Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the Brightside....

So I'm done with school tomorrow! These last 2 days of Finals were good and I'm ready to say my last goodbye until Fall. Since I am moving on to the next grade level...that means..I'M A JUNIOR NEXT YEAR! Its so exciting yet frightening...because Senior Year is coming in a flash. This 2nd semester went by fast, no joke. Well, I will be seeing my friends next year as Juniors and hopefully over the summer. It was sad when the Seniors left...some were very cool,nice and very mature. There are some Seniors who act like's annoying. I get that we all want to have fun and all but gosh GROW UP! I'm always happy and stuff, but I do have a limit!!! Anyways, I'm excited to make memories and just have a fun year. I kinda have an idea of what I'll be doing over the going to Vegas for my grandpas birthday. It's gonna be my family along with my 2 uncles, etc. I can't wait. 4th of July? Fun Fireworks! Beach? Oh yeah. Amusement Parks? ARE YOU KIDDING! I can't wait.
No more school, homework, nasty cafeteria food(eh, its all right), projects, grades...nothing. I love school..but even I need a break from prison. :)
I can wake up at 7 without rushing about what to wear, where's my backpack, heck!, did I do my homework!?! Goodbye all that for a while.
I am planning to attend a college during the summer to finish off some high school/ college credits so that my Senior year can be nice and relaxing. Health is one class and a 3rd Foreign Language class to attend a 4-year college. Yep, I got my plans..but as time passes, I'll be in a position where I'm like,"Wow, what now?" It's crazy, I'm almost a "young adult." NOOO!
That means no more jumpers, overdose of candy, overdose of sugar, being a lazy bum, and no more allowances. because now, if we ask for money, our parents tell us to get a job! He--llo! I'm 15! I can't even get a job at Chuck E Cheese!
My parents aren't that mean, they give me money if I deserve it/need it for necessities.
RULE #1!
When you want money to buy let's say a shirt,iTunes card, books, have to ask for money obviously. Well, just ask your parents you need it for lunch money! BAM! You are now rich!
I do that sometimes and make my own lunch because I can't stand school food. Except taters!
Well take care folks!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Button:)

See that? Guess what? It's my blog button! I'm finally finished with it, I think it looks great. So if you all can do me a favor and grab this button and post it on your sidebar, that would be wonderfully amazing! I will be posting the my link on it in a few, so please copy and paste this button or just wait for my button linked with Please leave a know I love to hear what everyone has to say. And if you are waiting for the giveaway, please tell everyone about this blog, What's so Random. My goal is about 80 followers, but I may lower it just to have the giveaway sooner because I'm so excited.
So far, I have one sponsor!!! Berryanne from Sunlit Photography. Click on the button(on your right)with the red flower to go to her blog. She has agreed to sponsor the giveaway. It's going to be a free layout for your blog. If you love my layout, then you'll definitely love hers. She made this one for me. So please leave a comment and if you'd like to sponsor, please tell me what you'd like to give. I want at least 2 more sponsors..the more the better I guess!!!
Have a wonderful day my awesome followers! Have a great day :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I can smell Summer!

Ahh, the sun above you, warming you up. That nice and warm heat. The humidity. The soft wind. The cool water that sprinkles on your skin as the sprinklers go off. Yes, that is Summer. Or at least that's what's Summer is all about. Summer is my favorite season. It's when the sun is up and ready in the morning and you don't wake up with a blanket around you. Sometimes, you wake up and grab a Popsicle for your breakfast. It's also about going to different places like water parks, amusement parks, and just visiting other places. But we cannot forget what is really the meaning of Summer: NO SCHOOL! I get out of school this Friday, so I have Memorial Day off. I got my yearbook yesterday at my school and there was a Yearbook Signing/Dance outside. It was actually fun. I had a great time with my friends.
I don't get why people love the cold, but not the warm weather. It's like, whats not to love? The sun is out! You can go for a morning jog around in shorts and not freeze to death. The weather is beautiful and you hear the birds singing along. Gosh, that reminded me of Snow White for a second there....Anyways, Summer is amazing! I love the weather, it's great! You should comment below and tell me your favorite season. Winter? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Candy? Just kidding, candy isn't a season...but how cool would that be.
"Hey guys, it's finally Candy!"
"*Cough cough* Raining Candy!!"
Best time of my life! Anyways, well I hope you have a great Summer...even if you hate it! :P

