice!
Oh my gosh, I got an iPad!
The sky is blue.
Hey I just failed my high school exit exam, I hope I graduate...
Seriously! Stop with the Twitta! I have nothing against's just that I can't find the point in it. Hey that's why they made a Facebook and a Blogger. Instead of Twitta, how about we use texting!
Either way, we are telling random people our random thoughts which, in my opinion, no one cares about.
I mean if you are a serious Twitta writer, than yeah, go for it. But for people who put lame comments like the one I only have a facebook and a blogger for obvious reasons.
Sarcasms coming your way...Yeah, I don't have a blog...what is a blog?
Back to my bird subject, so I guess we can relate Twitter to a bird's social life. For obvious reasons because it is called TWITTER.
So birds fly and annoy people everywhere around the world. When they meet new and random/different birds, they tweet.
Bird! Watch your language!
Anyways, so after they meet the new bird, they fly all over and meet new ones and the cycle goes on.
This is just like the world of Twitta. I like saying Twitta, makes me sounds more cool.
So I guess I don't like twitta...but blogging all the way!!!!!!!!
As a random blogger, this was pretty random to me. I've seen many bloggers out there talk about Twitter for their "T" day.
Just letting you know, I'm not a follower...but an organizer.
If you didn't know, I had my topics for all the days of this month on a piece of paper.
Hey, here's an idea!(my light bulb died momentarily) I'm going to give you a hint for "Z" day.
We used to go there as kids.
It was smelly.
So much fun
There is a variety of them.
The park has different parts of land like body of water, dry land,etc.
Well, if you think you know what it might be, comment. COMMENT! You have too, or else!
So my little ending statement is to Wolfie's blog: Writer Person.
She is also in the A-Z Challenge and has been working really hard. Just visit her blog and give her encouragement to finish the blog. We all get behind, it's life. Wolfie can do this, and she will:) So visit her blog and remember, BE RANDOM!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

S-Silly Shamwow!

Hey there Peeps! So I don't know if you know that there's this "awesome a and super absorbent" paper sheet called ShamWow?
I'm sure we ALL have heard of this creation that got everyone buzzing, especially moms. So I went to my local mall and there was a stand where the showed the amazing towel that can pick up anything. They picked up Coke and yeah it absorbed everything. So my mom bought the pack with all these different color Shamwows and all from different sizes. After we came back home, we tried it ourselves.
Guess what! IT DIDN'T WORK!
I was disappointed. Shamwow does not work at all. We still have them and we use them as regular paper towels. They don't absorb anything and if they do, it's drips everywhere. I guess Bounty is still the leading picker upper out there.
They shouldn't call it Shamwow, because there isn't anything "Wow-ing" in the thin. They should call it Shame on You!
It doesn't even collect dust. it's just pure yuck! If you have a Shame-On-You that works, please let me know. I want to know if mine was some defect.
Well here is something that hasn't been an issue to me.

They are called Silly Bandz and they are, well were, cool. I mean everyone wore them! There are glow in the dark, glitter ones, tie dye and more! It was sooo cool. I have plenty of them. I wear them sometimes because they really aren't "the thing" anymore. If I were to put them all on my wrist, it would go up to my elbow. I have pretty much every Silly Bandz you can think. Halloween, princess, weird stuff, fruits, cupcakes, etc. You can get them anywhere(cough*Target*). The silly bands are bracelet's like the one above that have different shapes. There are,again, cupcake ones and they have the shape of one. Once you put it on your wrist, it looks all weird...Like the one above.
Want to know about something weird. Scream 4. Good to know there is another movie from the Scream series. I thought it was over Scream3! I guess not. So I really don't know what it's about but I only know the obvious which is that Scream wants to get Sydney....again! The first movie was when Sydney was in high school. Now, it seems she is still there....wonder what she's doing there. I would want to go and see it because I have seen them all, unfortunately, but I would go with a couple of people to see it. Sorry, watching a scary movie alone and in the dark isn't my thing. It doesn't sound appealing at all.
Well I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Don't you ever wish that you can reverse time or take something back? I have. Unfortunately, we cant. The whole part of why in life, we make mistakes. We either learn from these mistakes or keep doing them. Even the smallest mistake, like forgetting to bring something or getting something signed. Well, sometimes, rethinking these things lead to regret. We shouldn't really regret anything we do, because we did it for a reason. it may not be the brightest reason, but we did it and we have to accept it. So I try to not rethink everything or regret myself, because at the moment, something drived me to do the decision I made. If I didn't have that drive, I wouldn't have done it, but did. I guess its easier to reverse a car but our everyday lives aren't easy. I guess sometimes the quote,"Life goes on." applies to this. So don't regret but somehow appreciate it or accept it.
One thing that really makes us smile is a rainbow. Rainbow's are very beautiful. Every color possible out there. We may not see it, but it's there. Kinda like molecules, nanos and such. I love rainbow's! I have seen 2 at the same place, sometimes, when it's close, i try to run towards it and find the end of the rainbow. Never have accomplished it. Maybe I can find a small green guy with gold coins there. Or I should buy skittles to taste the rainbow instead of trying to touch it. I guess there is no end to the rainbow.

~ and possibly PINK!
If I could visually see a rainbow with any color that I want, it would be neon colors. I can see it now:D
Neon makes the world go round, and rounder! So I guess we all know how we can see rainbow's right? We also see it when it's sunny. The glass from the door's window and the sun both reflect a mini rainbow on the floor. It happens when the sun shines on the rain droplets. We went more in depth with the whole color spectrum in chemistry(Yay)and it's all just part of reflection and color wavelenghts,etc. But in other words, a rainbow is caused by the spectrum of light onto the drops of rain. Yay! I <3 rain. Earlier, I mentioned to you that I saw a Double Rainbow, well again, it's all part of reflection from the first rainbow. That's why the second rainbow is more faded than the first. Rainbow's are amazing!

