Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the Brightside....

So I'm done with school tomorrow! These last 2 days of Finals were good and I'm ready to say my last goodbye until Fall. Since I am moving on to the next grade level...that means..I'M A JUNIOR NEXT YEAR! Its so exciting yet frightening...because Senior Year is coming in a flash. This 2nd semester went by fast, no joke. Well, I will be seeing my friends next year as Juniors and hopefully over the summer. It was sad when the Seniors left...some were very cool,nice and very mature. There are some Seniors who act like's annoying. I get that we all want to have fun and all but gosh GROW UP! I'm always happy and stuff, but I do have a limit!!! Anyways, I'm excited to make memories and just have a fun year. I kinda have an idea of what I'll be doing over the going to Vegas for my grandpas birthday. It's gonna be my family along with my 2 uncles, etc. I can't wait. 4th of July? Fun Fireworks! Beach? Oh yeah. Amusement Parks? ARE YOU KIDDING! I can't wait.
No more school, homework, nasty cafeteria food(eh, its all right), projects, grades...nothing. I love school..but even I need a break from prison. :)
I can wake up at 7 without rushing about what to wear, where's my backpack, heck!, did I do my homework!?! Goodbye all that for a while.
I am planning to attend a college during the summer to finish off some high school/ college credits so that my Senior year can be nice and relaxing. Health is one class and a 3rd Foreign Language class to attend a 4-year college. Yep, I got my plans..but as time passes, I'll be in a position where I'm like,"Wow, what now?" It's crazy, I'm almost a "young adult." NOOO!
That means no more jumpers, overdose of candy, overdose of sugar, being a lazy bum, and no more allowances. because now, if we ask for money, our parents tell us to get a job! He--llo! I'm 15! I can't even get a job at Chuck E Cheese!
My parents aren't that mean, they give me money if I deserve it/need it for necessities.
RULE #1!
When you want money to buy let's say a shirt,iTunes card, books, have to ask for money obviously. Well, just ask your parents you need it for lunch money! BAM! You are now rich!
I do that sometimes and make my own lunch because I can't stand school food. Except taters!
Well take care folks!

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