Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Monday

It's Random Monday!!!
Here's today's question:
Why is room temperature water not as appealing as ice cold water? And why is room temperature bottled water not as appealing as ice cold water unless it's in a bottle?
Compare a glass filled water cup with a bottled water, why is it that the bottled water seems more "drinkable?"
My answer is because room temperature water has some weird hint of flavor in it. While in water bottles, I think the air evaporates and no "odd flavor" is in it. Which is why I prefer bottled water room temperature than a cup of it. I also prefer cold water, since it's it's cold. Hence "cold" water. Ha ha! That's my question for today. I almost forgot until my cousin,Wolfie( me and I remembered..some how. Visit her blog and since your on mine FOLLOW IT!!! Just kidding, I'm not serious but if you wish...the that's coolio. Have a happy evening and a Happy Monday! Even though I hate Mondays because of school, but like most would say,"Get to class you jerk!" That would be a parent, not some hobo in the wilderness. Tu shay and good night.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Birdie!!

Welcome to my first Little Birdie post. Yay! Give yourself a pat in the back. Anyways, so Little Birdie is just a post that can become a debate of some sort or,like the other post, different objectives like animals, etc. So that's what Little Birdie is. So the following is either a nice post or something you can debate about:
So many people are saying that,"the Wii is a good console. It helps you be active." Many are buying the console. (a Wii is a game console like PS3 or Xbox)There are many games like the sports one ot the ones that are active like the punching bag one and many other games. So my question is, Is the Wii really helping you by being active?
My answer is no. Sure, you move your hand and walk and jump every few, but really, I'd rather go out and run a lap or two. I consider the Wii any other console like the Xbox or PS3. If you think about it, the most you do is move your hand and arm. The best you can get it a bit of arm muscle, but you can't get active on a Wii. My counterexample is that when you play the Wii,(say your playing tennis) all you do is move your hand. The little person in the screen is doing all the work FOR you. But you aren't doing anything for yourself. I would just go to the park and ACTUALLY play tennis. Another is golf. WOW! You just move your hand for crying out loud! Why can't you go and play golf yourself and get that sun on your skin instead of standing up and pretending to play. Get a driver and go play golf. Go play tennis. Go and get active!!! That's why there's a park people, C'mon...get with the program.
So that was my discussion. Is Wii helping you get active? Please comment and feel free to oppose. :) That's the beauty of debate!
Random Blogger,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's so New Message!

So there is a new poll and please answer it. I would tell you the results after the 9 days. Thank you.
Random Blogger,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's so Very New?

Hey! This is just a little message about my blog.
Mondays: Random Monday- Random questions.
Tuesday: What's so T.V.ish?- The shows I'll talk about.
Fridays: Little Birdie!- I talk about subjects like sky's, flying, etc. Or, something new like books,my blog,movies,etc.
ALSO, On the left side of my blog, there will always be a poll about something random. Please answer and when the poll is closed, I'll tell you the results and stuff like that. Every poll will be open for 9 days. Sometimes 5.(If short)
This is just a short message from the Random Blogger!


P.S. That's my new signature for every blog post of mine! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's so Dreamy?

So today, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. But before that, I had a dream. Yeah, I know that sounds like Dr.Martin Luther King Jr's speech but that's not what I was talking about. So like everyone else, I dreamt something very strange. Maybe even random.So pretend you have that "magical" tune in your head.
(Magical Tune)
So I was in a classroom with 3 other guys with other students surrounding us. This dream was about a book by Richelle Mead called Shadow Kiss. You probably know the other Vampire Academy books but mine focused on Shadow Kiss. There is a part in the book where 2 guys are about to start a fight, until the main character,Rose, and her friend, Eddie, come in and break it up. So that's what I dreamt. I was Rose and me and Eddie were breaking up the fight. What was weird was that it was exactly like the scene. Instead of it being outside, it was in a classroom. So it stopped when I hugged one of the guys named Adrian.

So yes, very weird. Out of all things that was what I dreamt. I couldn't really make out the faces but I know that it matched the characteristics from the book. I liked it because I really enjoy the series, but it was weird was random!