Speaking of amazing, a great place in Brazil named Rio de Janiero! But that's just he setting, I'm talking about Rio the movie. This is another animation movie I'd love to see. It's about a bird who is the last of it's kind, but it's owner is pampering it. So I guess the owner accepts and takes the bird to Rio, where there are many birds. but the solution isn't settled yet. The bird doesn't know how to fly, so from there the bird has many missions to accomplish before he is accepted into Rio.
The movie seems to have a nice summary and meaningful. On the commercials, I can see there is humor and themes for the story. I think it's going to be a great movie for everyone! I'm going to watch it, it seems cute and, well for a random chic like me, something great to write about. So watch it, and if you do, tell me how good it is!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey there people's! I'm Ran and this is my friend Dom! So, for me, Wednesday's are pretty, blah. I had a debate and I hoped my team got the Pro side, but we got Con. We lost by a point. Yes, it was pretty sad, but it was pretty close and it was a good debate. The topic was on the story, Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, and we debated whether Gregor's metamorphosis is a metaphor for his illness and sickness as a bug. Funny thing is that the other team said that if we got Pro, we would have beaten them pretty bad.
So y topic today is:
Qua:It's a word? What happened to Quack?
So I was playing kinda like a Scrabble game on my iTouch, it's called Friends with Words. So if you do happen to have it, please add me: Steph9895
So what does Qua mean, well it means as being; in the character or capacity of.
The example is: The work of art qua art can be judged by aesthetic criteria only.
What kind of word is Qua? Is it short for quack? Is that the new and hip way to replace quack with qua? Do ducks think its cool? Well, when I was playing this game, I was desperate, and just placed all these random words and I happen to come across Qua and got 20 points. I still lost but hey, now if I need a word: Qua!
I could also use quack but what's the possibility I'm going to get the C and K?
My next topic is on Quiz.
Yeah as humans,I guess I can say, we don't like to be tested. We hate educational quizzes....well if you studied then it may not be so bad:)
So, since we all need a break from this horrible disaster, I'm going to make my own quiz about me/ my blog. No I'm not conceited or anything. But, if you get the highest score, or at least tie, you will receive an award. I can make my own. I <3 technology! The award will be called,"You know Random!" Award. My little gift for you since, well of course, you know me so randomly. So the answers are hidden beneath my blog...not literally. It can be anywhere. This can also be considered as an Easter Egg Hunt. You aren't looking for eggs, but more like info. Heck, i can put a question about my favorite kind of egg. That was a joke.
Here are the questions, you have until Sunday to turn in your Answers. It doesn't matter how you send them to can do comments, messages, add me as a friend then send me a message, etc. Just send me the answers and I will mark them off.
Here we go:
1)What is my favorite color?
2)What university was the first to be mentioned in one of my first posts?
3)Favorite food?
a.Brussels Sprouts
b.Fettuccine Alfredo
4)What is my nickname?
5)One of my favorite movies that i mention most of the time?
a.Rush Hour
b.Surf's Up
c.Karate Kid(2010)
6)What was my first award?
a.Stylish blog
b.Creative award
c.Cupcake award
7)If I have chocolate, what must I have after?
b.Juice it up!
8)Freebie:On a rate of 1 to 5, is this blog amazing(5) or lame(1)?
Thanks for signing on bloggers! I'm Ran and hope you have a beautiful and relaxing day:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Palooza! It's just such a fun word to say. Kinda like saying moo! So Palooza isn't really a word, or at least officially, but it pretty much means party. We have a Winter Palooza at my school, and it's just this one lunch and there's different food caterings and this ice cream truck at my school. There are also stands that advertise a different club,committee, etc. It's pretty fun but I wouldn't really classify it as a party. We have one of those next Friday and it's called Spring Fling. Same thing just a different name. Anyways, well, palooza is fun to say if you start saying it in different tones/ emotions. Say it happily..say it with a depressed tone, and you can even say it merrily!
Speaking of school, there is a word that pretty much sums up everyone. Yeah that's right. It's PROCRASTINATE!
Seniors have it too, it's called Senioritis. Sadly enough even Sophomores get Senioritis, and they aren't Seniors. I get it too, and sometimes I realize it's hard to get past. How lazy are you? Well, I procrastinate when I have a lot of things going on...which is bad because with a loot of stuff=a lot of grades. But since I started my Sophomore year, I always do my homework first, or at least get it started, and then I eat, finish the homework and other personal stuff.
I'm so organized, it's scary. Weird how from procrastination I changed the subject to orgaanization....random.
If the environment I'm working in is messy and just yucky, no matter what I always have to clean it up before I start my homework. I just love working in a clean environment because I'm so organized. I mean I made a list for my A-Z Challenge topics on each day! So whenever I'm behind, I just grab the paper and start typing. I always need a plan, if not, I'm totally lost. I also learn by seeing and doing. So Chemistry would be easier but thanks to my teacher, it's not. Hey, at least I'm getting through!
Random how from palooza-procrastination-organization led to the type of learner I am.
So you'd never think of the last topic: PLUM!!
I love plum. They are good for you, but again, there is always a limit to what you eat. The first time I tried one was a year ago, when my mom brought them and told me and my brother to eat them and they are good. Guess what? They were! I finished the whole bag in a day. I wish I had some right now. Pomegranates are also good, I just hate that each seed has the fruity juice and it gets annoying. It's like why can't you just be a whole fruit like an apple or something! Gah!
So my question to you is:
Q:What is your favorite fruit and if you had the chance, what would you change?
You can also vote on my poll on your left side!
Have an awesome night/evening/morning....?

