Monday, April 19, 2010

The Biggest Loser

2010. Well The Biggest Loser is really popular. Even people who don't have
a obesity problem still watch it. It's really entertaining and if people who are in a good shape watch it, I'm pretty sure anyone will like this seasonal episode. It comes out every Tuesday at 8pm, channel 7. (if I'm wrong, sorry its somewhere in the single digit numbers) Well the Finale is coming up and it starts getting intense. The 4 or 3 main contestants that I think will be in the Finale is either Kole( gray team), Michael ( white team), Ashley( pink team), and Daris( orange team). I see a lot of potential and I think they will make it. Like I said before, watch it. Even if you're fit, it helps you make the right choices. They show you examples of what you can do, etc.


arlee bird said...

I'm posting an award for you on my post for Wednesday May 5.

Tio Lee
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Stephanie said...

yay! where could i see this? Joanna told me about the award thing.

arlee bird said...

Go to my post from last week:

There you will see the award to download to your site saying that it came from my site. Then you can pass it on to other blogs. You may have to research who you you can pass it on to.

Tio Lee
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