So here's a little message for you: If you are interested in any vampire books or just into vampires, you would love the Vampire Academy series. I would recommend you to be 13 or older. Maybe 12. It is an amazing book and it's so amazing, they'll make a movie out of it. I know and believe it is better than Twilight. Even producers and directors are saying so. So I recommend you to read it. Very going, interesting and to the point. I really hate when books take a long time to get to the action. Ugh, really annoying. So read it! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

What's so Peculiar?

So from now on I will do random questions every Monday called Random Monday. Haha, very simple but that will do. So Random Monday will be questions about anything. Like today's is something...odd or not. They are just fun questions! So here's today's Random Question:

R.T.:On a very quiet and partially boring day, you are sitting or laying on the couch. You let your mind run and you think of things that has happened or will, like going to the mall with your friends, viewing that funny movie part, or your favorite book part. What do you think about when there is nothing but silence and you have nothing to do but think?

My answer is that I'd most likely think about a favorite movie or book part. If it's very shocking, I'd try to visualize it again or try to reread it in depth. Either that or I'd stare into blank space.
My Vocabulary: Blank Space IS a blank space.

So that's my Question for Random Monday. Yes, it is very random....I think?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's so Artsy?

So this was also random, hence the title, What's so Random. Anyways, I made this. It looks awesome yet colorful. It has different colors(as you can see) so instead of talking about it, I'll make a "poem"on it.
Pretty colors
Colors everywhere
I see blue
I see green
Colors, colors
Colors of the World
So many colors
For you and me
I see blue see
I see pink
So many colors, don't you think?
So many colors
For you and me
Pretty colors.

Thank you!! No, no thank YOU! Oh hold the applause! Just kidding. Yeah I Made the poem a I typed so it may be bad. Hey poems are anything. Even if it doesn't rhyme. That's the beauty of poems. So anyways, my picture should really go in some museum exhibit. Yeah, then..I'd be a MILLIONAIRE!!! And I'd probably get another dog and an iTouch or something cool. Or like some people say, RAD!! ...weird! So I hope you like my picture along with my poem. ADIOS!!

What's so Lazy?

So that's my dog. Yes, I know very cute! Anyways, I'm not sure why I'd post this but since this is a random blog...then it makes perfect sense. Or should I say "pawfect" sense. Ha ha, now that's a knee slapper. Slap slap. Anyways, my dog is a husky mixed with a golden retriever and she looks better up and alive. But here, she's dazed and just very sleepy. If you think she's cute, please comment. If not...well comment but just don't say it because someone is going to be in the "Mad dog" stage. Just kidding, I rarely get mad. I'm always cheerful. :) :) Oh speaking of emotions and what not, my dog is the quiet type. She will not bite or bark. Of course, she barks only when she smells something...unique. She never bites but when you pinch her or accidentally step on her tail, the worst she can do is give you a little pinch. It doesn't hurt. I showed her not to bite or else...OR ELSE!!! ha ha, yes I'm bad to her but now that's she's 3 years old, she behaves and acts like a Golden: smart and well-behaved. That's why everyone in my family and my neighbors love her. but I mean LOVE her. Since all my neighbor's dogs are the opposite of mine. Every little kid pets her and she likes it. She is awesome. Oh and her name is Miley, but I dislike Miley Cyrus. Random, huh?

Friday, August 13, 2010

What's so New??

