Monday, April 19, 2010

The Biggest Loser

2010. Well The Biggest Loser is really popular. Even people who don't have
a obesity problem still watch it. It's really entertaining and if people who are in a good shape watch it, I'm pretty sure anyone will like this seasonal episode. It comes out every Tuesday at 8pm, channel 7. (if I'm wrong, sorry its somewhere in the single digit numbers) Well the Finale is coming up and it starts getting intense. The 4 or 3 main contestants that I think will be in the Finale is either Kole( gray team), Michael ( white team), Ashley( pink team), and Daris( orange team). I see a lot of potential and I think they will make it. Like I said before, watch it. Even if you're fit, it helps you make the right choices. They show you examples of what you can do, etc.

UCLA- I really want to go there :)

UCLA!!! Located in Los Angeles, California. Home of the Bruins
and colors Blue and Gold. One of the reasons why I am so dedicated to going to this University is because of their school of engineering and architecture. I also like their athletics, they're pretty good. Their rival is USC, University of Southern California. They have a lot of competition on their football and basketball teams. What I'm planning to do for the rest of my high school years is take 4 years of math and science since that's what they like to see. Also, to pass everything with a C or better, but for this school, my expectations are B or higher. The school is public(yess!) and it's an urban location/campus. Another University that I want to go is either UCR( Riverside) or UC Berkeley. I want to do everything to make sure I'm on the right path for one of those universities!

The Van Allen Legacy

So far, out of all the published books on the Blue Blood Series I really liked The Van Allen Legacy.
Well after Revelations(3rd book) Schuyler Van Allen chooses Oliver over Jack in the beginning. On The Van Allen Legacy, it's mostly what people ask, " What will happen at the bonding?", " Is Allegra going to wake up?", " Who will Schuyler choose?." Well I can answer those questions. Somewhere at the end of the book, Oliver is going to take Schuyler to Paris, France. But Jack Force shows up and Oliver tells Schuyler that Jack is going to go with her there. So basically, Oliver makes Schuyler' decision, that she will be with him. Before that, Mimi waits for Jack at the ceremony, as she waits for hours, she gets a text from Jack saying,"I'm Sorry." She blows out the candle and says that if she ever finds him, that she will kill him. On the contrary, Michael did not choose to kill Allegra. I'm guessing that on the next book Mimi might encounter Jack, which I'm really hoping for! There are mre revealing things on The Van Allen Legacy which makes it a great book. I just wanted to specify what happened between Jack, Schuyler and Oliver. I would give this book 9 out of 10!!!

Why Team Edward?

Well it may seem old but when people go through the Twilight
Series, they usually bring the topic Team Edward or Team Jacob. Well this is my opinion but I prefer Team Edward. I really really dislike Team Jacob with a fiery passion. I go with Team Edward because 1st vampires are really cool and that's where all the action ,in the book, goes to. 2ND Edward is cool. He's protective and all but he isn't human in a way which, in my opinion, makes him a better "person." 3rd I really like how the book describes him. Even though I really hate Bella for numerous of reasons that people who i discuss this with knows. He's a really nice, passionate, and generous person. Somehow that brings me to a point where I go with Team Edward. Plus, when I think of Jacob, I think of a furry hairball since he is a werewolf. Ugh! But yeah, if you're indecisive, go for TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!

B-Brand New Eyes- Paramore

Brand New Eyes is currently the new CD for the Alternative group called Paramore. My favorite song out of all is called Careful. I'm not the alternative type but Paramore is really good. On their other CD Riot!, There's many songs that I enjoy like Misery Business, That's What you get, Crushcrushcrush, and Decode, but that's on the Twilight Soundtrack. The main Leader or singer is Hayley Williams. I don't know exactly why I posted this but currently I really like the song Careful. It's in my iPod and when it's done I rewind it so I can hear it again. What I really enjoy is the acoustics, it's entertaining. Well if you listen to a song, I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Misguided Angel

I can't wait for this book to come out!! I've read all the Blue Blood Series which involves the books Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations, and The Van Allen Legacy. There's suppose to be another book which would be the 6th one. This series is mainly about vampires. It's like Twilight but even better. It's better because there's more to it rather than simplicity. I would recommend this to anyone especially teenagers since the book focuses on teens. It's one of those books that keeps you wondering throughout the day what will happen, where will this happen, how will it happen and so forth.
If I would give a rate of 1-10, it would be 9, that's how good I think it is. This boom is going to come out somewhere in November,I think, of 2010. As you can see on the right, they already released the picture of Misguided angel, which I really like.
The whole Blue Blood Series is about a half-blood named Schuyler Van Allen who goes through the whole becoming of a Blue Blood(vampire) with her friend Oliver Perry. It takes place in Manhattan, New York. Schuyler is involved with the whole Legacy thing due to her mother Allegra Van Allen who,in the first 3 books, is in a coma. from there, Schuyler falls in love with a classmate named Jack Force, who is a polular, good-looking guy, while she is opposite of him. She isn't the class, rich type at her school which makes her a "loaner." She goes through an amazing and page-flipping adventure with her best friend Oliver and her love Jack to many places around the world. Enjoy! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

14 Random Things About Me!!

1. I'm superly-active.

2. I hate my birth date because that's when most kids start school and I don't receive BDay gifts at school :(

3. I sometimes get pomegranate and Pomeranian mixed up.

4. I love my hair because it turns into different colors when its out in the sun for a while.

5. I'm a phone addict, I need to text people.

6. I killed my fish when I was 5 due to shampoo :p

7. I alwats have to be part of the school either athletics or ASB.

8. I really don't have a lucky number.

9. I love Kit-Kats.

10. I really want to go to UCLA or UCR!!!

11. For my sophomore year, I'm taking a lot of advance placement classes(ouch!!)

12. I <3>

13. I wish i was a superhero and I wish I had Super Speed!! That would be so awesome!

And Last but not least 14. I can't wait to turn 15...especially because I could drive to Starbucks in the morning without my mom telling me to make my own hot chocolate without spending $4! hahaha, Yup That's me!