So my Chinese Zodiac sign(animal) is the Pig. STOP LAUGHING! It's not funny! :P So what if I'm a "Pig" I love getting dirty AND eating leftovers *sobs* and I'm not crying! Dust fell into my eyes and they got irritated!
So, i checked this up online and I'll leave a link for you if you want to check your sign. This is what it said:
"People born in the Chinese Year of the Pig are chivalrous and gallant. Whatever they do, they do with all their strength. For Boar Year people, there is no left or right and there is no retreat. They have tremendous fortitude and great honesty. They don't make many friends but they make them for life, and anyone having a Boar Year friend is fortunate for they are extremely loyal. They don't talk much but have a great thirst for knowledge. They study a great deal and are generally well informed. Boar people are quick tempered, yet they hate arguments and quarreling. They are kind to their loved ones. No matter how bad problems seem to be, Boar people try to work them out, honestly if sometimes impulsively. Corresponding Western sign is Scorpio." That was from this link:
You can check it out there and see what it says for you. I like reading the definition of them but I'm not really into them. It's kinda funny to read something that is right on the money! So check it out!!! I wonder when The Year of the Pig will be? Hopefully next year. Maybe my luck will turn around and I'll get triple the amount of followers I have....yeah, I'm SO waiting until then :)
Anyways, like I said before, please have a great Summer time! Have fun with your family and enjoy them. Also, I made a small change in my's different now:)
I love it, though! Don't forget to vote on my poll if you haven't!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


HEY THERE! GUESS WHAT? I FINALLY HAVE 60 FOLLOWERS! WOWOWOWOWOW!Whoops, I had my keyboard on Caps Lock...anyways, well I'm happy and well, happy:)
So, I've seen my poll and of course the percentages. So, everyone wants me to have a giveaway, my blog button, and of course...a blog makeover. The whole blog makeover reminds me of Extreme Home Makeover Edition, it's kinda weird. By the way, I actually like the show. It's just so fun and interesting to watch. So, I'll change my blog template because I won a giveaway, thanks to Sunlit Photography. I loved her template and I'm so excited to see it on my blog! It's a beautiful blue and it's just casual yet something I'd get. I can't wait to get it! AHHH! So there is one check on my checklist! Yeah I will change around my posts and rearrange my page. I will make my blog button after my blog has been "changed." So there is a halfway check on my list.
Last, it's the giveaway. So, I want to try it...but I want to know how to arrange or organize the prizes and such. So, if you have experience or at least know, please tel me a.s.a.p. Don't think I'll get started soon. I will do my 1st giveaway when I get 75-80 followers. So if you really want to get my giveaway started, then spread it to the world! Be What's so Randoms follower. Once I do(and figure out how to make an official giveaway)I will post my giveaway. I think it might be a photography one...but watch out, It may be random :) So please spread it around and if you know about how to arrange a giveaway, please leave a comment. You're comment would be much appreciated and I will love you forever!!! That's weird...and awkward.
Anyways, please have a great day and smile! because you may never smile again. Just kidding.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Time Rush

