Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Birdie!!

Welcome to my first Little Birdie post. Yay! Give yourself a pat in the back. Anyways, so Little Birdie is just a post that can become a debate of some sort or,like the other post, different objectives like animals, etc. So that's what Little Birdie is. So the following is either a nice post or something you can debate about:
So many people are saying that,"the Wii is a good console. It helps you be active." Many are buying the console. (a Wii is a game console like PS3 or Xbox)There are many games like the sports one ot the ones that are active like the punching bag one and many other games. So my question is, Is the Wii really helping you by being active?
My answer is no. Sure, you move your hand and walk and jump every few, but really, I'd rather go out and run a lap or two. I consider the Wii any other console like the Xbox or PS3. If you think about it, the most you do is move your hand and arm. The best you can get it a bit of arm muscle, but you can't get active on a Wii. My counterexample is that when you play the Wii,(say your playing tennis) all you do is move your hand. The little person in the screen is doing all the work FOR you. But you aren't doing anything for yourself. I would just go to the park and ACTUALLY play tennis. Another is golf. WOW! You just move your hand for crying out loud! Why can't you go and play golf yourself and get that sun on your skin instead of standing up and pretending to play. Get a driver and go play golf. Go play tennis. Go and get active!!! That's why there's a park people, C'mon...get with the program.
So that was my discussion. Is Wii helping you get active? Please comment and feel free to oppose. :) That's the beauty of debate!
Random Blogger,


Cheryl said...

I cannot debate this subject as I don't have a Wii! My daughter does and says its great but I think its now gathering dust! I would rather be outside whenever I can in the good old sunshine, with fresh air. I would imagine that the Wii might be fun in the winter though, when one cannot get outside due to snow and cold. Fun post!

Alexandra said...

I bought Wii Fit.. I feel foolish.. tis a complete waste of time.. Another weight loss scam I think!!


Stephanie said...

To both: I agree. Haha, you guys crack me up. And yes, maybe another scam. Crud.