Monday, July 26, 2010

What's so Fishy?

Seriously? What is fishy? I mean most fishes have a 5 second memory span! It doesn't matter if you're taking it away from it's family, IT WON'T REMEMBER WHERE IT CAME FROM ANYWAY! I mean seriously. If I was a fish I would just hope for someone to just boil me in oil. Might as well die instead of forgetting what type of fish I am in a matter of 5 seconds. It's funny, me and my cousin(Wolfie) were talking about this. We were laughing about this because:
1. Either it was me because I am funny :D
2. Or,man, I'm crazy!
Whichever one, WHO CARES. IT WAS FUNNY! People say that fish is good for the brain and also for your health. My mom says,"Eat the fish." And blah blah blah! Who cares! If fish is good for the brain, then why in the world should we eat it...when THEY are suppose to eat US! We remember everything ever since we were in diapers! Guacamole!!!! Yeah,pssh, THEY are the smart ones! Man, I won't be surprised if a fish comes knocking on my door and asks for me to jump in a boiling tank filled with tap water. Sure! I'll go for a swim...In your stomach. Fish, yeah they are smart. They might even be the next Einstein out there. Now I will be scared if a piranha comes out. Those things are killers but I mean Scream 1,2, and 3. They kill you before you say," guys are smart." I'm not sure if you have seen Finding Nemo, the Disney Movie. It is a wonderful story for everyone.(even fishes) Anyways, there's a photo on Finding Nemo called,"FINDING SCREAMO!"(top) I'm telling you fishes are on a riot. Just imagine fishes gathering up and through whatever they have under the water. Oh NO! Seaweed. Crud, help me ...h-h-HELPPP! Yeah, the end of humans and the start of something new for the fishes. Hooray. let's go to Build-A-Bear and make a stuffed-fish animal. But to make fishes happier, let's change it to BUILD-A-FISH-SINCE-THEY-ARE-TOO-DANG-DUMB-TO-REMEMBER-ANYTHING! Fishes are just plain dumb! That's why they are good pets. One of these days they will forget to eat and they'll make a new species. They won't eat so just keep then in a tank and make it dance. :) So the next time you go to a pet store and but a fish, buy 10! They won't remember!


wolfie 402 said...

Ha! Ya, that was funny :D

Stephanie said...

i know...very