Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Time Rush

Hey Hey HEY! So how is everyone today? Well, I woke up with a song in my head. It's called Nothing Even Matters by the buy band, Big Time Rush. I think they are all amazing singers and dancers. Big Time Rush stars in Nickelodeon with their own show named after their band, Big Time Rush. I personally love the shows and their music. I think they are better than the Jonas Brothers who are now considered lame and has-been's. BTR is amazing!!!! AHHHHH!!! My cousin got their autographs at Universal Studios which I thought was cool. I wish I were him...
Anyways, I wish I had their CD, although I do have most of their songs. I have:
~City is Ours
~Till I forget about you
~Big Night
~Oh Yeah
I LOVE THEIR SONGS!!!! Well, anyways, back to the song I woke up singing to. It goes like this,
Chorus:....This wall we built together
There ain't no way of knocking it over,
We'll be here forever,getting closer, and closer baby.
Cause the world, stops, when I put my arms around you.
And nothing even matters(eh)
And nothing even matters
They can all,talk, say what they want about us
About us(oh)
And nothing even matters(eh)
And nothing even matters.

Great song. It's catchy too so I suggest you listen to it. Everyone! It's so cool.
So of course there is a debate about which guy is better then the other. Well all I have to say is: LOGAN IS BETTER!!! Logan is the one on the far left side. On the show, he plays a respectful and smart type of guy! My second favorite is Carlos because he is a beast! He is daring and kinda weird. He is on the far right. After is James, then Kendall....but I love them all! So, if you have kids or you're still a teen, please watch their show and listen to their music. I LOVE IT! sorry, I'm having a bit of a fan blast...whatever that may mean.
Anyways, on my poll, I have 16 votes. YAY YA YAY!!! Well, so far, everyone has voted that my blog should get a makeover, have some giveaways and make my own blog button. Just to let you know, I'm starting that little by little, it won't take long I promise. I hope to get rid of the pink background, even though I love pink. So don't worry folks, change is coming and I promise you my blog will be better and more amazingly random! a random way.
Thank you for reading today's post.
Have a safe and relaxing Sunday!

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