Monday, April 18, 2011


O is for octopus, well mainly Paul the Octopus. I was reading a review from some random person and Paul died at the age of two. Must have been an old octopus. "Who is this Paul?" you ask? Well he is not a hobo nor hoboish. I don't know if you recall, but from the World Cup, Spain vs. Netherlands, there was an octopus who tipped Spain instead of Netherlands. Well he didn't predict it. There were two boxes with the flag of both countries on each box. So the octopus had to choose from one(obviously) and he chose Spain. There was food in it, so I'm sure Paul was tempted. So yeah, Paul more predictions! Yes, Spain did take home the World Cup. Well, let's just say Netherlands didn't have a "Happy Ending" to its story. It was an intense soccer match. Personally, I didn't have a favorite. Both teams were good and they did their best. Of course we can't have ties so one won and the other lost. Boo-hoo! I also researched that the octopus are very intelligent. They can solve puzzles, long term memory and they are observant. Biologists must love them, well not to eat. They are defense! Try taking away their ink....have I told you they are venomous and/or deadly to humans. Don't be scared, because PEOPLE EAT THEM!
Yuck, I'm sorry but what happened to fried chicken, meat, fish, shrimp! My cousin is a weird kid! He eats octopus. i can just imagine how slimy and rubbery the skin must be. I don't even want to know how it tastes. I'm good, I'm sticking to my Pollo loco and McDonald's:) I wish I was an octopus. I mean four fairs of arms/tentacle stuff! that's...1...2..3...5...that's 8 in total! I can do a lot with those. I barley get past with one pair. Hand me over those over 3. Haha, get it? HAND me over...pssh. Fine! Don't appreciate my jokes!
I can do my chores, homework, do other stuff and I can accomplish it because I'm smarticles! There's another one...Tentacles....Smarticles, they rhyme!
Japanese people eat them all the time with sushi, also in Hawaii. Nah, I'm sticking with the coconut juice and the umbrella straw.
With their strength and defense, they can't see. So, they hear things...SNAP! there goes my goldfish.
Plus, their hearing is limited. Yet, they seem to get around and stay alive for two years like Paul.
Who names an octopus Paul? Why not squishy? Or, or sushi since that's your main goal in life. Don't worry you'll be in my stomach and 'll name you whatever I want!
So i hope you learned a bit of Paul(hope you are happily living in a random person's stomach) and in general, octopus. If you have tried to eat octopus, please tell me all about the flavor. I won't try it though. I've been scarred for life ever since Paul came to life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

N-Never Say I Need You Now

Hey Hey there! Like my title? Well if you guessed it, then your are right. My topic today is on Justin Bieber's Never Say Never song and Lady Antebellum's song Need You Now. Yeah, I made it all up by myself. Well, before we even start, I just wanted to let you guys know that we aer on N, obviously. We now know that days go fast. We are halfway through the A-Z Challenge. So, if you have been keeping up with all of this give yourself a pat on the back, and I will give you a virtual thumbs up with a wink ;)
So I don't like Justin Bieber, honestly. I'm just going to put it out there. But after I watched the movie Karate Kid(you probably guessed)this song was playing as the credits were going up...or down. I really liked this song, but as it got deeper into the song I figured it was Bieber. I really like this song. It has meaning to it and it isn't annoying when I listen to it. Baby started to get annoying when I heard it everywhere! It was madness. It's also catchy.
I will never say never.
(I will fight)
I will fight till forever
(Make it right)
Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up(3X)
Pick it up,up,up
And never say never!
(Ne-never say never)
The first time I heard it on YouTube I listened to it after a while. then I stopped because I don't want to catch the disease that's going around. Yeah, Bieber Fever.
He's alright...not as annoying. I can agree he has talent, I mean no child just picks up an instrument and starts to play it. Either you are gifted or...well most likely you are gifted.

The next song is Need You Now. I fell in love with this song after I heard it from a relative. I'm always singing it in my head and I just LOVE IT! Every now and then I watch the music video. I have an iTouch, and I don't have it! Grr, how lame. I have every other song but that! iTunes should really have a day where you can get free EVERYTHING for an hour. That way the still have some profit of their own. I'm tired of using those dumb gift cards. Sheesh, no wonder everyone I know uses Frostwire and all those free music downloads. At least iTunes should reduce a price sometimes. Just because a song is the top song ever doesn't mean it should cost $1.29. Why can't I go to Target and buy the CD with at least 18 songs that would cost me about $9? I have purchased a lot of music from iTunes. Sure, they have the 0.69 songs...but they totally stink! that or it's an old song that everyone forgot about. So as the popularity goes up, money goes up. If the music sounds like my dog growling, then it's less. WE NEED CHANGE FOR ONCE!
Here is the chorus of Need you now:
It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now...
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now..
And I don't know how I can do without..I just need you now!
I really love this song, although I haven't heard it in a while. My summary for the song is that even after you leave someone that you once really loved, they still come up to your mind and it's hard to forget them. Very touching:)
So, my question today is: What is your favorite song that starts with the letter N? It can also be the song writer.
E.I. Natasha Beddingfiled.
Gosh, I hope I spelled that right...?
Anyways, have a nice day and if you are in California...go hit the pool! Just not around the pool...cement hurts!

Friday, April 15, 2011


MMM! So, if you haven't heard of this restaurant called Souplantation, it's really good. I'm not going to talk about Souplantation in general because it's not about S, but M. I love their blueberry muffins. They are so warm, fresh out of the oven, and delicious. They also have chocolate fudge muffins and chocolate chip ones too. I love them all. The chocolate fudge brownie, I put vanilla ice cream on it. I always have to have some white stuff with my chocolate bread. Like milk. if you have a triple chocolate cake, I'm in! But I have got to have my milk. I should take a picture of myself with a milk mustache and how the celebrities do it to advertise kids to drink their milk. Pssh, yeah. ALL kids do that, don't worry.(Sarcasm)Cows feel bad because of you kids! Cows are now saying,"Moo! MOOOOOO! Momomooo! Mooommomoom!"
Translation:"Aww man, it's that rabbit I ate last night. Great, I'm trying to lose weight and now kids are hating on me!"
Poor cows. See? Now the cows self esteem is going real low. Thanks America, thank you.
Well anyways, if you haven't gone, i recommend it. Kinda like getting recommended by your AP Math class teacher. Man, that would feel great. They have salads, pasta, bakery, and of course soup! So find the directions and have a lovely dinner over there. Well, not dinner...they charge a bit more for dinner. Heck, just go for a breakfast meal.

