Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Time Is Now!

Hey there people! So before I start my wonders of randomness, I would like to begin and introduce a new blog to you. It's not mine though, haha. I cannot keep up with to blogs and entertain ALL of you. The blog is called Sunlit Photography. I would do a click here button to lead you to her blog but I stink at technology(sad)so I can't. she deserves a lot more followers! She has a lot going on like giveaways, prizes, great posts and of course, photography. I totally loved her blog! Then again I do love seeing other's photography. Anyways, please stop by, I'm sure you will love it too. So think about the time when you began to blog, didn't you just love getting new followers. I still do, in fact, I hope I can get to 100 by the end of summer. *Hint hint* follow my blog. Stop by Sunlit Photography and comment on her posts and follow her!!!
So two days ago, my teacher had a raffle for the book, Water for Elephants...guess who won? I did! I saved money and got a free book! I'm on chapter two, I was momentarily confused because the main character, Jacob, is played by Robert Pattinson(a 25 year old) but the book starts off when he was 93 or something. But then in chapter two he says he is 23. I guess he's reminiscing or something. I actually loved the introductory even though in the beginning I was like."Huh?" So I'm glad! :) Can't you tell?
So as you all know, yesterday was Friday the 13th. My friend told me that on that day, France had a war between some other country(forgot)and apparently France wasn't doing well. That's Friday the 13th's background. hen in class i replied,"What happened to Freddy and Jason?" Seriously! Those creeps are what started this whole unlucky day anyways. The movie is named after the day too. People are weird....
Also, yesterday, my brother's elementary school had a fundraiser. It was an International Festival, which was fun! A great way to fund raise for 5th graders.
So in the middle of the festival, my mom called me and told me that two teenagers stole the box that had all the money they had fund raised. I was mad, luckily, I was with my friend. We ran out of the school and tried to find my mom. We saw kids and everyone outside their homes. I asked them where did they run. So after, me and my friend thought that it was best to go back and just wait. I was pretty upset because it was for the kids!!!
Luckily, I was on Track so even with flats I ran as fast as I could. We walked into the school and ran back towards the playground, behind it, there were hills. The two teens were there because we heard from everyone. Then, all you heard was police cars and a helicopter trying to find them. Me and my friend got to the fence, on the playground which had a view of the hills. The helicopter was real close to the hills, I actually saw it up close.
All of a sudden, there were kids screaming,"They got them, they got them!" My friend and I ran to the other side of the fence and saw the tees with cuffs on their wrist. I was relieved because it was a lot of money. We ran down towards the street, where the parents, teachers, and a couple of students were. We saw them, sitting on the sidewalk...
Finally, after a couple of moments of talking, they took them away...
And teens wonder why older people don't like them nor trust them. I'm a teen, but I would never do that. I can't even see myself doing that. My mom was with another mom chasing the two guys until they reached the dead end. If I had a chance to tell those two low-life's something, it would be to get a job and to educate themselves to have a better future. But no, they are the next generation leading us into a bad society. Don't get me wrong, my neighborhood is quiet and nice, but I guess there are a few who choose to do wrong. Even if their family needed the money(which I doubt because neighbors said they would always be skateboarding until 2a.m.)they should do it the right way and stay in school. It's the only thing that will lad you to a better future.
Anyways, the school was happy, I was happy, and the rest of the festival went well. I'm glad they took them to juvey yet upset because they are a bad influence.
I hope everyone will take the right path to success, because time's like these is when you need them the most.
Have a great day and stay safe!

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