Wednesday, June 15, 2011

S-Stars and Sand

Hello there! Hopefully the linky list works since it was my first time working it.
So I will be using "Stephanie"...yes, 9 letters. My last name has 10 letters and my middle name has 7. A very long name!!!
So I will be blogging about stars! Well the picture above is cool...and I wish it was real but no. I have seen stars out there, at night during the summer, with my family. We would sit in our backyard and look up at the stars. We would also burn marshmallows and devour them. Yumm! We would have all the lights turned off and we just enjoyed the outside and really take in the serenity nature gives us. I feel like a hippie right now.. Haven't you ever gotten that feeling when you look up at the pitch black sky and all of a sudden you see gabillions of stars that you didn't see before?
I guess staring at them does that, because after, I see them moving around and it drives me nuts! I have "connected the dots" when i gaze at the stars. I think I made a mini Big Dipper....or would that just be a Little Dipper?
But when it gets late, and the night breeze picks up, we have to say goodbye and pick up our things. Not to worry, during the daylight, you can always look at the clouds and try to make out what it looks like. At school, I discovered a dinosaur and a turtle.
Isn't nature just relaxing? I kinda want a beach house for my 16th :)

Speaking of nature, don't you just love the beach? Especially during the summer(duh!)when it's all hot and you feel the sun burning your skin! What's your favorite part of going to the beach?
Mine is after getting out of the beach or lake and getting to eat! It's weird how staying in the water for a long time makes you hungry. Hmmm, maybe I forgot to eat before! But you know what they say, wait at least 30 minutes before going in! Unless you want to see your food floating on the water. :/
That made me sick to my stomach....ANYWAYS, moving on to something that won't make me hate the beach!
I love that feeling when you're lieing down on the sand and it's so warm it feels like a blanket. Only this one has a grainy texture. That's another thing! Don't you hate getting sand everywhere or in places where you wish it was gone? I sure do!
Just hate that feeling.
With that said, I hope your blogging is doing fine. Hopefully the linky list will work somehow! If not please comment and I'll try to fix it unless a nice person would tell me what to do!
Have a great day! Hot or cold, yes or no, make sure you're having fun :)


Arlee Bird said...

I'm sure you can see the stars better than we can her in Los Angeles.

Tossing It Out

Bethe77 said...

Yea! Hooked up! Went through and I have put my letter up for you.
Beautiful is the stars. love the beach and the sand.
Wonderful tiem of the year to enjoy both.

Anonymous said...

well....I'm sorry but I can't seem to make the linky work.....I'm here

Stephanie said...

What is the problem on the linky list?
Tio Lee: Yes, I can see them out here more clearly. But you gotta love the LA lights over there:)
Beth: I agree, the beach and the starry night is beautiful!!

Alyssia said...

Love, love, looooove stargazing. It's a bit difficult in the city, but when I go home to my parents' farm, oh my, it is wonderful. Oftentimes we lay on the grass outside, side by side, and just stare up at the stars. No traffic lights, no noise but the crickets. So lovely and peaceful. :)

Bethe77 said...

Didnt know whether you where putting up a new link everyday or if we just linked in or what. So I have linked the second letter in. But if I need to do it again I will. Just let me know Have an asesome day. Im having a great time with this. Blessings

Stephanie said...

I can put up a new linky list everyday. For my next post, i will be posting one. Thank youi for the comments!

upinthecosmos said...

I love me some stars too! Orion is my fav constellation cause I can always find him and he's always hanging out in the sky above my house:-)

I missed day 1 so I'll be linking in on day 2 with my name:-)