Thursday, April 7, 2011


Fishies! Swimmy, swimmy, bubble bubble, hahaha!
Let's swim right to this(lol)
Let me expand to you how much I trust you guys by giving you something I like to call, My Life.
"The Clean Fish"
I was about 4 years old when this happened. So don't blame me. So I had fishes, obviously. Of course we all know that even fishes need to be sanitized...or clean. I guess as a child I took it a little too seriously.
So I was in the bathroom, waiting for my mom to clean the tank. I was sitting on the floor, watching my school of fish. How exciting! Watching fish that only have a 2 second memory spam...yeah, they know me.
I got too impatient(I'm still impatient)and tried to do it myself. In the bathroom, I grabbed the shampoo bottle, and squirted the plastic out of it into the tank. As a child, I was happy to know my fish were clean. That's when my mom entered the bathroom.
She explained to me what I just did. My fish had died. It was funny because I listened to her attentively, but after she finished talking I bursted into tears. I took the whole "clean fish" literally. After all, I was using the old nog and thought since humans use shampoo to wash, why can't fish? After minutes their pale belly's were above the surface. Ever since then, my luck with fish has gone downhill. I got one from a carnival and the next day...lemme guess. IT DIED! It was too cold because I touched the bowl and man, that fish suffered. Again, the 2 second memory spam kicked in and they forgot the meaning of cold...but not the meaning of death.
So that's my fish story. Again, I was a four year old!!!
Onto my next topic.
I think Fireflies are the coolest insects on this planet. They glow! I can get a jar of those suckers and start a party and not spend $5 on it at Target...or Dollar Tree. I have seen them before and it's so amazing. Darn, in chemistry we learned that things that glow have a word...obviously. But I forgot, I know it has bio in it. I remember that he said that it reminded him of the Avatar people. Gee, I really gotta study. But hey, you can't blame me. It was last semester, everything is a blur. Until finals start and I'm like NO!!!
Fruit flies on the other hand are nasty little things.
(OH! Just found the word in wikipedia(Thank you!) Its called bioluminescene!)
Sorry, back to my topic, i just had to tell you!(I love the internet!)
Fruit flies are also referred to as Tephritidae. And no I didn't get that off of Wikipedia I actually knew that. Like the name, Fruit flies pick on flies. Darn those! It's like, "Hey dudes! I love fruit but I hate you...So shoo!" Supposedly, biologists are interested in fruit flies. Yeah...interested in trying to extinct those wanna be fireflies!
Question of the day!
Q: Fireflies or Fruit flies?
Thank you for joining!


Bz said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge :) Hope to see you around! :)

nutschell said...

I love fireflies, though you don't see them often here in LA. I love your "Fishy" story. great meeting you through the a-z challenge!

Martha (MM) said...

The internet is the best! Sorry about your poor fish - and poor you too being so little! Visiting and following from the A-Z challenge :-)