Monday, August 9, 2010

What's So???

Ugh! This is so frustrating! I just want the book to come out already. But no, I have to wait until December to reveal the secrets. So this is the 6Th book(hence The LAST Sacrifice)in The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. To tell you the truth, the series is AMAZING! I love this series so much. I think it's better than the Twilight Series because there's more suspense and the characters seem more "lively." It's hard to decide which book,in the series, is the best.(In my opinion, I think it's Spirit Bound, Shadow Kiss, Frostbite, Blood Promise then Vampire Academy. Either way I love each book. :) ) Same with the characters. There are different kinds of characters who are completely different but they have their own special personality. I love every character.(of course, they have to be good, not bad)Of course there are some characters that I feel should get slapped. Anyways, back to The Last Sacrifice. Right now, many readers are clueless about the next plot. What will happen? I'm not sure. Sometimes I think one thing then later, there's another point. It's complicated which is why everyone has different answers. So there is a lot to discuss like:
~What will happen to Rose?
~Who killed the Queen?
~What will happen to every individual character?
~Will Rose continue to be a Guardian?
~What will happen to Dimitri and Adrian?
And finally,
~Is there going to be a good ending to the book?
Of course, there are many other questions but these are a bit more to the point. So my theory is that Adrian might die(for many unknown reasons) and something tells me Dimitri killed Queen Tatiana. Yet, there are many other good answers. Of course, it's all revealed in the book. Darn. All I know is that whoever killed the Queen must have been in Court already. Also, the reason why I think Adrian might die is because:
1. Dimitri is originally suppose to be with Rose. Even though he's annoying sometimes. Also, it could also be Dimitri who dies. I just know that one of them might. I'm not sure, but it's...there, I guess you can say. I JUST WANT THE BOOK TO COME OUT! Then again, they both could. Rose could be alone just like the cover. One reason why I dislike the cover. It says too much but it's sad. I just hope the book won't end sad. It seems like Rose's life was pure sadness and just a dark cloud above her. Darn it!!! I hope something good comes in the end. Either way Richelle Mead knows what she is doing and I love her writing technique. Its amazing even though it's really sad and down-right depressing. So wait until December for an awesome revelation. I can't wait to read what Richelle Mead wrote.
Note:Some references are that Richelle Mead is doing a "final draft" on T.L.S.
Rating on The Vampire Academy: *****
An awesome series so far. You sink your teeth in!!! If you love vampires, you'll love V.A. Series.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Vampires are always fun to read about!

Stephanie said...

Yes, especially this one

wolfie 402 said...

Wow. This series is so amazing. I'm going to steal you're little VA idea thing. My own little VA post. :)

Stephanie said...

ugh, well I saw it and mine is wayy better(jk)I have an awwesome pic..LOL