Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's So Avatar?

Well, what is Avatar(not the blue people): The Last Airbender? It's such a...well I'm not sure how to describe it but I'll try...AWESOMETASTIC Show on Nicktoons, Nickelodeon, gosh there's also Nick! Anyways, you have probably heard of The Last Airbender, right? Well if you haven't then what are you waiting for! Check it up on and check the trailer. I haven't seen the movie even, though I'm a huge fan of the cartoon show, because I'm a bit worried about the cuts and stuff. I know books can't perfectly fit into a 2 hour movie, but they've made a few minor cuts that may lead to MAJOR! Here's a list of the changes for the movie for you fanatics:
1. Instead of Aang(Aan-guh) it's (Aw-ng) Sorry if I can't actually type it the way it's suppose to pronounce.
2. There's no Kioshi Warriors( darn, I love them. Go Girls)
3. The whole "discovering Aang" part is a bit different.
4. Really good firebenders throw fire from their hands
5. If you have seen the movie please tell me, but if you haven't, I heard there wasn't going to be a Azula.(darn, even though she's crazy...she's fun to make fun of)
6. This is just my personal view, but Momo and Apa look weird. Or in my definition, NOT THE SAME LOOKING.
Yeah, that's about it. I hope it's good though. I don't want to spend my money on a bad movie. I'm not saying it's bad but just to make sure. Oh, I also saw Avatar:TLA shirts!!At Target!!! Ha ha, but what I really want is a poster. Not the movie poster but the cartoon one. I want the main characters to be there. Speaking of characters, I(yes I-I-I would like to know your favorite character)like all characters but I'll rate them.
Rating Characters:( I'll rate Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko, and Iroh)
1-being the least favorite and 6-being the favorable
1.Toph- I still like her but not my MOST favorite.
2.Aang- This was a hard decision
3.Iroh-I love tea!
4.Sokka-So funny, like me!
5.Zuko-Awesome firebender!
6.Katara- Determined girl and very beautiful!
I love all characters(except most firebenders except Zuko and Iroh) but it's hard to choose. They have all different personalities and they are all special in their own way. Watch it! It's an amazing episode that's pretty much a story! If you love books, Avatar: The Last Airbender is right for you! So which Bender will you be:


wolfie 402 said...

I would love being an earthbender, not that you were asking me. But yes, the show is INCREDIBLY awesome.
I'm going to watch the movie today. I'll tell you how it is.

Stephanie said...

so how was it?