Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Bit of a Change Here...

It's weird that I'm posting again,during the same day...Anyways, so I was thinking and making my brain into scramble eggs and finally got that light to flash!
So every week, I will at least blog 3 times a day. That's just the minimum. The segments for this blog are the following:
~Monday: Leadership word of the Day
-I have been in A.S.B.(associated student body) for a year and I'll continue next year for my high school so I really want to share what i learn to you. So I'll choose a random word and talk about it and hopefully, change you in a good way.
~Wednesday: 3R*Reduce.Reuse.Recycle
-I will blog about ways to help the environment in the smallest ways to make a big difference such as: saving money, saving the Earth and cool ways to just help. I might sound like some tree hugger but you have to realize its for the best for our future's.
~Thursday: Thoughtful Thursdays
-I just spill about what I've been thinking about, opinions, etc. Pretty straightforward.

So that's pretty much it :) I will summarize it more briefly at the page box in front and check it out if your interested.
OHHH MY GOSH! I'm very thankful for the 70th follower and everyone else who follows me! Thank you so much! everyone of you makes me change and improve my blog and I love you all:)

Have a nice day and enjoy the day!

Words and Even More Words

How many of you have an iTouch? How many play the game Words With Friends? Well, I'll say yes to both! I'm searching for any of my fellow bloggers who would want to join me in a game of W.W.F. It's just like Scrabble but you play with another player and try to win, of course. It's more fun than what it seems but you should try it! Even if I dont know you...that's totally fine!
My Username for W.W.F. is: Steph9895
So turn your iTouch, iPad, iPhone, Droid, etc. on and give me a match!!!! I'm ready to duel you :> I'm not sure if that's suppose to be a bird but, okay! It has a pointy nose!

One last subject I'd like to talk about is the 4th of July. Yay! What i do is go over to Downey, near Los Angeles, and visit my family. There, we have a BBQ and play games, watch T.V. and play little soccer matches outside. We haven't played Soccer in a while...which I hate because i can't just sit down on a couch for hours! Bo-ring! That's why I plan to get everyone up and going to play some soccer. I'll even bring my running shoes and shin guards! A soccer ball might be helpful too :) If not, there is always a tennis court and we could play tennis. As a super athletic girl, I just can't sit down!!! People need to grasp the idea that doing exercise is good! In general, people wonder why they can't loose weight! Hello!
I intend to get my whole family to play. From my dad's side of the family, we play soccer like crazy...even if my cousins are lazy bums. But we still play and I have lots of fun. :)
Around 8...depending what time the sun goes bye-bye...we all go outside and watch the fireworks. I love watching them, even though the noise is startling. It's fine! I love all the different kinds of fireworks and all the colors. it's a nice view. Reminds me of Disneyland but we don't have to worry about going broke.
So, what do you do during this day? If not, do you still watch the fireworks? And if you don't do that, what would you like to do?
Thank you for reading and thanks for stopping by.
I won't post my signature because my mom deleted it so now I have to try and search for it...

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Entered....

Flip flops, sandals, or bare feet?
Flip flops! Easy to put on...makes life easier:)
What is your favorite type of summer weather?
SO super hot that you just have to hit the pool!
Lake, pool or ocean?
Hmm, well I hate salty I'll go with pool :P
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
During the weekend, I love visiting my family! Also shopping.
Sleep in or early rise?
I always wake up early rise.

Inside with the A.C. cranked up or outside in the blazing hot sun?
As long as I have a water gun, I would be out in the hot sun :D

Favorite summer smell?
BBQ :P Yum!

Do you like thunderstorms? Why?
Not during the Summer...they are all right!

You're swimming, what are you doing? Swimming, laying on a floaty thing, doing cannonballs, etc.
Hmm, usually doing all of the above! I can't just lay on the floaty all day :/

Are you excited for summer, or missing school?
I'm very excited for this Summer! Miss school? Is that a rhetorical question!!

Would you rather have: no camera all summer long or no music (ipod) all summer long?
Ehh iTouch has a camera anyways

Are you going to any camps this summer?
Umm, I'm not sure. But I hope so :)

Would you rather swim or play in a sprinkler?
Swim! Run into a sprinkler isn't as fun as jumping into a pool!

Are you looking forward to anything this summer?

