Every Monday I will have something called "Leadership Word of the Day." I'm in A.S.B. and will accomplish my second year this coming year. I want to emphasize leadership because I learned so much this year. So, I will pick a word randomly( blog title)and talk about it. Hopefully everyone can learn a little bit to make a good difference. Remember, every Monday I will be posting. I might even make mini buttons for those who I feel has shown that leadership skill to me or anyone else out there. You can learn a bit on how there's a difference between leadership and being a boss. But you have to wait until Monday :)

On Wednesday's I will be blogging about the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I will be talking about the ways we can help the environment and maybe even save a little bit of money. Either way we are saving a bit of that green, if you know what I mean. On Wednesday's, I will also ask for ideas in which we can help save the environment. I don't want to sound like a true tree hugger but it's real and we have to do this for the future. One freebie I have is instead of throwing away all those banana peels and orange layers, how about using it as a fertilizer? I'm sure you've heard of it but guess what? NO ONE DOES IT! Time to kick it up a notch and make the Earth greener:)
So be sure to check in Wednesday's for my 3R posts!

Thoughtful Thursday's on....hmmm, I think it's Thursday's. Yes! Thursday indeed. The title is straightforward, if you ask me. I will just speak my mind out and share you my thoughts and hopefully you all can comment. Comments are great, especially for me. just remember to drop by on Thursday's! Also, I will blog about my plans for the weekend and I can even reach out to my amazing followers!
If you ever need anything please email me! I would love to answer your email. This day might also be about opinions about my blog. So be honest! Check in! And have your thinking cap on!