Hi! My name is Stephanie and this is my blog. My blog is named What's so Random. I really don't have a destination for my blog posts, so since I write all things random, it's endless. I just talk about the things that are in my head and BOOM! It's there. I also write about movies, books, and sports. Anything big! No I'm not talking King Kong big, but...big!?! I love comments. It's the best way for me to improve and make sure my followers are satisfied. So, if you disagree, or you want to tell me how much of a dushbag(doo-sh-bag) I am, then please say so. Sorry, I don't know how to spell dushbag, I think I'm missing a C....Anyways, just get that I Love comments. of course I like positive comments and not,"oh you suck!" comments. There is a difference between being negative and being helpful. Every other week, I have an updated poll. It's always different and you can vote 20 million times if you're that obsessed. Please vote! Sometimes, I will make them important and remind you. They help me and sometimes, I just think it's fun. So please check out my blog, I promise you my posts are good enough. Please comment. Please follow me...not to America...I already live here. I meant follow me on my blog! Tell your friends, weird people, relatives that I have a Random blog, and they should check it out! :)
Thanks for reading!