Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's So Wipeout?

Ah, so funny. If you like seeing people get hurt or doing something you wouldn't do then you should totally watch this show. Wipeout airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.(Channel 7 I believe) It's hilarious and age appropriate for everyone. Wipeout is sort of like Fear Factor but funnier and not gross. Wipeout is pretty much a water obstacle. If you fall, you fall in water or mud. Mud is a mixture of dirt and water for those who don't know. Anyways,I love this show because watching people fall hilariously into the water is entertaining! What's not fun about that? So if you're not doing much and it's 8 at night, turn your TV to Wipeout! I'm positive this show will make you laugh or say,"Whoops, it would stink to be that person!" So there are contestants(obviously)who go through 4-5 levels of water obstacles. They change throughout the season so that the obstacles won't bore you. The winner wins $50,000! Yes, $50,000!!! If you want to sign up, go to or google Wipeout. You have to be 18 or older(sorry teens)and YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SWIM. The water isn't deep(except for the last round) but it's water. They don't want contestants drowning! You can read the rest of the application on the website. So more on the falling and all that good stuff. The obstacles are challenging since the water makes everything slippery. Also, there are mechanisms that will try to make you fall like:
~The punching hand
~The spike(foam)platform
~ Bouncy Stuff
~Objects moving up and down
~And of course, people throwing paint,balls,etc. at you!
It's really fun, actually. By fun I mean watching people fall. Also, people fall and it's hilarious because they fall upside down, onto an object, people getting their breaths knocked outta their system!!! Yes, there are objects that fling you to the other state(just kidding. Hyperbole people)next to them. :) So give it a try and watch this show. It's an amazingly funny show!
Rating on WIPEOUT: *****
(People getting whacked is funny enough to receive a 5 star)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, I like this show too. I cringe for those poor people but have to laugh at them too. But it doesn't look like anyone really gets physically hurt.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, except this one time when someone litteraly bent in half. it was hilarious but I was like,"Ouch!!" :)