Friday, August 13, 2010

What's so New??

Coming in theaters in August 18,2010 is the "funny" version of the movie Twilight also known as Vampires Suck. The first time I saw the commercials the first thing I did was laugh and laugh. LOL. Talk about funny. I mean, yeah Twilight is alright but this movie is pretty much like Scary Movie. Scary Movie makes fun of all the scary movies out there like Scream, Freddy and all these "AHH!!" characters. Anyways, of course, this movie is not scary...but funny. I mean what I've seen, it's kinda hilarious. There are different parts that I've seen and I'll tell you what they are. Of course, you can always go to and check it out. So here is a scene that I remember well:
~So "Bella" gets a cut(just like New Moon) and of course "Jasper" attacks her by running to eat her.(Bella's face turns into some burger from Burger King) "Edward" comes in and pushes her..(blah blah).Then as "Edward" and "Bella" leave, Edward sees an Asian guy with Chinese food and Edward pushes him into the house...where all the other vampires feed off of.(Very funny if you see it..not read it)
~This is what Edward says when his family wants to "eat" Bella.
"Everytime I bring a girl home, you all want to eat her. That's not fair!!!!" LOL.
~Also, when "Jacob" runs and turns into a werewolf..he turns into a chihuahua. :)
So yes, you should check it out and check it out when it comes out on theaters August 18,2010. Yay! I cannot wait. I recommend you to watch it even though I have no idea how good it will be but you can always tell me. :) Can't wait.

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