Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Kitty-35th

This year it's Hello Kitty's 35 Anniversary. Every year or months, they change her style. The one on the right is my favorite. There's a lot more that don't even know of. I'm not sure why I'm posting this but I've liked Hello kitty( and still do) ever since I was a little girl. When I used to live in L.A. I would do to the mall and I would have to go to the store and possibly buy something. Yeah, good memories. They have everything. I'm serious. From pencils to notebooks. From sharpeners to iTouch covers. Jewelry, anything you can think of. I went to a Target store and I saw a Hello Kitty Toaster. I was freaked out, yet it was cute. Just imagining toasting my bread in Hello Kitty's head. Yeah, weird thing to think about. Anyway, for her 35Th thing, they have I believe 6 colors of her bow. She always wears her bow and I wonder how she'd look like without it. There's red,blue,green,pink,orange, and yellow. I hope I'm not forgetting a color because that would be just sad. HA HA! I don't really know why they're doing that with the bows but every color means something like Hope, Luck,Smile and other words like that. Yeah, I know when I was little I was obsessed with her. Obsessed!!! So it's a little information on her,that's it. And yes, it's random!

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