Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing Tonight!

HELLO!!!! actually, I'm not supposed to be this excited because I took a 4 hour test. Now don't freak out on me yet! It was the AP test for European History. We had 80 multiple choice questions and 3 essays. I hate the person who invented essays. By the way, he was mentioned in the European History. i forgot his name...good! Why would I remember a guys name because he invented the essay. Over achiever...pssh. Anyways, I think I passed and hopefully, I did. I passed my California High School Exit Exam, WOO! I deserve a cupcake! Where is my cupcake?*Twirling around...nothing*
Anywho, it was a stressful day but luckily my mom brought me Subway, and yes, I did eat fresh...not flesh I am not a zombie. And if you are wondering, yes, my hand hurts so if I mispell anything...the auto correcting thingy will fix it for me. So ha! I need a hot pack on my right hand now...
So yesterday, I found a song that totally made me fall in love with it. It's pop-ish and has a great rhythm. It's called Dancing Tonight by Kat de Luna. It's pretty good. You should listen to it!!! I don't know if it's new but its definitely new to me. I LOVE IT!!!! It's such a great song...well not THE best song but it's pretty good. LISTEN TO IT! Or else my randomness will slap you! Another song is new and it's called Just Can't Get Enough by...the one, the only, BLACK EYED PEAS! I totally love their techno thing. It's so cool. What is this? Instead of Katy Perry and Pop music we have techno? EH, it's great though. I love the whole song and especially the last minute of it. That part is where everyone fist pumps!
YEAH!*Fist pump...*
Listen to them both. They are great songs and I Just can't get enough! Get it...GOOD! Well, I won't be dancing tonight so that's okay.
HA, you should be laughing! *awkward stare*
Just kidding, that was a lame joke. Or was it? So it's my great-grandpa's Birthday tomorrow. I'm going over and celebrate it with my family whom i miss so much. I kinda want to go to the park with my friend...and have a picnic :D Great weather here in California. If you live here and hate the weather...Jump in the water and don't start dancing tonight or else I will slap you silly and I just cant get enough.
No pun intended :)
Anyways, please leave me a comment and look at your left(No your fly is not open)and you'll find a poll, please vote. I don't think i got to you...*ahem* PLEASE VOTE! Thanks to those who have, you are awesome! So far, everyone is saying I should have a blog makeover and have giveaways...pretty good. I will make your dreams and wishes come true...'cause I can't get enough. HA! This is probably getting real annoying for you. Anyways, you know the drill, so vote! If you don't..*tear* I will shave my dog. Just kidding, why in the world would I do that? I love my dog fluffy thank you and that doesn't mean that you'll turn her into a hot dog! For all you nasty people who eats dare you! Dogs are pets...not food. Haven't you seen the Disney movie, Finding Nemo?
"Fish are friends, not food." Hey that should be my motto because I tend to eat my friends...*sarcasm*
No! I don't eat people I am not a cannibal. Ke$ha is though....
Well, I will wrap things up(no not your present)and finish off my blog by saying that I don't have my signature sadly...traded computers. You might be thinking why can't I just copy and paste the other signature from the posts...well that's easy...I'm lazy!

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