Last, MNM's! Probably everbody's favorite chocolate candy! Well, at least mine. I also like the peanut ones. The pretzel ones taste pretty gross. I won't even tell you about dark chocolate. okay fine I will. Dark chocolate is supposedly good for your health. Of course it is, I should have noticed this before. Everything that tastes bad is healthy for some strange reason.
Kids think their veggies are nasty, but they are healthy. I hate fish, but it's healthy. I hate dark chocolate...BUT IT'S HEALTHY! See my point?
Oh no, but sodas, ice cream, candy, brownies, cake is bad for you.
Good stuff=Bad Stuff.
That makes perfect sense! NOT! I wish it was the other way around...the world wouldn't weigh as much! This would be my meal of the day:
~Waffles with extra syrup
~hot Cocoa
~more fries
~mac N cheese
~More pasta
~Ice cream
~chocolate candy
There, I had my 6 servings of candy....8 servings of soda, 6 servings of pasta. Yep, I'm healthy. My life would be easier to handle. No more diets! Because when I see diet, I think of small portions of food, like super small. Enough to fill up 300 ants!
Like those fine restaurants. What's so fine about you? Just because you have 5 stars on your restaurant. So what Carl's Jr. has one, and it's a very big star! At least I eat like 300 monkeys!
Thank you for reading. have fun and don't eat too much junk! Well...maybe just a serving;)


Hey there! So I'm back officially. No more shows or homework during the weekend. So I can finally spill everything I do in details. My posts are usually funny(or at least meant to be) and sometimes it makes sense. But I have to agree, they haven't been the best or "random." Don't worry, as you can see, the title states Laugh! If you know me, i love to laugh and make others laugh and have a positive attitude. If you are a negative person, I can't get along, honestly. I can always be your friend but I have to have my limits. My favorite motto's are anything that has to do with just living life and making the best out of it. Kinda like the one above. Laughing is also the best is! Well, not the best when your side hurts after. But it still works. I'm sure everyone who knows me will describe me as:
~Social Butterfly
~cheerful and etc.
This also ties up with being friendly toward others. I am!:) There isn't a day when I'm not smiling or laughing. I think I don't even have a maximum to it. When I hear this, it really makes me feel like a better person. So I guess one word can make your day. Also, it can change you. In a good way, of course, by maintaining higher confidence for yourself. It also distincts you from others. So people identify you as:Oh yeah the girl with the nice clothes...or...I always see the boy who is very athletic.
Pretty much sums it up to being yourself.
Remember:"Different personalities=A new color on the rainbow:)" By me!

I <3 Labrador Retrievers. Now those are definitely cousins of the Goldens! It's no wonder they look the same. Everyone loves puppies. Even if they are chihuahuas. They are just so small and cute. I love dogs! If I can have another, I would. But my mom says Miley is enough. It's weird because I love my dog...but I have to admit, I don't fed her. DON'T BE SCARED! I meant to say that I'm not responsible. My dog eats, don't worry, actually she eats a lot. I still brush her and take her for walks but it's really hard because a dog has to eat everyday. I have a lot to do and it's sometimes hard to keep up with. Thankfully, when my dad is here he feeds her. again, my dog eats I'm not a horrible owner..ish?
Back to they are cute. I really don't know much about them. I know about Huskies and Goldens, German Shepherds...etc. Labs are pretty basic dogs. If I had the chance to get one, I would. darn, i wish I could. It's a lot easier to train dogs when they are puppies. kinda like kids. Sure they are a pain to teach and stuff, but harder as they grow. It's also like when teenagers/older people(sorry) learn a new language, it's harder but not impossible. I remember teaching my dog with my brother how to jump, play catch, hand me a high five, lay down. Yes, she gives the cutest high fives. I love her!!! I remember one Christmas that my family was over and my brother got an Air hogs car with the remote. My dog, at the time, hadn't learned how to bark. until my brother started to control the car and drive it near her. She barked so loud for the first time. It was funny because even now, she's scared of loud noises like the vacuum. She gets up and runs to the other side to prevent hearing it. I can also make her feel guilty. She closes her mouth and her ears go back, it's pretty cute.
Well, hope you liked my random post!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

K-Kevin Rudolf "I Made It"

So yesterday, my dancers and I performed my dance and my mom recorded it. IT LOOKED AMAZING! I was so happy for all of them, and finally myself. This was the first time I have choreographed and I'm really proud. I hope next year that I'll improve because i know I can! No that i feel like I have achieved, here is lyrics of a song by Kevin Rudolf called I Made It.
I look up to the sky
and now the World is mine
Ive known it all my life
I made it, I made it!
I used to dream about, the life I'm living now
I know that there's no doubt.
I made it, I made it!
I really like the song ever since I heard it at my school.
And no, Kevin Rudolf is not cousins with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I'm talking about Kevin Rudolf who sang Let it Rock! I also like that song.
So onto my next segment.
I'm going to talk about Kangaroos! Well if you ever want one, you can always go to Australia. It's also a national symbol for Australia. Most importantly, I would want to ride one of the Roos! I can imagine my face...riding on a kangaroo. Well actually, in one. I wonder how big the pockets are. Imagine if humans had there own pocket. It would be pretty useful. Then again there's the whole,"Do I look fat?" question that everyone now a days ask. Kangaroos are like jumbo sized rabbits only more convenient. Why? Well, my friend told me her suicidal bunny story.
So she got a bunny for her birthday when she turned 12. The bunny got out the cage and climbed up. Right when she was about to grab it, the bunny jumped and caught its leg on the cage and I think she said she heard a crack from the back. Well, the bunny died. It's pretty sad because bunnies are the cutest things in the world. My other friend told her that the bunny saw her face and decided it's now or never. Sad story but I kinda made my point. I would pet a kangaroo. Soft, furry, and warm. And how do they do it? They hop and jump like Shaq and Kobe but they ever seem tired. I wish i could do that. That would explain the whole I love jumpers post from yesterday.
Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Woo! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday! I kinda had my dance show and I was busy with homework and of course dance. I have one today too. I'm showing the one I choreographed and I'm very excited. So, Let' get this started.
Jumpers aer so fun. i mean, who doesn't like bouncing? Even as a 15 year old, I wish my birthday was all about candy, presents and jumpers. For my birthday(10th) I had a huge jumper. I was the basic square jumper attached with a slide jumper. Just pour water on that thing and we have our very own Slip N hope you don't fall! It was a fun party. I also love the carne asada we always have. it's amazing or as teens say now a days(like me),"Bomb!..or Epic!". I wish I didn't rent a jumper but actually had one. So on a random day when I feel "bouncy", I can plug it in, plug it in. Glade!
Ha, no not the air freshener commercial! Just plug it in and BOOM! you got a jumper! By the way, if you really do need an air freshener, just go in that certain area. See? your compliment of the day. I just told you all that you smell amazing.
My last segment is about Jack in the Box. Yes, I must leave soon because of timing! But hey at least I wrote something random, my job.
So when I was young(5 months ago, lol)and I mean like 7, I would go to Jack in the Box and buy french toasts sticks. They were good! But one day, i went there and they said,"Oh I'm sorry, we don't sell those anymore." what in the mac n cheese? Are you lieing! Are you lieing Jack! How bout I jack you in your box, huh? that will get things started. How about I jack your box while your in it, Jack! So don't come in my hood! You know my closet...because there' where my sweater/hood is at. Don't go there. And you think your mascot, the big red ball, is gonna catch me? Pssh, I'm in track! Try me, you red piece of rubber.
Sorry, as I type I'm saying it in my head with emotion and personality. I'm supposedly mad...SHH!
Well, that's my post. hope you liked the shortness about it. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I-Ice cream!

