Monday, July 26, 2010

What's so Fishy?

Seriously? What is fishy? I mean most fishes have a 5 second memory span! It doesn't matter if you're taking it away from it's family, IT WON'T REMEMBER WHERE IT CAME FROM ANYWAY! I mean seriously. If I was a fish I would just hope for someone to just boil me in oil. Might as well die instead of forgetting what type of fish I am in a matter of 5 seconds. It's funny, me and my cousin(Wolfie) were talking about this. We were laughing about this because:
1. Either it was me because I am funny :D
2. Or,man, I'm crazy!
Whichever one, WHO CARES. IT WAS FUNNY! People say that fish is good for the brain and also for your health. My mom says,"Eat the fish." And blah blah blah! Who cares! If fish is good for the brain, then why in the world should we eat it...when THEY are suppose to eat US! We remember everything ever since we were in diapers! Guacamole!!!! Yeah,pssh, THEY are the smart ones! Man, I won't be surprised if a fish comes knocking on my door and asks for me to jump in a boiling tank filled with tap water. Sure! I'll go for a swim...In your stomach. Fish, yeah they are smart. They might even be the next Einstein out there. Now I will be scared if a piranha comes out. Those things are killers but I mean Scream 1,2, and 3. They kill you before you say," guys are smart." I'm not sure if you have seen Finding Nemo, the Disney Movie. It is a wonderful story for everyone.(even fishes) Anyways, there's a photo on Finding Nemo called,"FINDING SCREAMO!"(top) I'm telling you fishes are on a riot. Just imagine fishes gathering up and through whatever they have under the water. Oh NO! Seaweed. Crud, help me ...h-h-HELPPP! Yeah, the end of humans and the start of something new for the fishes. Hooray. let's go to Build-A-Bear and make a stuffed-fish animal. But to make fishes happier, let's change it to BUILD-A-FISH-SINCE-THEY-ARE-TOO-DANG-DUMB-TO-REMEMBER-ANYTHING! Fishes are just plain dumb! That's why they are good pets. One of these days they will forget to eat and they'll make a new species. They won't eat so just keep then in a tank and make it dance. :) So the next time you go to a pet store and but a fish, buy 10! They won't remember!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's So Avatar:The Western Air Temple

This is my favorite episode, The Western Air Temple: Fire Book. It's a big conflict and rise of action in so many ways. Here's a little summary on this episode.

So Aang, Katara, Sokka, Momo, Appa and other youngsters are at the Western Air Temple. Aang said it would be a safe spot since(recall:Their plan of using the solar eclipse didn't work so now the young ones left for safety.)the Fire Nation are probably on the look for them. So as they all think they are safe, Zuko is planning or trying to figure out how to convince the Avatar gang that he's on their side. Of course, I laughed because it would be hard to convince people who you've tried to get ever since starting point. Zuko is near the Western Air Temple so he's good.

He eventually comes out and shows his face to The Avatar Gang. Everyone is ready to beat him up. But before they try, Zuko comes in and says,"Hello, Zuko here."(picture at the bottom) I laughed at this part because he sounds so friendly and welcomed when really they all want to get him. So yeah they end up accepting him after several attempts and conclusions.

Which allows Katara to get all mad with Zuko because she doesn't believe him. He tries to prove himself to Katara that he's changed(doesn't go that well) but later in the Fire Book, Katara accepts him. AWW! Well anyways, back to this episode, that's pretty much what happens. I would say the one who mostly convinced the whole team to accept Zuko as Aang's Firebending teacher is Toph. She actually "believed" that he was telling the truth. Then Aang went along with it, then Sokka. That only left Katara suspicious due to other episodes(Earth Book)and she just wanted Aang to have a good teacher. So that's it. I enjoy this episode so much! You should definitely watch it to actually get the feel of it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's So Wipeout?