Would you rather live outside all summer (and not be able to go in) or live inside all summer (and not be able to go out)?
Outside! Let's see what nature has in store.... ;)

Well I entered and it's also a giveaway...I hope I get the chance to win!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

E-The End:/

Hello:) Well, today is my last day and I would like to give a big thank you to those who have joined and hopefully enjoyed the challenge. For those who didn't get the chance to do the A-Z Challenge and tried this one, well, you got the idea of how it works. It takes work and some commitment to it. I'm still going to work on the google logo that I still have to draw.
Maybe later on in the future, I can host another fun challenge. but I'll have to think about that to make it 100% fun! I'm still working on that giveaway I planned to do. So if you want to sponsor something in the future please let me know and I'll "hit" you up:) Anyways, I didn't really have something planned for this letter since i already covered it a while ago. That's fine. I just wanted to appreciate this moment..*tear* don't cry!
I also hope that you met other new people out there that you met. When i go through your blogs I see some of the people who did the Name Challenge comment and follow you and that's awesome!!! I also got a few followers and I want to thank them. I need 2 more followers to finally get 70! I can't wait. i remembered the times I had only 4...and they were relatives. But I'm happy and of course, I WANT MORE!
So I hope you all just enjoyed the challenge and keep blogging!
As they say in the Internet world, TTYL(talk to you later) :)

Thank you:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well for the people out there who have completed the Name Challenge, I would like to thank you all!It was fun and couldn't have been better without you all. If you have finished, I will stop by your blog and comment:) I really do appreciate everything and hopefully you met a few great people out there. Anyways, thank you and here is the award button to put on you blog and wear it proudly!!!

Please grab this award!!!
So that i won't miss out on you, please just comment saying that you finished and I'll stop by. I know, even with a couple of names it's hard to remember each of their names...or is that just me?
Congrats who have finished and to the other's who still need to finish(like me)don't worry, you aren't alone!
Goodbye my amazing and super cool followers! And remember:"Turn on your life, not the T.V."

I-Ice Cream and Everything Nice

Aloha! So since it's super hot here in California...I decided to talk about something refreshing or just plain edible. ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM*La la la la something* WE ALL WANT ICE CREAM....Oh I remember it now.
I scream, you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM! I forgot the song momentarily...sorry.
So I like any ice cream...except those that have fruit chunks in it. I do love fruit! Just not in my ice cream. I did eat an ice cream cone a few minutes ago. Yes, 12:21 PM and I'm up eating ice cream this early. That's okay, it was good. French Vanilla to be exact, What's your favorite ice cream flavor? How about the brand? Dreyer's? Ben and Jerry's? How about the Starbucks kind? I love Java Chip. MMM, MMM, MMM! Great stuff.
I also like McDonald's ice cream vanilla cone. Since it is McDonald's, all of you might think that that is nasty. It's actually very good. It has a coconut flavor to it.....Or at least I think it is :/

ICEE! Sadly, there isn't a song about that. i feel bad for the Polar bear...not the Pepsi one the ICEE one. And what's up with everyone saying that Coka-Cola tastes different than Pepsi? IT'S THE SAME PEOPLE! I tasted them both, same time and hour and i can mix them up and they still taste the same! Kinda like Sprite and Mountain Dew. Shoot! I should make a clone of Orange Soda and BAM! I'm rich and get free soda wherever I go :)
I love ICEE. At the gas station(yuck!)there is a Coca-Cola ICEE!!!! AHHHH:):):)
It's so good! I'm pretty cheap because all these good drinks/food is good at the worst places ever. That's okay, as long as I like it and don't know what's really in it.
Well, hopefully the ice cream truck passes by your house so you too can enjoy the amazing creation!
Have a funtastic day:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

N-Nutella and Everything Nice :)

Hola my blog peeps! This is stephaNie and I will talk about the letter "N." So I have loved this piece of Heaven for a while. It's great with break, ice cream, anything! Just go wild. It's Nutella. Hazelnut with some other delicious stuff. My whole family loves this and if it weren't for calories and what not, I would devour the whole jar :) It's just that good! So go and buy the jar today, I guarantee that it will be as amazing as I am describing it right now! Nutella is rich, has a creamy texture and is pure MMM, MMM, GOOD! I love the picture at the top! The heart in the chocolate Nutella. Oh the inventions and creativity people have now-a-days!

I saw this when I was going through Google. First day of Summer :) It's whacky and weird but something about it yells cute. I'm guessing there's a bunny and a bear. If not that's just plain weird picture of some weird....creatures. I liked yesterday's instead. Heck, i can draw a better picture for the Google art. Draw the sun and the moon for the "OO" and some animal with a tail for "G"....OH MY GOSH! I'M GOING TO DRAW ONE AND UPLOAD IT TO MY BLOG! I should do that :) Just for fun!

