Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's so Dreamy?

So today, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. But before that, I had a dream. Yeah, I know that sounds like Dr.Martin Luther King Jr's speech but that's not what I was talking about. So like everyone else, I dreamt something very strange. Maybe even random.So pretend you have that "magical" tune in your head.
(Magical Tune)
So I was in a classroom with 3 other guys with other students surrounding us. This dream was about a book by Richelle Mead called Shadow Kiss. You probably know the other Vampire Academy books but mine focused on Shadow Kiss. There is a part in the book where 2 guys are about to start a fight, until the main character,Rose, and her friend, Eddie, come in and break it up. So that's what I dreamt. I was Rose and me and Eddie were breaking up the fight. What was weird was that it was exactly like the scene. Instead of it being outside, it was in a classroom. So it stopped when I hugged one of the guys named Adrian.

So yes, very weird. Out of all things that was what I dreamt. I couldn't really make out the faces but I know that it matched the characteristics from the book. I liked it because I really enjoy the series, but it was weird because...it was random!

So here's a little message for you: If you are interested in any vampire books or just into vampires, you would love the Vampire Academy series. I would recommend you to be 13 or older. Maybe 12. It is an amazing book and it's so amazing, they'll make a movie out of it. I know and believe it is better than Twilight. Even producers and directors are saying so. So I recommend you to read it. Very going, interesting and to the point. I really hate when books take a long time to get to the action. Ugh, really annoying. So read it! :)


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

YES!!! that is my dog Teddy...i got him in April down by you in Anza...and we LOVE him.....

Stephanie said...

Aww!! Well he seems adorable :)

wolfie 402 said...

You!!! :P
But yes... VA is awesome. :D