Ah, so funny. If you like seeing people get hurt or doing something you wouldn't do then you should totally watch this show. Wipeout airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.(Channel 7 I believe) It's hilarious and age appropriate for everyone. Wipeout is sort of like Fear Factor but funnier and not gross. Wipeout is pretty much a water obstacle. If you fall, you fall in water or mud. Mud is a mixture of dirt and water for those who don't know. Anyways,I love this show because watching people fall hilariously into the water is entertaining! What's not fun about that? So if you're not doing much and it's 8 at night, turn your TV to Wipeout! I'm positive this show will make you laugh or say,"Whoops, it would stink to be that person!" So there are contestants(obviously)who go through 4-5 levels of water obstacles. They change throughout the season so that the obstacles won't bore you. The winner wins $50,000! Yes, $50,000!!! If you want to sign up, go to or google Wipeout. You have to be 18 or older(sorry teens)and YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SWIM. The water isn't deep(except for the last round) but it's water. They don't want contestants drowning! You can read the rest of the application on the website. So more on the falling and all that good stuff. The obstacles are challenging since the water makes everything slippery. Also, there are mechanisms that will try to make you fall like:
~The punching hand
~The spike(foam)platform
~ Bouncy Stuff
~Objects moving up and down
~And of course, people throwing paint,balls,etc. at you!
It's really fun, actually. By fun I mean watching people fall. Also, people fall and it's hilarious because they fall upside down, onto an object, people getting their breaths knocked outta their system!!! Yes, there are objects that fling you to the other state(just kidding. Hyperbole people)next to them. :) So give it a try and watch this show. It's an amazingly funny show!
Rating on WIPEOUT: *****
(People getting whacked is funny enough to receive a 5 star)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's So Cute?

This is so cute!!! I mean, seriously, who doesn't love dogs! I have one. She's a Husky mixed with a Golden Retriever. She's beautiful and such an obedient dog. She is 3 years old. I'm not sure how old she is in "dog years" but she is young and in good health.Her name is Miley, like Miley Cyrus. I don't like Miley Cyrus(a LOT of reasons) but the name just fits her. I was going to change it but once you name something it's hard to rename it. Plus, she knows her name so it would be hard to get her attention. Anyways, back to dogs in general. If you have a dog and you think or believe it is beautiful, send me a pic! It would be nice to see all the cute dogs. Also, if I get enough pics(also if I want to)I can do a "contest" of the best and cutest dog on BLOGSPOT!...well, not entirely blogspot. Anyways, it won't go on weird webs because I know dogs like their privacy! Yep, dogs hate being all in the spotlight. So give it a try. Plus, if you "win" you can have your dogs pic on my blog! 'Cause I want cutie puppies!!!! So why not enter in my non-official contest! Just post a comment(with your dogs picture)on this post with your name. If you don't want to put your name, fine! I'll just make it up. Just kidding. Show the world your puppy!!!..Well, me and my followers, actually. :) And remember, NO DOG CRUELTY!! That's mean. Spread the love to your dog today! Yes today!! Not tomorrow!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's So Victorious?

July 11ths game, Netherlands vs. Spain, was a hard and determined game. Both teams were good enough to handle the game for 120 minutes(after extra time) with the first 90 minutes with 0 zero points Spain and Netherlands. On the 2nd a.e.t.( after extra time) Andres Iniesta's goal was the goal that made Spain into The 2010 FIFA Champions. The goal was a beautiful kick and a very powerful one too. Both teams never gave up and it was a very close match. I thought, in my perspective, that they were going to score by penalty kicks. Apparently, #6 made the goal before the Penalty time came. Many were saying that Spain was going to win due to astrology and different ceremonies that shows you who will win. For example, there were many astrologers saying Spain was going to win. Others relied on an aquatic mammal which in this case was the octopus named Paul. You can check this out on but I'll tell you what this octopus has done. People have placed 2 boxes in his tank. Each box representing a flag( for example Spain and Netherlands) and inside the box had food for him. Paul would then choose the winning team by opening the box and eating the food in it. Paul never failed at this, he told or more likely "chose" the winning team. He chose Spain and yes, Spain did win. Also, since everyone did rely on Paul, many people started to insult him. Those people were probably the ones from the team he didn't choose or people just thought it was insane to listen to an octopus. The insults were, "I ate your mother" and others were, "You belong on my plate." Yeah, I thought that was weird and funny because the octopus is not human nor can it listen or talk back to you. Poor Paul. Anyways, back to Spain. Spain is voted the most favorable team for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I'm not sure how much I'll keep saying that but for short, it will be FIFA w.c. And yes, I wanted Spain to win. They had the defense and speed to make a goal. Even though they failed in some shots or the goalie blocked it, they won! I wish I could buy Paul so that it could give me numbers for the Lottery. We need money nowadays, might as well get it by an octopus. So as the celebration went on, the goalie from Spain got the Cup. Wow, real gold. It would be hard holding that thing up. It's triumph and victorious. So with that, I say congrats to Spain and congrats to all the other countries who participated in The 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP! Darn, I forgot to use the initials...oh well. Who will take it all in 2014?

What's So Avatar?

