Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's So Victorious?

July 11ths game, Netherlands vs. Spain, was a hard and determined game. Both teams were good enough to handle the game for 120 minutes(after extra time) with the first 90 minutes with 0 zero points Spain and Netherlands. On the 2nd a.e.t.( after extra time) Andres Iniesta's goal was the goal that made Spain into The 2010 FIFA Champions. The goal was a beautiful kick and a very powerful one too. Both teams never gave up and it was a very close match. I thought, in my perspective, that they were going to score by penalty kicks. Apparently, #6 made the goal before the Penalty time came. Many were saying that Spain was going to win due to astrology and different ceremonies that shows you who will win. For example, there were many astrologers saying Spain was going to win. Others relied on an aquatic mammal which in this case was the octopus named Paul. You can check this out on but I'll tell you what this octopus has done. People have placed 2 boxes in his tank. Each box representing a flag( for example Spain and Netherlands) and inside the box had food for him. Paul would then choose the winning team by opening the box and eating the food in it. Paul never failed at this, he told or more likely "chose" the winning team. He chose Spain and yes, Spain did win. Also, since everyone did rely on Paul, many people started to insult him. Those people were probably the ones from the team he didn't choose or people just thought it was insane to listen to an octopus. The insults were, "I ate your mother" and others were, "You belong on my plate." Yeah, I thought that was weird and funny because the octopus is not human nor can it listen or talk back to you. Poor Paul. Anyways, back to Spain. Spain is voted the most favorable team for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I'm not sure how much I'll keep saying that but for short, it will be FIFA w.c. And yes, I wanted Spain to win. They had the defense and speed to make a goal. Even though they failed in some shots or the goalie blocked it, they won! I wish I could buy Paul so that it could give me numbers for the Lottery. We need money nowadays, might as well get it by an octopus. So as the celebration went on, the goalie from Spain got the Cup. Wow, real gold. It would be hard holding that thing up. It's triumph and victorious. So with that, I say congrats to Spain and congrats to all the other countries who participated in The 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP! Darn, I forgot to use the initials...oh well. Who will take it all in 2014?


wolfie 402 said...

We need to start saving up some money so we can go to Brazil in 2014.
And good luck with that octupus. ;)

Stephanie said...

Yes we do, lol. We got 4 years..I'll be 18 so I can take you!! yay! imma be an adult!!