Hey Hey HEY! So how is everyone today? Well, I woke up with a song in my head. It's called Nothing Even Matters by the buy band, Big Time Rush. I think they are all amazing singers and dancers. Big Time Rush stars in Nickelodeon with their own show named after their band, Big Time Rush. I personally love the shows and their music. I think they are better than the Jonas Brothers who are now considered lame and has-been's. BTR is amazing!!!! AHHHHH!!! My cousin got their autographs at Universal Studios which I thought was cool. I wish I were him...
Anyways, I wish I had their CD, although I do have most of their songs. I have:
~City is Ours
~Till I forget about you
~Big Night
~Oh Yeah
I LOVE THEIR SONGS!!!! Well, anyways, back to the song I woke up singing to. It goes like this,
Chorus:....This wall we built together
There ain't no way of knocking it over,
We'll be here forever,getting closer, and closer baby.
Cause the world, stops, when I put my arms around you.
And nothing even matters(eh)
And nothing even matters
They can all,talk, say what they want about us
About us(oh)
And nothing even matters(eh)
And nothing even matters.

Great song. It's catchy too so I suggest you listen to it. Everyone! It's so cool.
So of course there is a debate about which guy is better then the other. Well all I have to say is: LOGAN IS BETTER!!! Logan is the one on the far left side. On the show, he plays a respectful and smart type of guy! My second favorite is Carlos because he is a beast! He is daring and kinda weird. He is on the far right. After is James, then Kendall....but I love them all! So, if you have kids or you're still a teen, please watch their show and listen to their music. I LOVE IT! sorry, I'm having a bit of a fan blast...whatever that may mean.
Anyways, on my poll, I have 16 votes. YAY YA YAY!!! Well, so far, everyone has voted that my blog should get a makeover, have some giveaways and make my own blog button. Just to let you know, I'm starting that little by little, it won't take long I promise. I hope to get rid of the pink background, even though I love pink. So don't worry folks, change is coming and I promise you my blog will be better and more amazingly random! a random way.
Thank you for reading today's post.
Have a safe and relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Purple Blog Party

•Favorite thing about summer? Swim
•Twilight fan? Used to be until there was a better Vampire series :)
•Favorite quote? "Just do it!" Nike
•Best thing that has ever happened to you? Having a great life and sharing it with the people I love.
•Think of every place in the world possible... which of those places would you go to? Hmm, Spain. France. Italy. And of course, England!
•Favorite food? My mom's chicken tacos. And tacos from Del Taco :)
•What type of music do you like? Pop, R&B, and a little bit of Alternative.
•Flipflops, bare feet, heels, or flats? Flats!!!
•Skirts or jeans? Jeans, all about originality!
•Fresh or saltwater? Fresh! That is to drink it. Salt water is horrible to swim in. It burns my eyes! O_o
•Skittles or M&Ms? I love M&Ms! All about chocolate.
•are you a morning person or more of a night person? Morning! It's the start of a brand new day :)
•So, your best friend is talking to a new girl in school... the new girl asks who you are... what do you think your best friend says? "Stephanie? Oh, well don't tell her I said this but she's hyper and crazy. But she is such a great friend."
•Gotta tic? ya know, biting your nails, scrunching your nose, etc? I always bite my nails, but I'm trying hard not to. I've had that problem since I was a young girl. :p
•Pen or pencil? Pen! But I have to have something under it to make my writing look me!
•Paper or plastic? Paper! You can make origami and if you have an epic fail, you can always RECYCLE! Don't you love messing up?
Well, I'm entering this blog contest. it's pretty fun and it has great prizes!

Read more:

The Time Is Now!