Coming in theaters in August 18,2010 is the "funny" version of the movie Twilight also known as Vampires Suck. The first time I saw the commercials the first thing I did was laugh and laugh. LOL. Talk about funny. I mean, yeah Twilight is alright but this movie is pretty much like Scary Movie. Scary Movie makes fun of all the scary movies out there like Scream, Freddy and all these "AHH!!" characters. Anyways, of course, this movie is not scary...but funny. I mean what I've seen, it's kinda hilarious. There are different parts that I've seen and I'll tell you what they are. Of course, you can always go to and check it out. So here is a scene that I remember well:
~So "Bella" gets a cut(just like New Moon) and of course "Jasper" attacks her by running to eat her.(Bella's face turns into some burger from Burger King) "Edward" comes in and pushes her..(blah blah).Then as "Edward" and "Bella" leave, Edward sees an Asian guy with Chinese food and Edward pushes him into the house...where all the other vampires feed off of.(Very funny if you see it..not read it)
~This is what Edward says when his family wants to "eat" Bella.
"Everytime I bring a girl home, you all want to eat her. That's not fair!!!!" LOL.
~Also, when "Jacob" runs and turns into a werewolf..he turns into a chihuahua. :)
So yes, you should check it out and check it out when it comes out on theaters August 18,2010. Yay! I cannot wait. I recommend you to watch it even though I have no idea how good it will be but you can always tell me. :) Can't wait.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's so Fruity?

So what really is a fruit and what really is a vegetable? Well I have a question for you: Is an avocado a vegetable or a fruit?
Okay, so I think and I think it should be a fruit because avocado is nasty! Fruits are not. love strawberries, mangos, apples, watermelon, peaches, etc. But seriously, avocado does NOT belong in the fruit food chain...thing. Ugh, avocados are gross and green. That is totally a vegetable color. But no, people say it's considered a fruit!!! What in the fruit?!? Gee. I'm SO sorry an avocado is not good enough to be in the vegetables chain. Gosh! Also, some people are still wondering whether a tomato is a fruit or vegetable. Again, it's not a child's favorite it has to be a vegetable! Of course, no fruit is in the junk food chain because that causes obesity and really bad stuff. Back to the fruit and vegetable thing. So do you think an avocado is a fruit or a vegetable? This is a short message from the weird one Stephanie.
Greetings Earthlings!!! :p

Monday, August 9, 2010

What's So???

Ugh! This is so frustrating! I just want the book to come out already. But no, I have to wait until December to reveal the secrets. So this is the 6Th book(hence The LAST Sacrifice)in The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. To tell you the truth, the series is AMAZING! I love this series so much. I think it's better than the Twilight Series because there's more suspense and the characters seem more "lively." It's hard to decide which book,in the series, is the best.(In my opinion, I think it's Spirit Bound, Shadow Kiss, Frostbite, Blood Promise then Vampire Academy. Either way I love each book. :) ) Same with the characters. There are different kinds of characters who are completely different but they have their own special personality. I love every character.(of course, they have to be good, not bad)Of course there are some characters that I feel should get slapped. Anyways, back to The Last Sacrifice. Right now, many readers are clueless about the next plot. What will happen? I'm not sure. Sometimes I think one thing then later, there's another point. It's complicated which is why everyone has different answers. So there is a lot to discuss like:
~What will happen to Rose?
~Who killed the Queen?
~What will happen to every individual character?
~Will Rose continue to be a Guardian?
~What will happen to Dimitri and Adrian?
And finally,
~Is there going to be a good ending to the book?
Of course, there are many other questions but these are a bit more to the point. So my theory is that Adrian might die(for many unknown reasons) and something tells me Dimitri killed Queen Tatiana. Yet, there are many other good answers. Of course, it's all revealed in the book. Darn. All I know is that whoever killed the Queen must have been in Court already. Also, the reason why I think Adrian might die is because:
1. Dimitri is originally suppose to be with Rose. Even though he's annoying sometimes. Also, it could also be Dimitri who dies. I just know that one of them might. I'm not sure, but it's...there, I guess you can say. I JUST WANT THE BOOK TO COME OUT! Then again, they both could. Rose could be alone just like the cover. One reason why I dislike the cover. It says too much but it's sad. I just hope the book won't end sad. It seems like Rose's life was pure sadness and just a dark cloud above her. Darn it!!! I hope something good comes in the end. Either way Richelle Mead knows what she is doing and I love her writing technique. Its amazing even though it's really sad and down-right depressing. So wait until December for an awesome revelation. I can't wait to read what Richelle Mead wrote.
Note:Some references are that Richelle Mead is doing a "final draft" on T.L.S.
Rating on The Vampire Academy: *****
An awesome series so far. You sink your teeth in!!! If you love vampires, you'll love V.A. Series.