Well, what is Avatar(not the blue people): The Last Airbender? It's such a...well I'm not sure how to describe it but I'll try...AWESOMETASTIC Show on Nicktoons, Nickelodeon, gosh there's also Nick! Anyways, you have probably heard of The Last Airbender, right? Well if you haven't then what are you waiting for! Check it up on and check the trailer. I haven't seen the movie even, though I'm a huge fan of the cartoon show, because I'm a bit worried about the cuts and stuff. I know books can't perfectly fit into a 2 hour movie, but they've made a few minor cuts that may lead to MAJOR! Here's a list of the changes for the movie for you fanatics:
1. Instead of Aang(Aan-guh) it's (Aw-ng) Sorry if I can't actually type it the way it's suppose to pronounce.
2. There's no Kioshi Warriors( darn, I love them. Go Girls)
3. The whole "discovering Aang" part is a bit different.
4. Really good firebenders throw fire from their hands
5. If you have seen the movie please tell me, but if you haven't, I heard there wasn't going to be a Azula.(darn, even though she's crazy...she's fun to make fun of)
6. This is just my personal view, but Momo and Apa look weird. Or in my definition, NOT THE SAME LOOKING.
Yeah, that's about it. I hope it's good though. I don't want to spend my money on a bad movie. I'm not saying it's bad but just to make sure. Oh, I also saw Avatar:TLA shirts!!At Target!!! Ha ha, but what I really want is a poster. Not the movie poster but the cartoon one. I want the main characters to be there. Speaking of characters, I(yes I-I-I would like to know your favorite character)like all characters but I'll rate them.
Rating Characters:( I'll rate Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko, and Iroh)
1-being the least favorite and 6-being the favorable
1.Toph- I still like her but not my MOST favorite.
2.Aang- This was a hard decision
3.Iroh-I love tea!
4.Sokka-So funny, like me!
5.Zuko-Awesome firebender!
6.Katara- Determined girl and very beautiful!
I love all characters(except most firebenders except Zuko and Iroh) but it's hard to choose. They have all different personalities and they are all special in their own way. Watch it! It's an amazing episode that's pretty much a story! If you love books, Avatar: The Last Airbender is right for you! So which Bender will you be:

Friday, July 9, 2010

What's So New

So I'm going to make changes to this blog. I'm actually going to make topics, according to my title. Also, I'll make labels to make it more organized. This is just a short message and not considered a "blog." :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Top 15 Songs

1. Waka Waka- Shakira
2. Wavin' Flag- K'naan and David Bisbal
3. Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz
4. L.A. Baby- Jonas Brothers
5. Just Dance- Lady Gaga
6. Round and Round- Selena Gomez and The Scene
7. Hey You- Jonas Brothers
8. Alejandro- Lady Gaga
9. Your Love Is My Drug- Ke$ha
10. Miracle- Cascada
11. Whatdaya Want From Me- Adam Lambert
12. In My Head- Jason Derulo
13. Ave Maria- David Bisbal
14. California Gurls- Katy Perry
15. Not Myself Tonight- Christina Aguilera

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shadow Kiss

Okay, so one thing I should say before I tell you about this amazing book is that Spirit Bound came out! Yay more reading. Anyways, this book, Shadow Kiss, is by Richelle Mead. So far, I really like her writing because she gets into detail and she adds heart-beating moments which makes the book better than it seems. She adds moments when you can't sit still by turning the book into another unexpected way. Obviously, it makes the series together something very unseen.

SUMMARY TIME! So here's a summary on Shadow Kiss:

As graduation comes, Rose Hathaway has devastating news. Her enemy, Victor, is on trial. Also, Strigoi attack the school(rising action) and cause problems, obviously since they are bad, which makes the book SO much better. Don't worry I won't spoil anything. I hate when people spoil everything. Ugh! Anyways, Rose just makes decisions that make you say, "Go girl!" Yeah, she continues loving Dimitri and all and yeah Lissa still likes Christian. It's really hard(as you can see) to describe this book without actually ruining anything because it's just that good. Shadow Kiss is, in the series perspective, the Rising action or depending on the other books( spirit Bound and The Last Sacrifice) it may also be the Climax. Anyways, instead of me telling you the summary, I'll just have to make a list. And the rest is up to you to read.
Here we go:
~ Rose sort of goes crazy. It's mentally but it's because of the "shadow kiss" bond she has with Lissa.
~ Adrian comes to the school.
~ Rose is assigned to Christian rather than Lissa as her "Guard." Don't worry it's a practice.
~ As I said before, Victor wasn't really in "jail" since he's royal.
~ Rose makes shocking decisions
Yeah, sorry if I made this really unnecessary but that's so the book is filled with spoilers if I told you. Now, if it's that hard to explain to someone who has read Frostbite and Vampire Academy...well I believe it's pretty darn good. This book is for young adult readers(I approve)and above.
My Rating for Shadow Kiss: ***** (5-stars)
The book is perfectly written.