Thursday, May 19, 2011


HEY THERE! GUESS WHAT? I FINALLY HAVE 60 FOLLOWERS! WOWOWOWOWOW!Whoops, I had my keyboard on Caps Lock...anyways, well I'm happy and well, happy:)
So, I've seen my poll and of course the percentages. So, everyone wants me to have a giveaway, my blog button, and of course...a blog makeover. The whole blog makeover reminds me of Extreme Home Makeover Edition, it's kinda weird. By the way, I actually like the show. It's just so fun and interesting to watch. So, I'll change my blog template because I won a giveaway, thanks to Sunlit Photography. I loved her template and I'm so excited to see it on my blog! It's a beautiful blue and it's just casual yet something I'd get. I can't wait to get it! AHHH! So there is one check on my checklist! Yeah I will change around my posts and rearrange my page. I will make my blog button after my blog has been "changed." So there is a halfway check on my list.
Last, it's the giveaway. So, I want to try it...but I want to know how to arrange or organize the prizes and such. So, if you have experience or at least know, please tel me a.s.a.p. Don't think I'll get started soon. I will do my 1st giveaway when I get 75-80 followers. So if you really want to get my giveaway started, then spread it to the world! Be What's so Randoms follower. Once I do(and figure out how to make an official giveaway)I will post my giveaway. I think it might be a photography one...but watch out, It may be random :) So please spread it around and if you know about how to arrange a giveaway, please leave a comment. You're comment would be much appreciated and I will love you forever!!! That's weird...and awkward.
Anyways, please have a great day and smile! because you may never smile again. Just kidding.


Berryanne said...

I'M SIXTIETH FOLLOWER!!! I'm glad you like the layout. If you have a giveaway, I'd be willing to sponser it: a premade laout of your choice. What do you think?

Stephanie said...

That would be great! Can you email me telling me exactly how to run it? This is my 1st time haha :)