Salve!Mi piace dolce!Gah! Sono impegnato...non importa!Arrivederci
I just spoke Italian. Italian, get the I.
I said,"Hello. I like desserts! Gah! I'm busy...doesn't matter. Goodbye!"
My Spanish teacher should give me credit for this. I learned this from my iTouch, from an app. Italian 101, baby!
Speaking of iTouch, who has one? Eh, can't see your hands/arms. Well I do...not that you cared but hey it's out there. out in my randomness of air.
I'm learning a new language by a palm-sized techno thinga-mabobber!
It's amazing how small things make you smarties. Ha! Get it? Smarties candy makes you, who cares, I can't see you laughing. But I'm serious! If you don't have one, through away that water bill and go buy you some iTouch(improper grammar, I know)because later on, you can calculate why you don't have water in your sink, when clearly you bought an iTouch. It's a game console/MP3/camera/book thing...gah! I can't breathe, what a mouth full. It's a great present for your kids, or friends. Actually, I wouldn't get one for my friends, I'll end up keeping it. So ha, bffs!

MHM, you liking' that ice cream. in Italian it's called gelato...learn your terms!Thank you Tech Lord for our technology...but we all know how comes up with this robots and blah blah :)
I love ice cream! Who doesn't...I mean if you are allergic. I like the McDonald's ice cream cone for only 79 cents. very good and very cheap. As a matter of fact, I got one today. I spent my $2.50 well. I like cookie dough and rocky road ice cream,a s well as cookies N cream, and rainbow sherbet. They are all from Rite Aid's little ice cream shop. Mmm, good! I love sundae's...but not Sunday's. Sorry I hate the end of the week because that means school, and waking up early. That also means we aren't going to need our jackets/umbrella because it's SUNday! get it? Ahh, yeah you don't thanks for your SUPPORT! I don't appreciate this! I'm talking about ice cream and you are looking behind you wondering if jay Leno is going to have a new season! I don't care. I need better...
So, ice cream is awesome, but I must end this post shortly because I have lots to do. I have choreographed a dance all by myself, and my dance goes on Wednesday, at my school. Everything is perfect but I just hope it looks amazing. It's really tiring and a lot of work from my time, but I made it. Well, I'll post on Wednesday and actually say I made it!
Thanks for depressing blog even though it's about ice cream.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's your favorite movie?

Hey there bloggers! So I always get the word "blogger" marked wrong. So instead of calling you blogger I'll call you boogers...? So I guess I kinda added myself into a challenge. Another! I know, this week has been pretty stressful for a teenager.(I'll tell you why in my A-Z challenge)
So Day 02- What is your favorite movie?
Hmm, this is a very hard question to answer because there are gabillions of movies out there. American, Italian...Foreign! And yes, gabillions is a word, as a matter of fact MY word. So don't steal it!
My favorite movie is Karate Kid(or any Jackie Chan movie like Rush Hour)
Karate Kid is modern, and makes you realize that it has a point in the story. What I really liked about it was that not only did the kid,Dre, wanted to bee accepted, he also confessed he didn't want to be afraid, which is what every kid now a days are.
This following quote isn't really in the scripts words...but what I remember from it. So Dre tells his mom," make peace with your enemies." That "Peace" is karate/kung fu. And when I watch this part I say,"Yeah, peace with your fists!" It's true. If you have seen the movie you will understand me. There is the main Chinese kid who beats the kid outta kids! Could someone please tie a leash on his neck! The kid has to calm down and take an extra large chill pill. Have you ever heard of self-control? I'm sure you haven't. I don't even want to throw something at him, because knowing how "great" he is, he'll probably throw me chopsticks on my face. I like my face chopstick less. Yeah, that's another of my words, DON'T TAKE IT! Or else I'll beat you with a walker! Just kidding. So that's my short post because I have another post...soon!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Have you ever said,"We need a Spring movie for children."? Well, you're time of waiting is over! Hop, to me, is such a cute movie. Well, I've seen the trailers on my T.V. From the looks of it, a bunny doesn't want to be the next Easter Bunny, and leaves his home into the human world, a.k.a. Earth. So I guess everyone is trying to find the next Easter Bunny, because I would. So during Easter, we have the whole chicks vs. bunnies thing. So, the chicks in this movie are trying to not help the bunnies. Makes perfect sense to me. Easter eggs...Chocolate bunnies, with marshmallow filling in the head...Sorry, lost my train of thought. more like my egg car. Get it? Anyways, I would really want to watch it! The moment I thought this movie was cute was, of course, the bunnies! My favorite trailer part is when the bunny "poops" out jelly beans. See, people would automatically thunk that's nasty. But what's even more nastier is that a lady picks one up and eats it. According to her, it tasted like Watermelon. Good to know. Watch the Hop movie, I'm sure I'll like it. And if you've seen Despicable Me, you'll definitely love this! Look at the picture above and you'll see it. Hop is now playing...oh I just saw that on my T.V. See? My point exactly, it's everywhere!!! So if you watch it or have watched it, please tell me on a scale of 1-10, if its good. 1 being horrible and 10 amazing.