Hey there people! So before I start my wonders of randomness, I would like to begin and introduce a new blog to you. It's not mine though, haha. I cannot keep up with to blogs and entertain ALL of you. The blog is called Sunlit Photography. I would do a click here button to lead you to her blog but I stink at technology(sad)so I can't. she deserves a lot more followers! She has a lot going on like giveaways, prizes, great posts and of course, photography. I totally loved her blog! Then again I do love seeing other's photography. Anyways, please stop by, I'm sure you will love it too. So think about the time when you began to blog, didn't you just love getting new followers. I still do, in fact, I hope I can get to 100 by the end of summer. *Hint hint* follow my blog. Stop by Sunlit Photography and comment on her posts and follow her!!!
So two days ago, my teacher had a raffle for the book, Water for Elephants...guess who won? I did! I saved money and got a free book! I'm on chapter two, I was momentarily confused because the main character, Jacob, is played by Robert Pattinson(a 25 year old) but the book starts off when he was 93 or something. But then in chapter two he says he is 23. I guess he's reminiscing or something. I actually loved the introductory even though in the beginning I was like."Huh?" So I'm glad! :) Can't you tell?
So as you all know, yesterday was Friday the 13th. My friend told me that on that day, France had a war between some other country(forgot)and apparently France wasn't doing well. That's Friday the 13th's background. hen in class i replied,"What happened to Freddy and Jason?" Seriously! Those creeps are what started this whole unlucky day anyways. The movie is named after the day too. People are weird....
Also, yesterday, my brother's elementary school had a fundraiser. It was an International Festival, which was fun! A great way to fund raise for 5th graders.
So in the middle of the festival, my mom called me and told me that two teenagers stole the box that had all the money they had fund raised. I was mad, luckily, I was with my friend. We ran out of the school and tried to find my mom. We saw kids and everyone outside their homes. I asked them where did they run. So after, me and my friend thought that it was best to go back and just wait. I was pretty upset because it was for the kids!!!
Luckily, I was on Track so even with flats I ran as fast as I could. We walked into the school and ran back towards the playground, behind it, there were hills. The two teens were there because we heard from everyone. Then, all you heard was police cars and a helicopter trying to find them. Me and my friend got to the fence, on the playground which had a view of the hills. The helicopter was real close to the hills, I actually saw it up close.
All of a sudden, there were kids screaming,"They got them, they got them!" My friend and I ran to the other side of the fence and saw the tees with cuffs on their wrist. I was relieved because it was a lot of money. We ran down towards the street, where the parents, teachers, and a couple of students were. We saw them, sitting on the sidewalk...
Finally, after a couple of moments of talking, they took them away...
And teens wonder why older people don't like them nor trust them. I'm a teen, but I would never do that. I can't even see myself doing that. My mom was with another mom chasing the two guys until they reached the dead end. If I had a chance to tell those two low-life's something, it would be to get a job and to educate themselves to have a better future. But no, they are the next generation leading us into a bad society. Don't get me wrong, my neighborhood is quiet and nice, but I guess there are a few who choose to do wrong. Even if their family needed the money(which I doubt because neighbors said they would always be skateboarding until 2a.m.)they should do it the right way and stay in school. It's the only thing that will lad you to a better future.
Anyways, the school was happy, I was happy, and the rest of the festival went well. I'm glad they took them to juvey yet upset because they are a bad influence.
I hope everyone will take the right path to success, because time's like these is when you need them the most.
Have a great day and stay safe!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing Tonight!

