Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Monday

It's Random Monday!!!
Here's today's question:
Why is room temperature water not as appealing as ice cold water? And why is room temperature bottled water not as appealing as ice cold water unless it's in a bottle?
Compare a glass filled water cup with a bottled water, why is it that the bottled water seems more "drinkable?"
My answer is because room temperature water has some weird hint of flavor in it. While in water bottles, I think the air evaporates and no "odd flavor" is in it. Which is why I prefer bottled water room temperature than a cup of it. I also prefer cold water, since it's it's cold. Hence "cold" water. Ha ha! That's my question for today. I almost forgot until my cousin,Wolfie( me and I remembered..some how. Visit her blog and since your on mine FOLLOW IT!!! Just kidding, I'm not serious but if you wish...the that's coolio. Have a happy evening and a Happy Monday! Even though I hate Mondays because of school, but like most would say,"Get to class you jerk!" That would be a parent, not some hobo in the wilderness. Tu shay and good night.


wolfie 402 said...

Hmmm... I think I remember this conversation :P
And why would hobos be in the wilderness... I still can't believe you wrote that on an index card.... Whales... :D

Cheryl said...

Hmm...I like water at room temperature...AND flavored water as well. This made me stop and think though!