Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The FIFA Soccer World Cup started June 11, 2010 with the kickoff of South Africa vs. Mexico. Both teams ended up tieing 1-1. Following that match was Uruguay vs. France. None had the chance to make a goal which ended with a 0-0 match. The first Soccer Cup started in the year of 1930. The winner for 1930 was Uruguay, with the score of 4-2 against Argentina. Here are the following Roll of Honor throughout the years.

1934- ITALIA-Ceskoslovensko(2-1)

1938- ITALIA- Hungary(4-2)

1950- URUGUAY- Brasil(2-1)

1954- GERMANY- Hungary(3-2)

1958- BRASIL-Sweden(5-2)

1962- BRASIL- Ceskoslovensko(3-1)

1966- ENGLAND- Germany(4-2)

1970- BRASIL- Italy(4-1)

1974- GERMANY- Netherlands(2-1)

1978- ARGENTINA- Netherlands(3-1)

1982- ITALY- Germany(3-1)

1986- ARGENTINA-Germany(3-2)

1990- GERMANY- Argentina(1-0)

1994- BRASIL- Italy(0-0);(3-2)Penalty

1998- FRANCE-Germany(2-0)

2002- BRASIL- Germany(2-0)

2006- ITALY-France(5-3)Penalty;(1-1)After Extra Time

So, the leading team is Brasil, winning 5 games. Next is Italy with 4, Germany with 3, Argentina with 2, Uruguay with 2, England with 1 along with France. It is very unpredictable this year because of every team's dedication to the sport. Good Luck to all teams!

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