My last topic is NOODLES :). Man, noodles are delicious, especially a pasta-lover like me. I eat Top Ramen every now and then...not too frequent because of the sugar, carbs, and sodium. Have you ever eaten it without the water? I's great!!! It may sound weird to not cook the Top Ramen...but it's incredibly good with the water. You should try it!
"If it looks good, eat it!" That's from Andrew Z. from my favorite show on the Travel Channel, Bizarre Foods. Incredible foods and culture out there.
Well, that's all for today!*tear*
I will see you all tomorrow and I'll post the award button for those who have finished. I will be stopping by your blogs so even if the Linky doesn't work, comment and I'll visit you :)
"Turn your life on...not the T.V."

Monday, June 20, 2011

A-Adele and Animals :)

Bonjour!(Hello in French)How are zi people of the blogosphere? Yes I did spell "zi" correct...well I typed it on purpose. I"M BACK! Back to the old grime, as they say and I have no idea who 'they' is. Well, I cloned the Linky List for those of you who finally got it to work last time. Hopefully it works just as good as the last one. So I hope all of you had a wonderful Father's day! My dad wasn't here on Father's Day because he had to work but luckily I gave him his little present and my brother is working with my dad. What a great way to start the day :)
So I'm sure you've heard of Adele? The amazing singer with beautiful songs? Rolling in the Deep?
Well, I have to say, I am in love with the song "Rolling in the Deep." Until my brother checked it up on YouTube and replayed it millions of times. Great song. Another is "Turning Tables." It's slow, as a pumped up rocketeer, I'm not a fan of slow songs because I may fall asleep or it just gets me tired. But I'm sure it's a great song. if you haven't heard of Adele or any of her songs, PLEASE listen to them! I need to but that song on iTunes...but I don't have a gift card, darn! I hope I'm not wrong but if I am then sorry, but I think she's from England. I heard her say...then again she has that English accent. Just a guess :P
On iTunes, her song was a hit in #1 position for weeks! This week, she went down I believe to 4th or 5th, which till isn't bad. Then again, a song can't always stand the #1 Hit always. Not even cars! One day they are luxurious the next day *snap* they are wonder the average teen gets the old cars :/

My last topic is ANIMALS! Speaking of animals...I want animal crackers :)
So I thought this picture was cute. There's a frog on the kittens head, classic! I searched animals on Google Images and that picture popped out! Oh Google...we love you! I just thought this was plain CUTE :) Even though i hate cats just because they freak the boogly in me. Don't ask, I'm not sure what Boogly means.
So I want to ask this question to you out there: Which do you use?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

P&H Combo

Hello there friends! Well, I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday and I know some of you have finished or already have finished. Congrats if you have! I will be done with the award button by tomorrow :) Thank you to all who posted even though I didn't. I went to visit my family and in these comes first.
So today, i will be doing a combination of P&H.
So PH- sounds like "F", which is why sometimes they mess up my name. But that's okay, as long as they almost get it. P&H reminds me of Peanut butter and Honey...instead of PB&J. MMM, that sure does sounds edible :) People use PH- like:
.....Yes, that's all I can think of. But in my awesome vocabulary I can do:
PHOR(for) not Thor
You get it. So this is going to be the LAMEST post ever...but I'm really tired from the drive! Very long day.
One thing I won't forget is Father's Day. So for you wonderful, amazing and great dads out there....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
I made my Dad and my Grandpa a cute memo/notepad thing. Just for quick notes. I also wrote something on the front saying how much I love them, they are special and a one-of-a-kind :)
Thanks to the Dads out there who care for there kids and making everyday wonderful!
I will start to post tomorrow and also add the linky list.
~Please! If you are finished with you name, please comment and type down the name you used.
Have a wonderful day :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

E-Ecuador and Eclipse

Hello my fellow bloggers! Good morning!! Well, over here in California, it's a pretty day to start out with. Kinda cloudy and there is no chance of meatballs! This only made sense if you know what movie I'm talking about! So Today's letter is "E". So I'm going to talk about Ecuador, located in South America right on the edge. my mom is from the city of Guayaquil. I haven't been there, but I really wish to visit! My mom wants to go back and visit the rest of her family that lives there because she hasn't seen them in a LONG time. Hmm, about 15 years.
My grandparents have visited because it's a lot easier for them. My mom is kinda like my dad's helper(job-wise)so she has to be consistent of what he's doing. Not a very good plan to leave for a couple of weeks. But that's fine, I know that she will go, hopefully. Anyways, my grandparents and uncle have taken pictures(yay for cameras!)and by the looks of it, it's such a beautiful place. Ecuador also owns a small island called the Galapagos Islands and it's full of beautiful animals that live together in "harmony." What I mean by that is because there is no lion meets a gazelle scene. Fishes live with other carnivorous fishes and what not. There are even TURTLES!! Huge and awesome turtles. Hey, this goes well with yesterday's post.
have you ever heard of Ecuador or even visited? If so, I'd love to her about what you experienced. Don't even get me started on the food :)

