Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey there people's! I'm Ran and this is my friend Dom! So, for me, Wednesday's are pretty, blah. I had a debate and I hoped my team got the Pro side, but we got Con. We lost by a point. Yes, it was pretty sad, but it was pretty close and it was a good debate. The topic was on the story, Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, and we debated whether Gregor's metamorphosis is a metaphor for his illness and sickness as a bug. Funny thing is that the other team said that if we got Pro, we would have beaten them pretty bad.
So y topic today is:
Qua:It's a word? What happened to Quack?
So I was playing kinda like a Scrabble game on my iTouch, it's called Friends with Words. So if you do happen to have it, please add me: Steph9895
So what does Qua mean, well it means as being; in the character or capacity of.
The example is: The work of art qua art can be judged by aesthetic criteria only.
What kind of word is Qua? Is it short for quack? Is that the new and hip way to replace quack with qua? Do ducks think its cool? Well, when I was playing this game, I was desperate, and just placed all these random words and I happen to come across Qua and got 20 points. I still lost but hey, now if I need a word: Qua!
I could also use quack but what's the possibility I'm going to get the C and K?
My next topic is on Quiz.
Yeah as humans,I guess I can say, we don't like to be tested. We hate educational quizzes....well if you studied then it may not be so bad:)
So, since we all need a break from this horrible disaster, I'm going to make my own quiz about me/ my blog. No I'm not conceited or anything. But, if you get the highest score, or at least tie, you will receive an award. I can make my own. I <3 technology! The award will be called,"You know Random!" Award. My little gift for you since, well of course, you know me so randomly. So the answers are hidden beneath my blog...not literally. It can be anywhere. This can also be considered as an Easter Egg Hunt. You aren't looking for eggs, but more like info. Heck, i can put a question about my favorite kind of egg. That was a joke.
Here are the questions, you have until Sunday to turn in your Answers. It doesn't matter how you send them to can do comments, messages, add me as a friend then send me a message, etc. Just send me the answers and I will mark them off.
Here we go:
1)What is my favorite color?
2)What university was the first to be mentioned in one of my first posts?
3)Favorite food?
a.Brussels Sprouts
b.Fettuccine Alfredo
4)What is my nickname?
5)One of my favorite movies that i mention most of the time?
a.Rush Hour
b.Surf's Up
c.Karate Kid(2010)
6)What was my first award?
a.Stylish blog
b.Creative award
c.Cupcake award
7)If I have chocolate, what must I have after?
b.Juice it up!
8)Freebie:On a rate of 1 to 5, is this blog amazing(5) or lame(1)?
Thanks for signing on bloggers! I'm Ran and hope you have a beautiful and relaxing day:)

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