Monday, May 17, 2010

Goodreads: Me and Joanna

Ok, so on a website called Goodreads, me and my cousin(Jojo) are writing a story for fun. We planned on writing this story for a while but since we are apart, we can't really do much. SO we decided to write the story by web. ( Thank you technology) Our story is about the future, I can't quite remember exactly the time of the year but it's like 3000. Ya, really futuristic. Anyways, It's a science-fiction story mainly about life or death. That's the most specific way to put it since we are barley starting. Of course, with her writing essentials and my creativity, we can make the story enjoyable. Once we are finished, we might post it on our blogs. Sorry if it's long but that's how stories go. If it's long it ought to be good. That sometimes doesn't work on other books but you get the point. I can't wait to finish and admire the work Jo and I have accomplished. :)


wolfie 402 said...

Jo? Really? WOLFIE!!!!!
;) I'm Wolfie here, just so you know.
Welcome to the blogosphere!

Stephanie said...

GEE! So-rry!...weirdo.