My last topic is Eclipse! No, not the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. Can't we go back to the point where Eclipse is thought of the Sun and the Moon not the darn movie!?!
I've seen one happen! Sadly, we were in the car driving home and I was little. Little kid=No Camera! But, it was very cool. The moon was in front of the sun, causing such an amazing sight. I wish I could see one again...
I don't remember much, but it was very big, dark and light at the same happened around 5p.m.
Well, i hope to see one so I can actually take a picture. for all you know, I might be lieing....BUT I'M NOT A LIER! :)
Well, just a tad...a small amount.....fine! I admit it gosh!
Haha, well, I hope you are all having a blast with this. I think I'll give out the blog button depending when you(the individual) finishes. SO say if you finish in 3 days, you will receive it the last day. f you are in my position and you need until next week, then wait until then! Sorry:/

Thursday, June 16, 2011

T-Turtles and Teeth.

Day 2 of the Name Challenge! Remember: It's not too late to join! I have another 7 days to blog about my name!
Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the blog challenge. Don't give up! You will be receiving your blog button :)
So I think turtles are the cutest sea creatures to live! I don't like fishes because I think they are afraid of me and just kill each other...Since I was a little kid, fishes haven't been my favorite animal, unless i liked killing fishes, which I don't.
I've never had a turtle but I've seen one! I've always wanted to carry a baby turtle!!!
Or at least go to their little nests and see them hatch from their egg shells and waddle to the beach. not all of them make it to the open water, so it's pretty sad. Have you ever seen millions of turtles hatch?...Or at least one of them?
If you have, lucky!
So I asked my parents if I can have one but so far it's not going so well. Like any animal, you have to take care of it and feed it. Or else it will end up like my fishes. Speaking of fishes, what do you do after it died? Flush it down the toilet? Make it a mini tomb?
just wanted to know...
So about a week ago, I went to the dentist. Boy! A kids favorite place so they can rip your teeth out. Sounds fun!Anyways, I had 4 cavities :O
WHAT!?! My little brother didn't have any (just like any other young boy) he doesn't clean his teeth well and I brush them hard like a lady trying to get a raise at her job. So they had to drill a hole in my teeth and fill it up with some silver stuff. I wanted to cry and knock my doctor's teeth out! The pain was horrible!!! She wasn't even careful, SHE WENT RIGHT IN! I felt the drill get closer to my nerves, the reason why i got the chills.
For any dentists out there, please consider this: INCREASE THE TEMPERATURE IN YOUR ROOMS!
It's no wonder everyone feels queasy in medical rooms. It's so cold!
Anyways, I don't want to experience that EVER AGAIN! And I'm keeping this white teeth brighter than those vampires from Twilight. Haha...
Well, that's it for today! 'Till tomorrow :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

S-Stars and Sand

Hello there! Hopefully the linky list works since it was my first time working it.
So I will be using "Stephanie"...yes, 9 letters. My last name has 10 letters and my middle name has 7. A very long name!!!
So I will be blogging about stars! Well the picture above is cool...and I wish it was real but no. I have seen stars out there, at night during the summer, with my family. We would sit in our backyard and look up at the stars. We would also burn marshmallows and devour them. Yumm! We would have all the lights turned off and we just enjoyed the outside and really take in the serenity nature gives us. I feel like a hippie right now.. Haven't you ever gotten that feeling when you look up at the pitch black sky and all of a sudden you see gabillions of stars that you didn't see before?
I guess staring at them does that, because after, I see them moving around and it drives me nuts! I have "connected the dots" when i gaze at the stars. I think I made a mini Big Dipper....or would that just be a Little Dipper?
But when it gets late, and the night breeze picks up, we have to say goodbye and pick up our things. Not to worry, during the daylight, you can always look at the clouds and try to make out what it looks like. At school, I discovered a dinosaur and a turtle.
Isn't nature just relaxing? I kinda want a beach house for my 16th :)

