Monday, May 17, 2010

Vampire Books

I'm really into the current vampire books(series):

1. The Blue Blood Series by Melissa De la Cruz

2. The House of Night Series

3. The Vampire Academy

4. The Twilight Saga(sort of) by Stephenie Meyer.

There are several books coming out for the series so technically I haven't finished them. I haven't read the House of Night Series yet because I am currently reading the Vampire Academy Series. For the V.A. Series, there's a new book coming out tomorrow. I have a LOT to do. I have to catch up on my reading. I finished the Twilight Series about 2 years ago. I think. Also, if you have read my old blog post, On the Blue Blood series, there's another book( Misguided Angel) that's coming out. I'm done with that series, but since there's 2 more books coming out, it's not official. The series I recommend for you to read is 1,2,3. The twilight series are okay, I just like books that make you wonder 'what's going to happen next.' I really want to think things through and not guess something that I know for sure is going to happen. Twilight Series doesn't reach my expectation. anyways, I just wanted to post this to remind myself to keep reading and something for the viewers. :)


wolfie 402 said...

READ, girl, READ!!!!
Or maybe you shouldn't. You'd be a freak like me. You see what excessive reading does to me?!?!?!!?
No, you should read more. How cares about the side effects. *twitch* Everything's okay. *twitch* ;)

Stephanie said...

.....ya ur a weirdo!..I really dont know you