Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ninja Stars

Origami is so much fun. You make things out of paper which most people seem to think its impossible. But before I give you a link to making ninja stars, lets get the feel or the background of Origami. It is originated in Japan which is considered a folk art of paper folding. The root ori- means folding and -kami meaning paper. It is pretty obvious but hey, we just learned something! The whole purpose of origami is to create a 3-D object out of a flat piece of paper instead of using glue, sticks, etc. A well-known origami is the Japanese paper crane. Origami is very traditional in Japan. Every origami there is starts with a square base.('s just fun saying smart stuff like that) From references, other countries like Spain and China also could have done origami earlier than Japan, but since paper decomposes easily there is no evidence. In Japan, origami is also used for decorations like paper butterflies for weddings. There are a lot of things to make out of paper. Even making an envelope is considered origami because all you use is paper. I'm interested in origami myself. My friend made me an origami unicorn(which is SO cool) out of paper and ONLY paper. of course, she did use tape since the unicorns horn ripped. Paper really is fragile, considering the fact it comes from tree's. Anyways, you can search Google or Bing(whichever is more preferable to you) and find how to make origami. so every time you touch or fold that piece of paper, you'll know some sweet facts.

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Have FUN!!

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