Monday, May 17, 2010

SUMMER: I want to get out of school.

Have you ever heard a child say, " I want to leave school" or, "School's lame, get me out of this place?" Well, SUMMER is almost here, and we are getting the summer fever. Trust me, I have to do finals for every class and I just want to run away. I can feel the warm days coming quickly, I want to do nothing but just stay at home. I really don't like waking up at 6:30 in the morning. SORRY! I am not the morning person. I remember coming in as a Freshman at my school, wondering when summer will come. Now that I think about it, school went by fast. My Freshman days are almost over and my Sophomore year is coming quickly. What's nice about Summer is that you take a break out of school. You don't have to worry about getting up early, doing your homework, seeing which clothes you'll wear the next day. In the summertime, you forget about that and you kick back and relax. I'm pretty sure everyone wants a break from their job. Just that one day of relaxation and worrying about nothing is something that we all need.

Summer is taunting me!!! I just want to be in class one day and take my bags and say,"See ya!" to everyone. Let's go to Vegas. Sadly, school is still here and we have to do our best to make something good out of it. I can't wait to hear the bell ring and throw my papers up in the air.


Note to kids reading this: NO!! Stay in school, I'm just saying that Summer is here and I want it to start already. Stay in school. Do homework. Be smart :) Happy Summer!


wolfie 402 said...

Nice warning you got there.
And, Vegas? Really? What's up with you? ;)
I'm kinding. Love yas!

Stephanie said...

who doesn't love Vegas?