Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey, Hey there bloggers!
So I've never heard of this word. Gaggle. When I heard about this word, I thought someone was about to puke! Isn't that what you say when you're about to anyways. Gaggle! Well anyways, I heard it and I'll tell you my story. Gee, another story. Well keep up!
My Gaggle Story:
So I'm currently in ASB(Associated Student Body) in my school. So we do a Staff of the week thing for my committee every week. We had to go in the office because the teacher that was in there was receiving an award from us. So, we surprised her and sang a quick little song to her. We were loud when we screamed, "Woo!" and "Yay!" to her. So everyone in the office was like who are these kids? After I introduced the award, a teacher stated,"I thought this was a riot." I laughed of course. Then another teacher said,"Oh look, there's a whole gaggle of them!" HAHAHA! I started to laugh so hard at the word because of the way she said it. Gaggle? What the heck is a gaggle? A new wanna be search engine to replace Google? What is this? So I laughed and on the way back to class I laughed with my classmates about the whole 'gaggle' thing. I had to check this up. i needed to know what the word meant. So I did.
Gaggle: A flock of geese that isn't flying.
She referred to us as birds! Do I have a long nose? Am i hairy? NO! I laughed of course but I love that office lady.
Don't you wish you had a German Shepherd? I do, so when you try to sneak into my house my dog will be waiting to bite your behind off. So yeah beware...or else. I want one that has a mix of black and brown hair, I want a girl, and her name would be Rocky. No not because she can fight like Rocky. Rocky Road, the ice cream! It's weird to call her Road. Hey road catch the stick, Road! Go hit the road, Road. Let's walk on the road, Road. Yeah, i can see myself talking to Rocky like that? If that name doesn't work, I would name it Choco. Not Choco-late, because of latte: Is my dog some future drink? Uh no, get your paws away from her! Besides German Shep's are super cute, obedient, amazing and they can bite you if I say the magic word. Bite!
My last topic is on giraffes. Well why giraffes, you say? Well, if you look at the picture above, you'll see an obvious ginormous giraffe in Africa. McDonald's hits Africa. I love McD's, but I just thought this was so true. McD is ruining our health...but we can't help it because it's so good:)And yes, you can call fries fries. but don't say chips! They slam you with the giraffe upside the head! LOL.
Well, I hope you liked my post. Like it? Comment. Don't? Leave...just kidding!

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Jeffrey Beesler said...

What's good for the goose is good for the gaggle of geese. Some words just make the funniest sounds. Gesundheit, another G word, is much the same. Not sure what my favorite word is at the moment, though.