H is also for House. No, not a house, but Dr.House. I don't really remember exactly when I started to watch the episodes, but I know one thing for sure: it's funny. Maybe even more than funny, but hilarious. The first episode I watched was with my dad. It was one about a man who was diagnosed for cancer. But then Wilson tells the man that he isn't. Wilson asks him,"Well aren't you happy?". Then the man says,"I sold my house, I left my wife, I had 2 goodbye parties, spent my money!." I totally cracked at that part. The man was bald, for obvious reasons. but it was funny and since it was a marathon I continued to watch it. I love House! I also love my house too! The picture above is funny because of the subscript below. It's so true, though. He is so incredibly crazy that even the word crazy is worth less for him. Last year, my friend also likes to watch it, so I remember that we talked about it. She thinks that House is gorgeous. I was like yeah sure, mhm. Well anyways, I love the episodes and want to watch Hop! that's it for today bloggers, please don't get bloggeritis!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey, Hey there bloggers!
So I've never heard of this word. Gaggle. When I heard about this word, I thought someone was about to puke! Isn't that what you say when you're about to anyways. Gaggle! Well anyways, I heard it and I'll tell you my story. Gee, another story. Well keep up!
My Gaggle Story:
So I'm currently in ASB(Associated Student Body) in my school. So we do a Staff of the week thing for my committee every week. We had to go in the office because the teacher that was in there was receiving an award from us. So, we surprised her and sang a quick little song to her. We were loud when we screamed, "Woo!" and "Yay!" to her. So everyone in the office was like who are these kids? After I introduced the award, a teacher stated,"I thought this was a riot." I laughed of course. Then another teacher said,"Oh look, there's a whole gaggle of them!" HAHAHA! I started to laugh so hard at the word because of the way she said it. Gaggle? What the heck is a gaggle? A new wanna be search engine to replace Google? What is this? So I laughed and on the way back to class I laughed with my classmates about the whole 'gaggle' thing. I had to check this up. i needed to know what the word meant. So I did.
Gaggle: A flock of geese that isn't flying.
She referred to us as birds! Do I have a long nose? Am i hairy? NO! I laughed of course but I love that office lady.
Don't you wish you had a German Shepherd? I do, so when you try to sneak into my house my dog will be waiting to bite your behind off. So yeah beware...or else. I want one that has a mix of black and brown hair, I want a girl, and her name would be Rocky. No not because she can fight like Rocky. Rocky Road, the ice cream! It's weird to call her Road. Hey road catch the stick, Road! Go hit the road, Road. Let's walk on the road, Road. Yeah, i can see myself talking to Rocky like that? If that name doesn't work, I would name it Choco. Not Choco-late, because of latte: Is my dog some future drink? Uh no, get your paws away from her! Besides German Shep's are super cute, obedient, amazing and they can bite you if I say the magic word. Bite!
My last topic is on giraffes. Well why giraffes, you say? Well, if you look at the picture above, you'll see an obvious ginormous giraffe in Africa. McDonald's hits Africa. I love McD's, but I just thought this was so true. McD is ruining our health...but we can't help it because it's so good:)And yes, you can call fries fries. but don't say chips! They slam you with the giraffe upside the head! LOL.
Well, I hope you liked my post. Like it? Comment. Don't? Leave...just kidding!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Fishies! Swimmy, swimmy, bubble bubble, hahaha!
Let's swim right to this(lol)
Let me expand to you how much I trust you guys by giving you something I like to call, My Life.
"The Clean Fish"
I was about 4 years old when this happened. So don't blame me. So I had fishes, obviously. Of course we all know that even fishes need to be sanitized...or clean. I guess as a child I took it a little too seriously.
So I was in the bathroom, waiting for my mom to clean the tank. I was sitting on the floor, watching my school of fish. How exciting! Watching fish that only have a 2 second memory spam...yeah, they know me.
I got too impatient(I'm still impatient)and tried to do it myself. In the bathroom, I grabbed the shampoo bottle, and squirted the plastic out of it into the tank. As a child, I was happy to know my fish were clean. That's when my mom entered the bathroom.
She explained to me what I just did. My fish had died. It was funny because I listened to her attentively, but after she finished talking I bursted into tears. I took the whole "clean fish" literally. After all, I was using the old nog and thought since humans use shampoo to wash, why can't fish? After minutes their pale belly's were above the surface. Ever since then, my luck with fish has gone downhill. I got one from a carnival and the next day...lemme guess. IT DIED! It was too cold because I touched the bowl and man, that fish suffered. Again, the 2 second memory spam kicked in and they forgot the meaning of cold...but not the meaning of death.
So that's my fish story. Again, I was a four year old!!!
Onto my next topic.
I think Fireflies are the coolest insects on this planet. They glow! I can get a jar of those suckers and start a party and not spend $5 on it at Target...or Dollar Tree. I have seen them before and it's so amazing. Darn, in chemistry we learned that things that glow have a word...obviously. But I forgot, I know it has bio in it. I remember that he said that it reminded him of the Avatar people. Gee, I really gotta study. But hey, you can't blame me. It was last semester, everything is a blur. Until finals start and I'm like NO!!!
Fruit flies on the other hand are nasty little things.
(OH! Just found the word in wikipedia(Thank you!) Its called bioluminescene!)
Sorry, back to my topic, i just had to tell you!(I love the internet!)
Fruit flies are also referred to as Tephritidae. And no I didn't get that off of Wikipedia I actually knew that. Like the name, Fruit flies pick on flies. Darn those! It's like, "Hey dudes! I love fruit but I hate you...So shoo!" Supposedly, biologists are interested in fruit flies. Yeah...interested in trying to extinct those wanna be fireflies!
Question of the day!
Q: Fireflies or Fruit flies?
Thank you for joining!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hallo Bloggers! Yes, today's letter E of the day is on England. I will only talk about England but with all it's awesome attractions.
So the main attraction in England is Big Ben...and of course London Bridge but we all heard the song. Yeah you can think of Fergie's London Bridge or children's sing along.
WOW! Can I say,"That's one huge clock!" If I had that clock, I would customize it and make it into my watch. Yeah, I'd struggle to pass through doors but it's just at the top of my head. Not only is the clock the attraction, but the building's structure. Please correct me if I'm wrong but the points on the buildings were influenced by the 1700-1800s. Near the Renaissance...I know my European History! I find it interesting how the whole structure is made. Everything is symmetrical but not as a whole. I would love to live there. My address would be: 101 Big Ben. Everyone would know where I live. Just follow the golden clock and you'll find you're way to the big guy on the screen who really isn't who he seems. Reminds me of Wizard of Oz.
Have you seen those buses? It has a bus on top of another! It's just like my house but on wheels...and the bus has to be a lot bigger. It would be fun to ride one bus, or would you call it a two bus? It's called a Routemaster. Wow, even the name says it all. It remains red to symbolize the country. Go England. So I would consider it as a symbol of London,England. Of course you can distinguish which is modern and which isn't.
Chips? No! I'm not talking about Doritos and Cheetos. I'm talking about fries. Fries? Well who calls fries,chips you ask? Well apparently England. The chips are big and served with fish. Heard of Fish and Chips? I'm not a big fan of fish(hint for tomorrow's post)so I would prefer the chips. Everyone in England calls fries as chips. If you ask for fries they will probably smack you with a bottle of ketchup upside the head. If it's glass...well let's just say goodbye, arrivedercci and good riddance. :)
As a country, they represent a team. Soccer team to be exact. I actually like their team and team members. They made it in the FIFA Soccer World Cup but didn't win. Yeah, that was Spain.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D-Despicable Me!

