Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's so Artsy?

So this was also random, hence the title, What's so Random. Anyways, I made this. It looks awesome yet colorful. It has different colors(as you can see) so instead of talking about it, I'll make a "poem"on it.
Pretty colors
Colors everywhere
I see blue
I see green
Colors, colors
Colors of the World
So many colors
For you and me
I see blue see
I see pink
So many colors, don't you think?
So many colors
For you and me
Pretty colors.

Thank you!! No, no thank YOU! Oh hold the applause! Just kidding. Yeah I Made the poem a I typed so it may be bad. Hey poems are anything. Even if it doesn't rhyme. That's the beauty of poems. So anyways, my picture should really go in some museum exhibit. Yeah, then..I'd be a MILLIONAIRE!!! And I'd probably get another dog and an iTouch or something cool. Or like some people say, RAD!! ...weird! So I hope you like my picture along with my poem. ADIOS!!


Cheryl said...

I think its a pretty photo and a great poem too!

Stephanie said...

aww thank you. I can do better but this was just my blog!