Saturday, June 11, 2011

Throwing it Out There!

Yum! Even hot days like these make me want to take a bite of heaven. But before I get started, I just wanted to say that my summer vacation started about 2-3 weeks ago. It's been fun, relaxing and most importantly: NO HOMEWORK! Anyways, back to donuts. There are many kinds of donuts, gosh they even make fried donuts! From the simplest glazed kind to the cherry on top kinds, they are oh so delicious!
Whenever I go to my local donut shop, we always get the dozens. But don't worry, we don't eat them all in a day. Usually, we buy them in the morning and to drink it down with a nice cup of coffee, or for us chocolate. My favorite kind of donuts is glazed. I just love to picture that white and clear sugar on top of the donut. One bite, the white sugary stuff crunches and flakes fall. After I'm done eating my glazed donut, I always pick on the crumbs that fell down and savor the last bit of taste. MMM! Donuts will never fail our appetite! I can say that today, tomorrow, forever <3
My second favorite would have to be the chocolate covered donut but in the spiral form. There is this kind of donut that is huge and I guess its not called a donut. Anyways, there is glazed, chocolate and I think coconut. They have a little dent line in the middle of the "donut." I still like it even though its not my favorite. Kinda like chocolate. You may not like a kind but you sure do stick the thing in your mouth! Like Almond Joys! I hate them, but I could eat them. That and Butterfingers. Gosh I just hate the texture and too hard candy! It's not even a chocolate but some caramel thickness! It's a bitter sweet candy because if there isn't that delicious Kit-Kat, then I will eat it.
So tell me and comment, What is your favorite donut and/or candy? Do you have that bitter sweet moment? 'Cause I'm positive I do.

"Where best friends are made!"
Have you ever been to Build A Bear Workshop or have mentioned it? I used to love the store...and still do. But now a days, I think its too expensive and seriously? I can buy myself clothes instead of a bear! As a matter of fact I have 6. Yes, BUT I have gotten discounts counts. LOL. Anyways, its a very cute store, I have to give it that. I mean you pretty much create your own stuffed animal and dress it up the way you want it to look. I have a bunny, a girl reindeer, a dog, and the rest are bears. I have a decent amount of clothing..whatever that number may be. It's very cute because I have PJ's for two of them. Hello Kitty PJ's :)
They should have 50% discounts because that store is expensive! I mentioned that right? Okay, just trying to get my idea out there.
I love the feeling when you go in the store. It's full of happiness, joy and love! Its so yellow! A good color of aura as well! Guess what? I'm yellow too..well..aura wise. I don't look anything like the Simpsons if that's what you're asking.
NO! I'm not related to Tweety either!
"I saw a puddy tat!" Aww:) Tweety is such a cutie. I hate how in animations like Looney Tunes, you can't tell if it's a boy or girl. Not until you hear the voice, but it's sad. Like I thought Wow Wow Wubbzy was a mistake :/
Anyways, please have a good and safe day! Stay strong and happy :)

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