Speaking of nature, don't you just love the beach? Especially during the summer(duh!)when it's all hot and you feel the sun burning your skin! What's your favorite part of going to the beach?
Mine is after getting out of the beach or lake and getting to eat! It's weird how staying in the water for a long time makes you hungry. Hmmm, maybe I forgot to eat before! But you know what they say, wait at least 30 minutes before going in! Unless you want to see your food floating on the water. :/
That made me sick to my stomach....ANYWAYS, moving on to something that won't make me hate the beach!
I love that feeling when you're lieing down on the sand and it's so warm it feels like a blanket. Only this one has a grainy texture. That's another thing! Don't you hate getting sand everywhere or in places where you wish it was gone? I sure do!
Just hate that feeling.
With that said, I hope your blogging is doing fine. Hopefully the linky list will work somehow! If not please comment and I'll try to fix it unless a nice person would tell me what to do!
Have a great day! Hot or cold, yes or no, make sure you're having fun :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hey there!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE MY FIRST BLOG CHALLENGE! Woot-Woot!! Well this challenge is like the A-Z Challenge but instead of going through the A-Z alphabet, you go through the letters of your first, middle or last name. This Challenge will start June 15, this Wednesday. There is no specific time to start. You can start at 5 in the morning or 5 at night, it's totally cool :)You name has to be 5 letters or more. It's cant be three or four. So if you have a short first name, just use your last name or middle name.
Example: Say my name is Gabby. It's five letters so it qualifies! On Wednesday, I will blog about something that starts with the letter "G". Then the next day, I'll use "A", then "B" and so on. So by the time you are done, you will have blogged all about your name! how cool is that.
Entry Qualification:
~Comment below with the name you will be using.
~Your name, last name or middle name must be five or more letters long.
~This Challenge starts this Wednesday!!!
~You will receive an award button for your blog :)
~Post the button from above on your blog
Extra Entries:

You can combine names, whatever works for you. If you need more information on the challenge, please comment below with your question.
Thank you for those who plan to join this small challenge. I will be doing it because I miss the A-Z Challenge so that's why! It's not going to be as huge as the A-Z Challenge, but its something.

Throwing it Out There!

Yum! Even hot days like these make me want to take a bite of heaven. But before I get started, I just wanted to say that my summer vacation started about 2-3 weeks ago. It's been fun, relaxing and most importantly: NO HOMEWORK! Anyways, back to donuts. There are many kinds of donuts, gosh they even make fried donuts! From the simplest glazed kind to the cherry on top kinds, they are oh so delicious!
Whenever I go to my local donut shop, we always get the dozens. But don't worry, we don't eat them all in a day. Usually, we buy them in the morning and to drink it down with a nice cup of coffee, or for us chocolate. My favorite kind of donuts is glazed. I just love to picture that white and clear sugar on top of the donut. One bite, the white sugary stuff crunches and flakes fall. After I'm done eating my glazed donut, I always pick on the crumbs that fell down and savor the last bit of taste. MMM! Donuts will never fail our appetite! I can say that today, tomorrow, forever <3
My second favorite would have to be the chocolate covered donut but in the spiral form. There is this kind of donut that is huge and I guess its not called a donut. Anyways, there is glazed, chocolate and I think coconut. They have a little dent line in the middle of the "donut." I still like it even though its not my favorite. Kinda like chocolate. You may not like a kind but you sure do stick the thing in your mouth! Like Almond Joys! I hate them, but I could eat them. That and Butterfingers. Gosh I just hate the texture and too hard candy! It's not even a chocolate but some caramel thickness! It's a bitter sweet candy because if there isn't that delicious Kit-Kat, then I will eat it.
So tell me and comment, What is your favorite donut and/or candy? Do you have that bitter sweet moment? 'Cause I'm positive I do.

"Where best friends are made!"
Have you ever been to Build A Bear Workshop or have mentioned it? I used to love the store...and still do. But now a days, I think its too expensive and seriously? I can buy myself clothes instead of a bear! As a matter of fact I have 6. Yes, BUT I have gotten discounts counts. LOL. Anyways, its a very cute store, I have to give it that. I mean you pretty much create your own stuffed animal and dress it up the way you want it to look. I have a bunny, a girl reindeer, a dog, and the rest are bears. I have a decent amount of clothing..whatever that number may be. It's very cute because I have PJ's for two of them. Hello Kitty PJ's :)
They should have 50% discounts because that store is expensive! I mentioned that right? Okay, just trying to get my idea out there.
I love the feeling when you go in the store. It's full of happiness, joy and love! Its so yellow! A good color of aura as well! Guess what? I'm yellow too..well..aura wise. I don't look anything like the Simpsons if that's what you're asking.
NO! I'm not related to Tweety either!
"I saw a puddy tat!" Aww:) Tweety is such a cutie. I hate how in animations like Looney Tunes, you can't tell if it's a boy or girl. Not until you hear the voice, but it's sad. Like I thought Wow Wow Wubbzy was a mistake :/
Anyways, please have a good and safe day! Stay strong and happy :)