Saturday, April 17, 2010

14 Random Things About Me!!

1. I'm superly-active.

2. I hate my birth date because that's when most kids start school and I don't receive BDay gifts at school :(

3. I sometimes get pomegranate and Pomeranian mixed up.

4. I love my hair because it turns into different colors when its out in the sun for a while.

5. I'm a phone addict, I need to text people.

6. I killed my fish when I was 5 due to shampoo :p

7. I alwats have to be part of the school either athletics or ASB.

8. I really don't have a lucky number.

9. I love Kit-Kats.

10. I really want to go to UCLA or UCR!!!

11. For my sophomore year, I'm taking a lot of advance placement classes(ouch!!)

12. I <3>

13. I wish i was a superhero and I wish I had Super Speed!! That would be so awesome!

And Last but not least 14. I can't wait to turn 15...especially because I could drive to Starbucks in the morning without my mom telling me to make my own hot chocolate without spending $4! hahaha, Yup That's me!


wolfie 402 said...

Omigosh! That was funny. Ha ha. Is it sad that I only knew a few of those?

Stephanie said...

nice but ur my cousin so ya im good with that..