Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Team Edward?

Well it may seem old but when people go through the Twilight
Series, they usually bring the topic Team Edward or Team Jacob. Well this is my opinion but I prefer Team Edward. I really really dislike Team Jacob with a fiery passion. I go with Team Edward because 1st vampires are really cool and that's where all the action ,in the book, goes to. 2ND Edward is cool. He's protective and all but he isn't human in a way which, in my opinion, makes him a better "person." 3rd I really like how the book describes him. Even though I really hate Bella for numerous of reasons that people who i discuss this with knows. He's a really nice, passionate, and generous person. Somehow that brings me to a point where I go with Team Edward. Plus, when I think of Jacob, I think of a furry hairball since he is a werewolf. Ugh! But yeah, if you're indecisive, go for TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!


wolfie 402 said...

OMG!!!! You DID not! I CANNOT believe you! Why?!?! I do no agree. Edward is WAY to overptrotecitve. He's stupid and selfish. Ugh! And he is not cool. Dimitri (Vampire Academy) is cool. Jack (Blue BLoods) is cool. Stark (House of Night) is cool. Edward is not. Especially compared to them. Plus, what's wrong with werewolves? At least we're not BLOODSUCKERS!!!!!
JK. ;)

Stephanie said...

well jack is cool so is EDWARD SO SHUT UP AND ACCEPT IT!!! jk Luv ya :)