Salve fellow bloggers!(Salve=hello in Italian) Talk about a daily word of the day.
So today's letter is D!
Have you seen the cutest movie in the universe called Despicable Me? It came out June 2010, almost a year ago. If you haven't, you are missing out! Well, missed out...The first time I went to see the movie was when I went with both of my wonderful cousins to watch it in theater. It was a fun, girls day out day. The movie is about a villain who plans to steal the moon. With the help of his million minions, he is sure he can. Then 3 girls fall into his life. He uses them in the beginning but at the end...(tear) IT'S AMAZING! My favorite part(s) of the movie was:
~When the little girl holds the unicorn and screams,"It's so fluffy!"
~The minion pffts at the other minion, and that minion pushes the other off the chair. Talk about rude.
~When the minions are amazed at the water dispenser when bubbles are created.
~The villain talks to the neighbor,"FYI,your dog has been leaving little bombs all over my yard and I don't appreciate it." Neighbor laughs. "Sorry, you know dogs they go wherever the want to go." Then Gru replies seriously."Unless they are dead."
So go and watch this movie! I guarantee that you will love it and if you have kids..they will too!
My next topic is:
(Intro.) The land of fantasy and laughter.
I haven't gone in a while because one:I'm kinda over the whole mickey mouse thing and two:Have you seen the prices for...everything!
I do miss going on the teacup ride. What's more fun than going on a super size cup and riding around in it? Exactly, nothing.I also miss Autotopia. Man do I wish we can drive around at 100 mph without getting a ticket. I also loved how they gave you a paper licence. I would go but only if someone had the annual pass or something. The 5 inch. lollipops were the bomb!
And last but certainly not east, Dollar Tree.
Everything is a cent more than the 99 cent store. Personally, i think it's better than the 99 cent store. A cent can do a lot. The Dollar Tree is close to where I live so I go there whenever I want candy. And it's 2 for a buck! At the store it's like 99cents for one but no, I got two! They sell food...most of them are brand-ish. It's a fun store to go to. There's silly string that I used on Sunday because it was my brother's birthday. I also got him 4 awesome balloons, and candles that sing the Happy Birthday song. That's a dollar? Where's the cake? That's all I needed, just kidding he had chocolate cake which was good.
Speaking of birthday...oh, whoops! I mean Dirthday. Happy Birthday Wolfie!
That's it for today.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey Hey there bloggers! As my title reads, I will be talking about Costco! Yeah, that's right! So Costco is amazing!
First of all, the free sample food. There is one in every aisle! I love the food so much and they offer food like: beef jerky, pizza rolls, juice, soda, cheese, yogurt, cookies, pretzels. The list is endless! One day, before I went to eat lunch, I went to Costco. There were so many stands that by the time we got out, I was full. And sometimes, I go for seconds. My little strategy is:
~I go with my brother.
~I go by myself.
~I tell my brother to get me another.
~I ask one for my mom. When in reality, it's going to end up in my stomach.
~I wait until people talk to the server and quickly get one.(I'd say snatch but I'd sound like a bad person)
So you can always learn from me, honestly. Additionally, one time I went up to get a sample of ice cream. The lady asked me,"Where are your parents?"she asked me. You have to be 12 or older to get something that contains mil and nuts because of allergies and such.
So I look at her like'what?'
"Umm, I'm 14." I replied back. SHE THOUGHT I WAS LIEING! It's like don't you think by now I would know what I'm allergic too? I'm 14 for crying out loud!
"You have to get your mom." she said. So yeah I went to get my mom...for a scoop of ice cream. The things one has to do to get a finger full of ice cream...great time. If you are wondering: No, I'm not allergic to anything...I think. I love milk! Nuts drives me nuts and soy milk is alright.
Another subject i have planned is Chuck E Cheese.
So the furry rat guy scares kids. What up with the suit dude? It wasn't long ago that we went. Guess who appeared? Yeah Mr.Fur ball! My brother was so freaked out, it was hilarious. He hid behind my mom..luckily Chuck Chuck didn't go near them. The only thing I like about Chuck E is that when he appears...all big kids know that we are suppose to huddle over him and beat him with a stick because that guy is filled with tickets. I would..I mean I'd probably beat him with one of those inflatable hammers but not a bamboo stick. Do you know how strong those bamboo sticks are? Very.
So that ends my conclusion on "C." Hope you enjoyed my tips for Costco and my bamboo lesson for Chuck E Cheese.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, for any of you who are wondering how my dog might look...well today is your lucky day:) And this really isn't an important post for the challenge but for fun! So enjoy my picture! And if you are wondering whether she is fluffy and cuddly: My answer is yes, very! Also, enjoy your day and hope to read awesome blogs tomorrow. Remember, letter "C!"

