Monday, August 16, 2010

What's so Peculiar?

So from now on I will do random questions every Monday called Random Monday. Haha, very simple but that will do. So Random Monday will be questions about anything. Like today's is something...odd or not. They are just fun questions! So here's today's Random Question:

R.T.:On a very quiet and partially boring day, you are sitting or laying on the couch. You let your mind run and you think of things that has happened or will, like going to the mall with your friends, viewing that funny movie part, or your favorite book part. What do you think about when there is nothing but silence and you have nothing to do but think?

My answer is that I'd most likely think about a favorite movie or book part. If it's very shocking, I'd try to visualize it again or try to reread it in depth. Either that or I'd stare into blank space.
My Vocabulary: Blank Space IS a blank space.

So that's my Question for Random Monday. Yes, it is very random....I think?


wolfie 402 said...

Blank space IS a blank space... NICE! :D
Have you ever had that feeling? It's like, you let your mind wander and then you realize it. And then you forget what you were thinking about before... It's very weird...

Cheryl said...

Hmmm...I let my mind wander alot...sometimes to happy memories, other times to routine matters. Very interesting question!

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Great blog sweetie!

Stephanie said...

Wolfie:Yeah its very weird!
Cheryl:Thank you. And yes, I let my mind wander a lot when I'm bored ha ha:)
Nikki: Thank you very much!
Thank you for answering my question!!! <3