Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's so Very New?

Hey! This is just a little message about my blog.
Mondays: Random Monday- Random questions.
Tuesday: What's so T.V.ish?- The shows I'll talk about.
Fridays: Little Birdie!- I talk about subjects like sky's, flying, etc. Or, something new like books,my blog,movies,etc.
ALSO, On the left side of my blog, there will always be a poll about something random. Please answer and when the poll is closed, I'll tell you the results and stuff like that. Every poll will be open for 9 days. Sometimes 5.(If short)
This is just a short message from the Random Blogger!


P.S. That's my new signature for every blog post of mine! :)


wolfie 402 said...

cool signature... :D

Stephanie said...

Thanks :)