Monday, April 19, 2010

The Van Allen Legacy

So far, out of all the published books on the Blue Blood Series I really liked The Van Allen Legacy.
Well after Revelations(3rd book) Schuyler Van Allen chooses Oliver over Jack in the beginning. On The Van Allen Legacy, it's mostly what people ask, " What will happen at the bonding?", " Is Allegra going to wake up?", " Who will Schuyler choose?." Well I can answer those questions. Somewhere at the end of the book, Oliver is going to take Schuyler to Paris, France. But Jack Force shows up and Oliver tells Schuyler that Jack is going to go with her there. So basically, Oliver makes Schuyler' decision, that she will be with him. Before that, Mimi waits for Jack at the ceremony, as she waits for hours, she gets a text from Jack saying,"I'm Sorry." She blows out the candle and says that if she ever finds him, that she will kill him. On the contrary, Michael did not choose to kill Allegra. I'm guessing that on the next book Mimi might encounter Jack, which I'm really hoping for! There are mre revealing things on The Van Allen Legacy which makes it a great book. I just wanted to specify what happened between Jack, Schuyler and Oliver. I would give this book 9 out of 10!!!

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