HELLO!!!! actually, I'm not supposed to be this excited because I took a 4 hour test. Now don't freak out on me yet! It was the AP test for European History. We had 80 multiple choice questions and 3 essays. I hate the person who invented essays. By the way, he was mentioned in the European History. i forgot his name...good! Why would I remember a guys name because he invented the essay. Over achiever...pssh. Anyways, I think I passed and hopefully, I did. I passed my California High School Exit Exam, WOO! I deserve a cupcake! Where is my cupcake?*Twirling around...nothing*
Anywho, it was a stressful day but luckily my mom brought me Subway, and yes, I did eat fresh...not flesh I am not a zombie. And if you are wondering, yes, my hand hurts so if I mispell anything...the auto correcting thingy will fix it for me. So ha! I need a hot pack on my right hand now...
So yesterday, I found a song that totally made me fall in love with it. It's pop-ish and has a great rhythm. It's called Dancing Tonight by Kat de Luna. It's pretty good. You should listen to it!!! I don't know if it's new but its definitely new to me. I LOVE IT!!!! It's such a great song...well not THE best song but it's pretty good. LISTEN TO IT! Or else my randomness will slap you! Another song is new and it's called Just Can't Get Enough by...the one, the only, BLACK EYED PEAS! I totally love their techno thing. It's so cool. What is this? Instead of Katy Perry and Pop music we have techno? EH, it's great though. I love the whole song and especially the last minute of it. That part is where everyone fist pumps!
YEAH!*Fist pump...*
Listen to them both. They are great songs and I Just can't get enough! Get it...GOOD! Well, I won't be dancing tonight so that's okay.
HA, you should be laughing! *awkward stare*
Just kidding, that was a lame joke. Or was it? So it's my great-grandpa's Birthday tomorrow. I'm going over and celebrate it with my family whom i miss so much. I kinda want to go to the park with my friend...and have a picnic :D Great weather here in California. If you live here and hate the weather...Jump in the water and don't start dancing tonight or else I will slap you silly and I just cant get enough.
No pun intended :)
Anyways, please leave me a comment and look at your left(No your fly is not open)and you'll find a poll, please vote. I don't think i got to you...*ahem* PLEASE VOTE! Thanks to those who have, you are awesome! So far, everyone is saying I should have a blog makeover and have giveaways...pretty good. I will make your dreams and wishes come true...'cause I can't get enough. HA! This is probably getting real annoying for you. Anyways, you know the drill, so vote! If you don't..*tear* I will shave my dog. Just kidding, why in the world would I do that? I love my dog fluffy thank you and that doesn't mean that you'll turn her into a hot dog! For all you nasty people who eats dare you! Dogs are pets...not food. Haven't you seen the Disney movie, Finding Nemo?
"Fish are friends, not food." Hey that should be my motto because I tend to eat my friends...*sarcasm*
No! I don't eat people I am not a cannibal. Ke$ha is though....
Well, I will wrap things up(no not your present)and finish off my blog by saying that I don't have my signature sadly...traded computers. You might be thinking why can't I just copy and paste the other signature from the posts...well that's easy...I'm lazy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A-Z Reflection

Don't you just love cat pictures? If it's hard to see the picture, well I'll give you a short description. The white cat is jumping up with it's paws out. Then the other cat is just looking at him like...okay? There's another one where the cat is leaning against the window with a gun, scoping out the perimeter...
Well, I'm not here to talk about cats. I should have done that the "C" day for the Challenge. Well, overall, I think that this was a great experience. I gained quite a number of followers. I should have made a goal for myself to compare and what not. But this is a pretty big number.(for me at least) Last month, I had like 7 followers and now I have 52 in a month, that's an accomplishment. Last year, I didn't do the challenge mostly because I was new to it and didn't know what in the world I was doing. This year, the challenge went great. It was fun and interesting to read what others posted for the specific letter. I also gained more strength in writing and the type of writer I want to be.
Now that I think of it, I might be posting on a regular basis. School is almost over and I will have more free time during the summer. On my blog, I posted a poll on the things I can do to improve my blog. Please vote, it is located on your left side. Just two clicks and you requested something from me which I am committed to do.
Another thing I learned from this was my writing style. I can be a serious writer sometimes but as a random person, it's kinda hard. I really learned how to improve it with the challenge. I loved reading comments from everyone because it was nice to know others read my stuff :p
I recommend this to anyone who would like to learn to gain more followers or just to increase more depth in their writing style. Blogging is fun when you have Challenges like this that influence you to keep writing and have fun at the same time. Back then, I would write once in a while but now it's hard to say,"Eh, I'll write next week."
Because of the followers I gained this month, I really want to write more. That's the whole beauty of the A-Z Challenge.
Overall, I think it was great and well done. I would like to thank:
Arlee Bird
Jeffrey Beesler
Alex J. Cavanaugh
Jen Daiker
Candace Ganger
Karen J Gowen
Stephen Tremp
Thank you for hosting this challenge and it was great for everyone!!! I can't wait until the next challenge which I hope it's soon. Thank you to my followers for following me and helping me become a better blogger. I appreciate everyone! I hope you have a great A-Z Reflection Day :)