P.S. Here is a quick question for you!
Q:What do you think my dog Miley looks like?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

B-Boom Boom Pow!

Good morning Bloggers!
Let's start off "B" with a "joke" my chemistry teacher once said. I think we were suppose to laugh...? Caution:The following is about the periodic table. Dun Dun DUN!
Joke:"What did Cesium and Lanthanum say when an element died?"
(This is the part where you go 'HUH?')
"Barium."Get it? Bari-um? If you don't get it, find the syllables in the word. Bar-i-um.
Yes, haha, very funny. But hey it's a Barium joke, hence B!
Onto my next topic! So as a kid, spelling Banana was pretty difficult. How many 'nanana's' did it have? All I knew is that whenever they would ask us to write a story on our favorite fruit I'd switch it to strawberries. But as my knowledge increased (Yay!) I figured how to spell it. Ba-na-na. Sometimes, even though I do know how to spell, banana gets to me sometimes. I just hope one day I won't spell ba-na-na-na. Hey, that's sounds like a song. na-na-na!
Hey, so let's keep this moving!
So everyone has heard of a Boomerang. Or at least the ride at Knott's Berry Farm, Woo! Honestly, I've never even touched one..I think. And I have a good reason to back it up. First of all, I don't care whoever says it will come back. All I know that it's gonna hit my face some time. Like karma! I may do something to cause it...but I have not idea when it can get me. Seriously! Oh, the boomerang inventors say,"It will come back because of its geometric shape." and scientists say,"Gravity is the key to boomerangs bounce." Pssh, do I look like I can trust you! I throw the thing and in a few hours that disc thing will hit me upside the head. So who do I blame my concussion for?
Last, my final segment. As my title reads, Boom Boom Pow, let's talk about it. No, not the song by the Black Eyed Peas, although it's kinda catchy. Anyways, B.B.P. is about actors that I look up to and say,"Wow, If I learn their moves I'm sure everyone in school will be scared of me." No I'm playing I'm not a bully. Who are these fabulous actors, you say? They are Jackie Chan and Robert Downey Jr. Man, I love their movies...Iron Man(1 and 2), Karate Kid, Rush Hour(1,2,and 3). Those movies are good. A lot of action and Boom Boom Pow! Especially Jackie, who he is like 50 right now and still looks fit. If you saw the 2010 Karate Kid movie, great! I'm sure Jackie Chan is still fighting those flies. Nasty part...okay I'm back. Iron Man, pretty cool! I'd love to be in the red suit for a day. Fly to Italy, then Spain..then right back. And on the way if I spot trouble, those bad guys are gonna get a Boom Boom Pow from me.
Wrapping this up, but not as a real birthday present, I hope you have a nice day. Also, if you live in California, beware: Mucho Heat!
Thanks for visiting :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


A is for Animals, or if you prefer animales. This came off the top of my head because I originally had something planned, but changed my mind. So yeah, let's talk about animals. When I think about animals, I think about cute furry...things. For example the cute puppy right at the top. And I'm talking about the one on the left side. Cute, yes. But of course not everything in life is as beautiful or cute as it seems. I personally hate spiders a.k.a part of the arachnid family. Yeah that's right I hate you. Haha, I also dislike reptiles. the only ones that will pass would be frogs..or froggies! Anything that slithers, or jumps, or is poisonous is icky to me. And yes if you are wondering which team on Harry Potter I would be Slytherin. It was meant to be. Anyways, back on topic. I currently have a dog right now, it's a husky/golden retriever, it's a girl and her name is Miley. I discussed this before, yes I named her after Miley Cyrus but that was when she was a good influence. But the name somehow fit my dog, so I kept it. I used to have 2 birds(girl and a boy) and their names were Tailow and Tweety. Cute couple!...until my puppy had to scare them away! I never found them, but I still love my dog. I wished I had a bunny.
Those suckers are cute. That was an ironic statement, but it will do. I can imagine myself feeding them carrots, yum!
Speaking of furry, let's talk about rats and hamsters. Personally, I prefer hamsters because their tail doesn't remind me of a snake. So today, my friend told me how she wanted a rat.
(Blank face)
A rat are you kidding me! Thanks for reminding me! I won't go to your house anymore. Tell your family I said,"Hi, I would visit you but your daughter has a rat in her room." Also, one day I was watching a George Lopez episode and the grandmother told her son that she accidentally thought his hamster was a slipper and SHOOP! There goes Mr. Hammy. Sadly enough she lied to him, and lied about his pet snake going to a NASA program into space. Yeah I don't want to know what really happened to the thing.
So there you have it! A is for animals and AAAAApple! Tomorrow, I have "B" planned so you guys gotta read it.
Don't forget to check my sister blog Wolfie. I'm such a good cousin to her because I don't know her blogs name nor her user you can check my followers and click on the wolf. HA! Sorry, I thought that was funny.
Check me out tomorrow!