Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey! I'm really sorry I haven't posted. My Quincenera was last Saturday and I had homework which kind of filled in for the rest of my day. My party was amazing and really fun. I'm sorry I haven't written on the blogosphere but I will be doing so soon, hopefully. Education first, haha. Next, blogging. Tomorrow, I have a soccer game and then going to the mall with my very awesome friend :) So for now, good-night!!!


Cheryl said...

I too have been very busy and not keeping up with all the blogs I follow, so understand what you are going through!

arlee bird said...

Your party was really wonderful. Good food, good music--although it was loud music, and good company. Congratulations. And you're right-education comes before blogging.

Tio Lee
Tossing It Out