Monday, May 10, 2010

Vampire Academy Series

The series, The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, is a book about vampires. I read this book a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed it. There are 6 books in this series but only 4 of them are out which is Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, and Blood Promise. I finished the 1st two and to tell you the truth, it's WAY better than the twilight series. I used to like the Twilight Series but there are a lot of concepts that make the book seem bad next to this series. In this series, there are real-life situations meaning that it isn't a happily ever after like the Twilight series. In life, it can't be always what you want, it's what fate wants for you. The Vampire Academy covers that. Another consept is that th Vampire Academy series is a book you'll want to be updated with. it's really interesting with everything. Plus, it ties up what the author started and ended. It makes perfect sense. Reading is a hobby, so this book makes it really page-flipping. The characters seem real and it's on real-life stuff. I reccommend this book to any young adult readers. It's an amazing series. :)

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