Thursday, June 23, 2011

E-The End:/

Hello:) Well, today is my last day and I would like to give a big thank you to those who have joined and hopefully enjoyed the challenge. For those who didn't get the chance to do the A-Z Challenge and tried this one, well, you got the idea of how it works. It takes work and some commitment to it. I'm still going to work on the google logo that I still have to draw.
Maybe later on in the future, I can host another fun challenge. but I'll have to think about that to make it 100% fun! I'm still working on that giveaway I planned to do. So if you want to sponsor something in the future please let me know and I'll "hit" you up:) Anyways, I didn't really have something planned for this letter since i already covered it a while ago. That's fine. I just wanted to appreciate this moment..*tear* don't cry!
I also hope that you met other new people out there that you met. When i go through your blogs I see some of the people who did the Name Challenge comment and follow you and that's awesome!!! I also got a few followers and I want to thank them. I need 2 more followers to finally get 70! I can't wait. i remembered the times I had only 4...and they were relatives. But I'm happy and of course, I WANT MORE!
So I hope you all just enjoyed the challenge and keep blogging!
As they say in the Internet world, TTYL(talk to you later) :)

Thank you:)

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upinthecosmos said...

It was a fun little challenge & I did meet a few new people with some fun blogs to follow so that was cool too:-)